Florabright – Nutri Health Supplements Reviews

Florabright is a Nutri-Health supplements product which is designed and manufactured for protecting the teeth by making it strong and also by reducing the germ activity which plays a vital role in the life of teeth. Florabright is a medically proven combination of many natural oral probiotics which helps in creating a synergy which can support and protect the teeth, fight against decaying and can also help in fighting bad breath. It also helps in whitening the teeth from dull yellow. Florabright gives your teeth and gum the required strength to fend off any bacteria attacks.

Florabright Benefits & Uses For Oral Hygiene

Let me explain how exactly bad bacteria affect the color and the strength of the teeth. After having food, there are chances that food particles get stuck in between the teeth,, this food particle if it contains sugar is a potential target for bacteria. Bacteria convert this sugar into lactic acid which gradually wears away your enamel as enamel is a delicate coating. The three prominent probiotic strains in the product together acts on this process of conversion and helps in stopping this process of cavity creation. The most prominent probiotic strain present in Florabright is S. rattus JH145 helps in maintaining the strength of the teeth and gum.

A research has shown that this strain contributes to the reduction of bacteria activity up to 85%. The other two strains are S. oralis and S. uberis which create microscopic amounts of hydrogen peroxide which also helps in stopping the bacteria activity in mouth. These strains are also responsible for freshening of the breath of the user and also in whitening the teeth. The dosage is one per day and the effects are reported to stay till the end of the day. Florabright do not include any bleaching agents and only contains natural ingredients. Florabright can be used by people of any age as it only contains natural ingredients. The xylitol included in the product is a natural sugar which prevents the bacteria from staying in the teeth.

To conclude Florabright is one of those products which should be included in your day to day activity as people often tend to forget about their teeth. Florabright’s effects stay for a complete day enabling protection to the teeth. Florabright is priced around $30.