HCG Triumph is a proven and safe weight loss product that is available for sale as hormone-free product and with the HCG hormone. One may choose whichever is comfortable. HCG Triumph has got quite a few good ratings and is one of the leading weight loss programs. Believing in results than in promoting, HCG Triumph has come far over the years and is still helping people start a new life which is assured to stay that way for a long time to come.

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The HCG Triumph sale offers many HCG Triumph products individually or as kits. Various discounts are also applicable to these kits or complete packages. These are the products that you will come across for the HCG Triumph sale at their official store online. There are various supporting products as well. HCG Triumph offers a complete package to continue with the 26 or the 40 or 40+ days of HCG diet.

HCG Triumph 26 kit

Includes the new improved HCG drops formula, liquid vitamin B12, oral syringe, measuring tape, and the guide book for the HCG diet. The improved formulation has the real HCG along with 4 important amino acids that are responsible for getting the fat molecules and their execution to provide constant energy to the body. They also help regulate the other functions and organs as well. The brain, heart, new muscle formation and controlled blood sugar and growth hormone are possible by this formula.

HCG Triumph Drops Plan by HCG Diet

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HCG Triumph 40 kit

HCG Triumph 40 kit is for the 52 day program. The HCG Triumph 40 bottle contains the HCG, amino acids like glycine, arginine, L-carnitine, lysine, phenylalanine, ornithine, tyrosine, mineral phosphorous and salts like calcatea carbonica and ammonium carbonica. The results are a caffeine free formula that provides natural and fast weight loss with a reduced appetite for both men and women. The flexibility of this product is that it can be used as a 26-day program and store the remaining liquid to use later, even after a year.

HCG Triumph 40 x 2 kit is for those who would like to shed more than 40 pounds of excess fat. This kit will have the 2 HCG Triumph bottles that last for 52 days each and 2 bottles of the liquid vitamin B12 complex. The other inclusions are the same as the HCG Triumph 40 kit. The clear usage instructions are provided in the guide book.

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HCG Triumph sale has refill packs offered for HCG Triumph 26 and 40 programs. The refill packs are used as additional weight loss along with the ongoing weight loss programs or for supplementary program later. There are a few conditions on the usage of these refill packs and they are explained in the guide book which is provided with the complete kits or as a separate product or purchase.

HCG Triumph sale of hormone-free kit

  • 7 day trial kit helps lose around 10 pounds of body weight. This can be used as an individual program or as a supplementary after a real complete HCG program.
  • 26 or 40 day kits help lose from 25-40 pounds without the HCG hormone. The formulation will have the necessary amino acids and other herbal extracts that can boost the fat metabolism and burn the excess fat molecules. The non use of HCG hormone minimizes the common initial side effects of HCG.
  • HCG Triumph complete bundles are available for both HCG Triumph 26 and the 40 program. The bundle will have the chosen HCG Triumph bottle suitable for the program,
  • HCG Triumph appetite control- that helps control the appetite. Take 2 pills a day and keep the appetite under control for the rest of the day.
  • Lemonade diet powder can be used as an alternative for tea or coffee. It will help have better sleep, more energy, improved functionality and less anxious. It works as a cleansing formula for the body.
  • Gnarly slim is a meal replacement formula which is available either in chocolate or vanilla flavor.

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IN addition to these above-mentioned products three are other additional supplementary products also that helps during the entire weight loss program from HCG Triumph

Coupon codes available for HCG Triumph sale

The coupon code HCG power is applicable to avail discounts on the HCG Triumph complete program kits at the official online store. Other coupons are also available from many sites which may be time bound. So check the expiry date in them before using them. Do not get fooled by certain ‘free shipping’ coupons as the complete program kits are shipped free from HCG Triumph.