Great American Health

To enhance the quality of life of millions of people, Stephen Karian, established Great American Health products.


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Equipped with the most advanced technology and scientific research, Great American Health has produced some of the best effective nutritional supplements that are available everywhere. The main focus of Great American Health is to maintain a balanced diet with exercise. To get the full spectrum of nutrients, you cannot eat variety of foods. This is why Great American Health has come up with dietary supplements. If you have a proper balance of diet and exercise, you will lead a healthy lifestyle. To enhance the health, well-being, and quality of life of customers, Great American Health ensures that they provide the finest supplements.

Apart from producing a supplement, Great American Health also focuses on customer service to provide assistance and guidance. The best part is Great American Health has been awarded Great American Products with A+ rating. This shows how dedicated is their customer service team.

All the ingredients used for making Great American Health products are rich in quality supported by scientific research. The products are manufactured in USA, that undergo laboratory testing at every stage of the manufacturing process. All products are produced in FDA inspected facilities. The manufacturing practices of Great American Health are set to GMP standards ensuring that you receive the most effective products available anywhere.

Great American Health – Effective Nutritional Supplements

Great American Health has produced some of the best effective nutritional supplements that are available everywhere. The main focus of Great American Health is to maintain balanced diet with exercise. If you have a proper balance of diet and exercise, you will lead a healthy lifestyle. To enhance the health, well-being and quality of life of customers, Great American Health ensures that they provide the finest supplements.

Stephan Karian- the man behind this success of Great American Health

Stephan Karian is the founder of Great American Health, who developed most advanced nutritional supplements available everywhere. Great American Health was established as a result of personal experience by Stephan, when he saw a huge difference in his mother’s health using natural alternatives. With the commitment to excellence, Stephan has produced effective nutritional supplements and became a true health advocate.

Offers nutritional supplements for:

  • Aging support
  • Bone support
  • Brain support
  • Digestion
  • Heart support
  • Joint support
  • Men’s health
  • Sleep support
  • Weight management
  • Women’s health

Aging support

All the Great American products are made in USA. Equally, they undergo laboratory testing at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Great American Health Aging support

Living healthier depends on how well you treat your body. Today, there has been an increasing demand for natural methods to keep your body healthy. Aging is a natural process and when you grow older, it happens that many of us might not be as healthy as we were. We start sitting back, laying or resting. Great American Health produces products to make you feel healthy and energetic. For those who have aging problems like wrinkles, under-eye-bags or puffiness, Great American Health offers amazing solutions to make you look more young and healthy. They come in capsules, liquid and cream- each of which are used for treating aging problems.

Great American Health Bone support

Aging affects the muscles and bones. Recent studies have found that performing physical activity can help reduce the risk of disability and chronic diseases. As you grow old, the structure of the bone changes and results in loss of bone tissue. As a result, the chances that you fall or break is higher. Great American Health products come in capsules and drink mix to increase the bone strength. Using these products will combat muscle tension and occasional cramping. They help in promoting strong and healthy bones thereby supporting cardiovascular health.

Great American Health Brain support

Do you forget small pieces of information like dates, events, names or age. Memory loss is a common problem seen among adults. Health habits, lifestyle and daily activities have a huge impact on the health of your brain. The company has also developed brain support formula – Ultimate Memory that contains a full spectrum of brain-supportive nutrients. All the ingredients used in the making of this formula is scientifically tested and clinically proven to ensure healthy functioning of the brain. It helps to support blood circulation to the brain.

Great American Health for Digestion

If you are annoyed with upset tummy and occasional bloating, then you are suffering from digestive problems. When your digestive system is not functioning regularly and properly, then digestive disorders arise. Common digestive problems include reflux, peptic ulcers, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). To overcome these issues, the company has developed an effective formula that help in treating digestive issues. The main reason why you are having upset tummy is that your body is not producing enough enzymes to break down your food. Digest Relief developed by Great American Health, has a comprehensive spectrum of digestive enzymes that help to digest proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugar lactose, beans, cellulose and starch.

Great American Health for Heart support

Heart disease such as heart attack, heart failure is the major reason for death rate in men and women in US. To avoid such attacks, you need to quit smoking, lower cholesterol, control high blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight and exercise on a daily basis. It has formulated nutritional supplement that supports your heart, cardio vascular system and circulatory health. Using their heart support products enables a healthy immune system, kidney and liver health.

Great American Health for Joint support

Joint pain is a normal part of aging. Arthritis is the most common form of joint problem in older people. If you have joint pain along with swelling, redness, warmth and tenderness in the joint, it is recommended that you consult the doctor for further clarifications and treatments. Even though its not a big issue, minor annoyances at the initial stages can make it very hard to function and result in surgery or joint replacement.

Great American Health for Men’s health

As men grow older, it is important to support the health of their prostate. The company also offers 2 essential health formulas to support men’s health. They include Master Prostate and Peak Libido. Master Prostate help to support prostate health, urinary infection and give you a better night sleep. Whereas Peak Libido contains herbal preparations that give a positive effect on sexuality. Any man or woman who wishes to enhance their sexual desire can use Peak Libido formula.

Great American Health for Sleep support

In today’s world of competition, people are found to be more stressed and have a late night sleep. They have mental pressure from both office and home. By this their mind gets disturbed and lose a calm sleep. Sleep Assist is a perfect remedy that produces a calming effect on the body, relaxes your mind and relieves occasional sleeplessness. It promotes a restful night sleep and enhances the sleeping quality. Thereby energizing your mood and making you more active in the morning.

Great American Health for Weight management

There are a number of weight management programs available. But how far does they support you in building a healthy and slim body? It has formulated Ultimate Slim Complete- a beautifying formula that provides Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract and lots more to help you achieve a slimmer and toned body. If you are looking to reshape your body in the near future, it is recommended that you use Ultimate Slim Complete of Great American Health.

Great American Health for Womens’ health

It has also developed products that are formulated for the healthy living of women. Their formulas help in promoting a healthy sleep with lowered stress levels. Moat of the aged women have a problem of joint pains, muscle cramps and bone weakness. Using Great American Health products will help in fighting against muscle tensions and cramping. It encourages strong healthy bones thereby increases cardiovascular health.

Armed with the latest technologies, and scientific discoveries, company has taken all efforts to promote a safe, natural and effective solution to meet your health goals and nutritional needs. This is why Great American Health stands different from other nutritional supplement providers.


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