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Progressive Health’s Exitor is a weight loss fat burning supplement that is provided in simple pills form. Exitor a natural remedy combines natural ingredients to boost energy for lengthy time periods while increasing body heat through metabolic stimulation for fat burning. Exitor in combination with the paleo diet and crossfit (regular workout program) will give optimum results.

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Progressive Health is a privately owned company established in 1997 to provide the most unique blend of products targeting several conditions. The company’s administrative headquarter is based in Boise, ID and has its customer service call centre in four different (California, Ohio, Idaho and Michigan) USA states. Progressive Health has its own FDA approved and GMP certified manufacturing unit in over 60000 square feet area which creates formulas that are specific to separate categories of health and wellness. All formulas of Progressive Health are prepared after combining the expert knowledge from biochemists, naturopathic, pharmacists, and medical doctors and researched papers on ingredients from several medical journals and educational institutes. Exitor is one of its precise natural remedy products that targets fat burning naturally.

Exitor Weight Loss/Fat Burner Supplement

Exitor is the simple, safe and effective weight loss natural herbal supplement. This comprehensive formula contains ingredients that are supported by science to help you in fat burning safely. Exitor in combination with the paleo diet and crossfit (regular workout program) will give optimum results.

How Exitor Works?

Exitor safely and effectively helps to get rid of extra body fat with its powerful fat burning blend. Progressive health has formulated this weight loss formula after years of further clinical research on validating each ingredient of Exitor. This fat burning supplement employs an exclusively different approach to burn fat.

It is known that even losing a small amount of weight can reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke. Also, overweight people face many physical and emotional challenges experiencing considerable change in them. Bear in mind that slight weight loss (as small as 10 percent) and little increases in fat burning can drastically decrease the risk of any serious health problems. Thus, Exitor will help you in fat burning.

Exitor must be used in conjunction with proper diet (Paleo) and regular exercise (crossfit) to help you lose those excess 10 to 20 pounds of fat. These shredded fats will not only enhance your appearance, but also improves blood pressure, heart functioning, cholesterol levels in blood and triglycerides. Thus, including Exitor a fat burning supplement in your existing weight loss regimen will make you healthier.

About – Fat Burning and Body Fat

To be both emotionally and physically healthy, it is important for you to have a healthy amount of body fat and maintain a weight that is in consistent with your height and age. This is also equally critical for making your body resistant to numerous diseases and health conditions. Majority of the people struggle most of their life on exploring ways for burning fat and weight loss.

There are several conventional and medical options to help weight loss. However, consider utilizing natural options or natural remedy or natural herbal weight loss supplement such as Exitor to assist you in your fat burning efforts.

Exitor is a fat burning pill that can help achieve your long awaited weight loss goal. This comprehensive formula contains ingredients that are supported by science to help you in fat burning safely and effectively.

Progressive Health offers 180 day guarantee on Exitor which insures your weight loss efforts are supported with a potent, fat burning formula.

Metabolism and Fat Burning

Metabolism is your body’s metabolic rate on how efficiently it converts food into energy and also how well it uses digested nutrients for bodily repairs. Your metabolism also affects on how many calories consumed by you will be stored as fat. In most cases, faster the metabolism is considered better for you. But if your metabolism is slow then your body has a great tendency to store the food you eat as body fat. The several factors that determine your metabolic rates include:

  • Genetics or Hereditary
  • Age
  • Body’s muscle-to-fat ratio
  • Activity level
  • Eating pattern i.e. how often one eats
  • Current health status and nutrition

Various miscellaneous studies have drawn attention to the benefits of nutritional supplementation like Exitor when combined with regular exercise and proper diet.

Exitor is a formula that boosts metabolism and helps fat burning by providing your body with nutrients that stimulates metabolism, provides sustained energy, and works towards controlling appetite.

Being Overweight and Its Risks

If you are overweight or obese than it is important for you to get aware of the risks of being overweight. More overweight you are, more the possibility of you developing health problems. In fact, studies have shown that people who are 35-40% overweight are two times more likely to die a premature death compared to people in a normal weight range.

According to the CDC and National Institutes of Health estimates, about 112,000 – 300,000 Americans die every year due to obesity. Experts also suggest that less than 10 years time is enough for the risks of these extra body fats to become apparent. These risks are compounded if you carry middle or abdominal fat i.e. women with 35+ inch waists and men with 40+ inches, are at increased health risk due to excessive fat.

If you delay your fat burning process then there are several risks associated to your health. Some disease conditions related with being overweight include:

  • Heart Stroke
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancers (endometrial, gall bladder, colon, prostate, post-menopausal and kidney)
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Arthritis (particularly osteoarthritis)

There are also some psycho social and social consequences related to obesity. Emotional pain is one of the greatest problem affecting overweight and obese individuals.

Ingredients of Exitor

Exitor is a weight loss fat burning supplement from Progressive Health. This simple yet powerful formulation provides a mixture of proprietary blends of weight loss remedy. This simple dietary supplement includes the best, proven weight loss ingredients. Almost all active ingredients of Exitor contribute directly or indirectly towards fat burning and ultimately weight loss.

Exitor’s active ingredients include stimulants such as caffeine, green tea extract (caffeine and antioxidant catechins) and guarana extract (caffeine). Its other fat burning ingredients include dandelion that has diuretic effect) and N-acetyl-L-tyrosine which increases the production of the thermogenic thyroid hormones.

Herbs extracts from gum guggul, ginger and garcinia cambogia helps to reduce cholesterol and fat levels in the body. DMAE included in Exitor improves mood and cognition, vitamin B6 improves energy production while horse chestnut and gotu kola promote healing.

Exitor includes cocoa complex which is considered as a super food that richly benefits all your body parts. It is low in calories, stores antioxidants properties and used as a weight loss supplement.

The complete ingredient details included in Exitor are:

  • Citrus Aurantium Extract – An alternative of ephedra when used in combination with caffeine it is helpful for body’s fat burning. Exitor contains 120 mg of Citrus Aurantium Extract.
  • Guarana Extract – Guarana Extract makes 460 mg of content in Exitor. It includes a type of caffeine that is 2.5 times stronger than the caffeine found in coffee. This slow release form of caffeine allows extended periods of energy boosts.
  • Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 is an important vitamin needed for energy production in the body. Exitor contains 10 mg of Vitamin B6.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – This content is 99 mg in Exitor and works as a stimulant which increases energy.
  • Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract includes caffeine and catechin polyphenols which may enhance the thermogenic activity in the body. This will boost metabolism and increase the rate at which your body breaks down fat resulting in weight loss. 200 mg of Green Tea Extract is contained in Exitor.
  • Theobroma Cocoa Complex – It may be useful for reducing cellulite and may help reducing wrinkles. Theobroma Cocoa Complex is 200 mg in Exitor.
  • DMAE – This ingredient in Exitor contains 50 mg that can enhance brain activity helpful with depression. It is also helpful for wrinkles.
  • N-Acetyl & L-Tyrosine – Both these ingredients get converted into melanin by the skin cells which may be helpful for thyroid hormones. N-Acetyl and L-Tyrosine content in Exitor is 100 mg and 350 mg respectively.
  • Dandelion – Dandelion works as diuretic without stripping the body of valuable nutrients. Dandelion is 50 mg quantity in Exitor.
  • Gum Guggul Extract – The 8 mg content of Gum Guggul Extract in Exitor may be helpful for decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL).

More ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia – This ingredient in Exitor is 25 mg and it may help increase energy and metabolism by regulating blood fat levels.
  • Ginger – It may be helpful for lowering cholesterol and contains 1 mg in Exitor.
  • Gotu Kola – Gotu Kola helps healing activity that affects skin, connective tissue, and mucous membranes. Depending on these benefits, Gotu Kola may be helpful for Cellulitis. 8 mg content of it is included in Exitor.
  • Horse Chestnut – Horse Chestnut contains a chemical called aescin which is very potent when taken orally. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful for decreasing the flow of fluid into the cells. It is included in Exitor in 9 mg quantity.

Other ingredients – The other inactive ingredients of this weight loss supplement are –

  • Vegetarian Capsule (Hypromellose),
  • Magnesium Stearate,
  • Rice Powder.

Exitor Supplement Facts

Serving Size – 2 Capsules  
Servings Per Container -30  
Ingredients Amount Per ServingDaily Value
Vitamin B610 mg5
Guarana Ext.460 mg*
Citrus Aurantium Ext.120 mg*
Caffeine Anhydrous99 mg*
Green Tea Ext.200 mg*
Theobroma Cocoa Complex200 mg*
DMAE50 mg*
N-Acetyl & L-Tyrosine100 mg & 250 mg*
Dandelion50 mg*
Gum Guggul Ext.8 mg*
Garcinia Cambogia25 mg*
Ginger1 mg*
Gotu Kola8 mg*
Horse Chestnut9 mg*

*Daily Value Not Established

Dosage of Exitor

Exitor as a dietary weight loss supplement must be taken daily. It is suggested to take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon with 8 ounces of water. For best results, you must use the product for 45 – 60 days continuously.

Exitor one bottle pack contains 30 easy to swallow capsules. However, some people may consider the capsules large in size. Depending upon your preference you can even easily break the capsule and/ or mixed it with foods such as juice, yogurt, pudding and many more.

Exitor is the simple, safe and effective weight loss natural herbal supplement that is also affordable.

Exitor is a weight loss supplement that comes with powerful stimulating contents that aids to help you lose weight without losing your metabolism. Now that you have gone through the ingredients, dosage etc., let’s take a look at the Exitor side effects and reviews portion which might give you a good idea of how the product will work for you.

Exitor side effects

Exitor comes with natural and herbal ingredients that can help the body to burn fat while providing you with unbeatable energy. In fact, the product is on the list of top brands that is filled with powerful fat burning compounds. However, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind.

If you look closely, you will find that Exitor is just not the right product for beginners especially those who are allergic to stimulants. Another thing to note is the fact that Exitor comes with two caffeine rich ingredients that can trigger caffeine based side effects.

Let’s see for instance, the ingredient guarana that is claimed to have energy boosting effect. Though many studies have led to controversial results regarding guarana and weight loss, it is still used by many manufacturers as a stimulant ingredient.

But the point missed is the fact that guarana works just like any other stimulants and when come in mix caffeine can trigger jittery side effects such as vomiting, dizzy feeling, lack of sleep, shortness of breath and many more. However, it all comes down to the tolerance level and are not linked to Exitor.

You have to see the point that Exitor is a thermogenic boosting supplement which contains stimulant formula so possible side effects may be expected if you are planning to buy Exitor. But it all comes down to a person’s body. For proper results, it is best recommended to follow Exitor with a good dietary regime and a proper sleep that will benefit you.

Also, make sure to consult your medical practitioner before ingesting this product.

Exitor weight loss supplement – general reviews

Uniquely formulated weight loss supplement called Exitor from Progressive Health has received positive reviews. There wasn’t much reviews available online but from what I have seen existing ones have been quite satisfactory.

Exitor reviews from users report that the product works absolutely wonderful without triggering any detrimental side effects. Some users even noted increase in the concentration level along with healthy weight loss and unbeatable energy.

On the downside, the price of Exitor is something that needs to be considered since they can weigh down your monthly budget at least for quite few months till it shows effective results.

People’s say – Exitor reviews from real users

Exitor review: “I am writing you in reference to your weight loss supplement called Exitor. I began using this product because it fits my description. I had excess fat in my body which obviously made me overweight.

After taking Exitor for few months, I started noticing positive changes. My body seemed to look more leaner than it was. I was even inspired to join the gym and get a good workout to lose some weight. With both gym and Exitor in my hand, I am now oozing confidence and cannot be looking better. I would have never achieved this without Exitor. Thank you for this product.”

Pros and Cons of Exitor

Pros – Exitor

  • Made under FDA registered facility
  • Visible results of weight loss as seen by many users
  • No side effects reported
  • Proper Quality Control ensured on each and every batch
  • Increase in mental focus, metabolism while promoting weight loss
  • Worldwide shipping
  • FREE delivery anywhere in USA when ordered in bulk quantity (buy 4 bottles + get 2 bottle FREE)
  • Exitor have been clinically tested including the individual ingredients
  • 180 days money back guarantee

Cons – Exitor

  • Very little reviews
  • Two big Caffeine contents
  • Side effects can occur though nothing has been reported as yet

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it necessary to exercise when I am taking Exitor?

To be honest, it is a personal choice. But there are many studies that show that combining exercise and diet can make a positive difference in your body. Good amount of exercise you conduct more number of calories you will burn and with Exitor in your daily regimen you will have positive results within a few weeks.

I am currently on low carb diet. Can I consume Exitor and is it safe?

Yes, you can consume Exitor when you are on diet. In fact, it is best recommended since it won’t deter your energy down and inhibit unnecessary cravings. Many users have adapted to Exitor while on low carb diet and have benefited doubly.

Are the products of Progressive health sent discreetly? Will anyone know what I have ordered?

Yes, all the products are sent discreetly including Exitor in a plain and unmarked envelope which keeps away nosy neighbors.

Will Exitor trigger any side effects in my body?

Just like any other products, Exitor too has a capacity to trigger reaction. But then Progressive Health provides you with detailed information of all the possible effects in their product information pages. Apart from that it is very much vital that you get a positive nod with your health practitioner or dietitian before taking on this product in case you re pregnant, nursing or taking any prescription medications.

Do you offer any free samples?

No, Progressive health does not offer any free samples but they do have a 180 day money back guarantee which will give you good time to check how the product works and ask for a reimbursement if you are not satisfied.

10 Home remedies for weight loss

While consuming Exitor, you can also carry on with the following home remedies that will benefit you manifold by helping you to stay in shape.

S. No. Remedies Benefits Directions
1 Lemon juice1. improves digestion2. detoxifies the body3. aids weight loss by burning fat4. flushes toxins that inhibit weight lossMix 3 tsp of lemon juice with 1 tsp of honey and one and a 1/2 tsp of black pepper powder with a glass of water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for at least three months. OR Simply mix a tsp of lemon juice in a warm cup of water and drink it.
2 ACV1. breaks down the fat2. prevents accumulation of body fatTake 2 tsp of raw, unfiltered ACV and mix with a glass of water. Consume it daily in the morning before your breakfast. You can even include a teaspoon of lemon juice for better benefits.
3 Aloe Vera1. stimulates the metabolism2. increases energy3. flushes out toxins from the digestive system and colonScoop out the pulp of two aloe vera leaves. Add a cup of any citrus juice (orange or grapefruit) and blend for a couple of minutes. Consume daily for atleast a month for visible results.
4 Green tea1. contains EGCG that can slow down weight gain by inhibiting fat absorption2. contains nutrients and minerals such as vitamin C, zinc, carotenoids, chromium, zinc and othersDrink 3-4 cups of green tea to fight obesity. You can even add dash of ginger or cayenne pepper for better results.
5. Cayenne Pepper1. fights weight loss2. contains capsaicin that burns fat and increases energy3. stimulates digestion4. curbs the appetiteUse cayenne pepper with other spices such as ginger or black pepper while cooking your meal. OR you can mix two tbsp of lemon juice, maple syrup in 10 ounces of water, add a dash of cayenne pepper and drink it.
6. Curry leaves1. fights obesity2. prevents diabetes3. contains lipid lowering effects4. also cuts total cholesterol and triglyceride levelsSimply munch on 10 curry leaves every day in the morning time. As per Indian Ayurveda, continue this treatment for 3-4 months for proper results.
7. Tomatoes1. contains compounds that can alter the hormone level that trigger appetite.2. contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your health.3. filled with antioxidants that fight cancersConsume at least two tomatoes in the morning on an empty stomach.
8. Cabbage1. contains tartaric acid that prevents alteration of sugar and carb to fat.2. rich in vitamin C that is low in calories3. possess phytochemicals that balance the estrogen metabolismMake raw or boiled cabbage part of your daily diet to lose weight easily. You can include other cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, swiss chard etc.
9. Fennel seeds1. diuretic properties2. promotes weight lossDry roast and grind fennel seeds. Sieve it. Now take 1/2 tsp twice a day with warm water. It will relieve you from abdominal gas, constipation or even indigestion.
10. Honey and Cinnamon1. can cure infertility2. increase energy3. detoxify the bodyTake a cup of hot water and pour over one and a half tsp of cinnamon powder. You can even use cinnamon sticks. Keep it for half an hour. Now mix a tsp of honey and drink half of it early in the morning on an empty stomach or half an hour before breakfast. Drink the rest at night before going to bed.