Enlarged prostate and high chances of prostate cancer are common among men, who are above the age of 50 and have low testosterone levels in their body. As the men ages, the testosterone levels are low which leads to these conditions which are more likely. Those who have had either enlarged prostate or prostate cancer in their family (especially father or brothers) are more at risk. Endosterol is a prostate herbal remedy to cure these and also to prevent these conditions from occurring.
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What Is Endosterol?

Endosterol is herbal suppositories to deal with these most common prostate problems. This herbal preparation is made with highly efficient herbs that can act fast and act in the right manner that helps alleviate the condition. It helps maintain a healthy level of testosterone in the body.

What Causes Prostate Problems?

The use of Endosterol is that, when men ages, their hormone levels are altered and they starts to have more estrogen than testosterone. This imbalance leads to hair loss, and other problems. Moreover, the testosterone, which is already low in level, is at the threat of getting converted into a different form of estrogen that can cause cancer. Another enzyme converts the testosterone into DHT that can cause enlarged prostate gland or BPH- Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia that often has symptoms like hair loss or balding.

Endosterol – herbal suppositories – Prostate Health

Endosterol is herbal suppositories to deal with these most common prostate problems. This herbal preparation is made with highly efficient herbs. It helps maintain a healthy level of testosterone in the body. Endosterol basically is a prostate remedy but it can also help women.

How Does Endosterol Suppositories Work?

Endosterol works on to prevent these enzymes from converting the testosterone into the harmful compounds and also encourage producing more of testosterone.

Benefits Of Endosterol

  • Prostate health: Aged men with low testosterone get a boost with this hormone by the help of Endosterol. The ingredients in the Endosterol preserve this male hormone by maintaing its integrity. They can also inhibit the conversion process of testosterone into di-hydro testosterone that causes prostate enlargement. It also supplies the nutrient zinc, the deficiency of which can cause prostate enlargement. So in general, the major aim of Endosterol is to preserve the testosterone in the body and prevent the prostate enlargement.
  • Hair loss remedy: Hair loss is a symptom of low testosterone level in the body. Men show hair loss and male baldness. Once again, the conversion of testosterone into di-hydro testosterone (DHT) is the reason for male hair loss. The ingredients in Endosterol can inhibit the enzyme that catalyses this conversion process and prevent the transformation of this hormone and prevent hair loss. Slowly, this hair loss pattern or baldness could also be reversed by reducing the level of DHT in the body.
  • Circulation boost: Beta sitosterol, the main ingredient in Endosterol, is known to reduce the cholesterol levels. It is effective for both LDL and total cholesterol levels. The reduction in these enables smoother blood flow through the blood vessels. There would be lesser clogging or fat deposition in the vessels. It is also an excellent choice for chelation therapy to ensure higher circulation without the hindrance of atherosclerotic plaque.
  • Inflammation prevention: Endosterol contains significant ingredient that can prevent inflammation. Usually the inflammation is controlled by fats and oils from the diet. Some of them can trigger the inflammation. The ingredients like pumpkin seed extract and Saw palmetto has the ability to tackle the inflammation. They both can influence the COX and lipoxygenase pathways and inhibit the actions that lead to inflammation. Among the inflammation include the prostate cancer which can be controlled highly by Endosterol.

Other benefits include

  • Immune system boosting: Endosterol can boost the immune system to be both strong and better. A strong immune system may not always be healthy as they can pick the wrong trigger and cause damage to the body. The beta sitosterol in the Endosterol can correct the mishaps within the immune system to make it stronger and better sensible. It can boost the immunity and also balance it well to perform as it should be.
  • Female health enhancement: Endosterol basically is a prostate remedy but it can also help women. It can address many womanly issues like fertility, menstrual irregularities, pelvic inflammations, milk flow, fluid retention, and libido. It is also a major remedy that can prevent breast cancer in women. Hormone imbalance with high estrogen levels could cause breast cancer. Endosterol can balance the hormones in female and cure or prevent this kind of cancer.

The benefits of Endosterol go beyond these and extend towards promoting the liver detoxification as well. It can help the gallbladder functions and improve its health by promoting bile flow and preventing gallstones. It also aids in kidney detox and thereby preventing stone formation there.

Endosterol For Women

Endosterol is also useful for women in various levels of their health.
The major use of Endosterol for women is helping with the post menopausal symptoms and discomforts. It can help curb the pain and hot flashes. Endosterol suppresses the wrinkling of skin with the antioxidants in it, helping restore moisture in their private parts etc. It is also effective with dealing in depression which can be most common after menopause. The plant sterols helps balance the hormone which is for a decline after menopause.

Among other uses is helping with the monthly cramps and easing the menstrual flow every month. Endosterol also helps strengthen the uterus after the menopause. It can benefit the skin health, hair growth, and mood enhancement on women.
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Endosterol Suppositories Ingredients

The ingredient list includes a proprietary blend of some of the phytosterols like –

  • beta sitosterol,
  • sitostanol,
  • capesterol.
  • camplestanol.

There also are extracts from –

  • saw palmetto fruit,
  • pumpkin seed,
  • a flavonoid quercetin,
  • dandelion extract,
  • lecithin,
  • magnesium di-potassium EDTA,
  • ellagic acid,
  • Gingko biloba extract.

Proprietary Blend Of

  • Beta sitosterol

Beta sitosterol is a sterol. It is taken from the plant Saw Palmetto. Generally used in the treatment of prostate enlargement. It is particularly effective in remedying the frequent urination because of an enlarged prostate. Thus, it can cure the prostate enlargement without any adverse side effects as in the case of the drugs.

This is also effective in reducing cholesterol level in the blood. It has a similar structure as cholesterol and can prevent the absorption of cholesterol.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can cure chronic inflammations and inflammations on the prostate gland. The immune-modulatory ability of this ingredient can elevate the immune system to work properly when it is down.

Beta sitosterol can inhibit the growth of tumor cells thus being effective against prostate cancer. It initiates the cell death by possible activating the protein pathway.

Most essentially, this ingredient is the one that keeps the testosterone hormone intact. By doing so it prevents the threat of both prostate cancer as well as prostate enlargement.

  • Sitostanol

Sitostanol is another phytosterol that mainly prevents the absorption of cholesterol from the diet. This helps regulate the total cholesterol level in the body. It affects the LDL the bad cholesterol and lowers its level drastically.

  • Campesterol and Campestanol

Both campesterol and campestanol are natural compounds. They are beneficial in lowering the blood cholesterol. They resemble the structure of cholesterol and prevent the absorption of it from the food. It is one of the best natural remedies against cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, stroke, or heart failure. Besides, it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties to cure the inflammation in the prostate. It is effective in treating prostate inflammation, prostate hyperplasia, or the growths stimulation. The same is also applicable in treating osteoarthritis. It can help with the reconstruction of cartilage and useful in sinusitis, fibromyalgia and other allergies.

  • Saw Palmetto Extract

The Saw palmetto fruit extract has been used in traditional medicine to cure the urinating problem in men and for treating breast gland disorders in women. It is effective for BPH in middle aged men. The other symptoms that is common with BPH like hair loss can be also treated by this extract. The effects are doubled when there is beta sitosterol to assist with. It is also a nerve sedative.

This is not a direct remedy for prostate enlargement but is effective in treating the other problems associated with this disorder. It does not have direct interference with the hormone. Besides, it can also balance the metabolism, can fight the inflammation, especially testicular, beneficial for congestion in the respiratory system, cough etc.

Saw palmetto extract is beneficial for women in dealing with menstrual problems like cramps. It can also suppress acne or pimples troubles which occurs during periods. It can help with urinary tract inflammation.

  • Pumpkin Seed Extract

Pumpkin seed contains potential sterols that can shrink the prostate enlargement. These sterols can prevent the conversion of testosterone into the troublesome dihydrotestosterone. It is also rich in zinc, an essential nutrient whose deficiency can lead to prostate problems.

There are less chances of prostate enlargement, especially in the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia, in the presence of enough quantity of zinc inside the body. Zinc can maintain the hormone level and prevent hair loss in men that is caused by the testosterone deficiency. It promotes hair re-growth. The same zinc is also helping with immune system, cell growth and its division in the normal manner.

The magnesium content in pumpkin seeds benefits the heart by regulating the blood pressure and preventing stroke and heart attacks. Pumpkin seed extract can also improve insulin regulation and help with diabetes by preventing many of the complications in the form of oxidative stress. This quality is improved by adding in some flaxseeds as they both have antioxidants and high in fiber.

For women, pumpkin seed extract helps by being phytoestrogen. This helps them with postmenopausal hot flashes, headaches and other symptoms. It can also regulate the blood cholesterol and promote the HDL- good cholesterol to have in enough quantity and reduce the blood pressure.

The anti-inflammatory property reduces the inflammation and is a great aid in the prostate inflammation. It also prevents plaque formation in the blood vessels. It is preventive of prostate cancer as well as breast cancer in men and women.

  • Quercetin

Quercetin is an antioxidant that is effective in treating prostate inflammation caused by non-bacterial cause. It reduces the enlarged prostate gland, treats chronic prostitis and is also protective against prostate cancer. Also, it can inhibit the cancer cell pathway ad control their growth. It can also reduce the pain caused by the inflammation and is quite effective for arthritis as well.

  • Dandelion Extract

Dandelion root extract lowers the risk of developing enlarged prostate as you age. This extract acts the same as the prescription drugs but without the side effects. It reduces inflammation by inhibiting the immune molecules responsible for inflammation. The same anti-inflammatory property is also able to prevent the cancer. It acts fast on the cancer cells and disintegrate them faster. The studies revealed its ability as anti-cancer agents against prostate cancer, breast cancer and blood cancer. This extract also provides many nutrients as well.

  • Lecithin

Lecithin contains essential oils that can control the fat metabolism, reduce the free radicals, and cell oxidation. It also improved the blood flow to the prostate glands to prevent the inflammation. It reduces the bad cholesterol and improving the blood flow and preventing heart diseases. Mostly it helps with the recovery process of the body and is also preventive in some areas.

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    Magnesium Di-potassium EDTA

This ingredient is more into the chealtion process. It is worth to take calcium supplements along with Endosterol prostate therapy to help it mobilize the dystrophic calcium in the soft tissues of the body. The benign prostatic hyperplasia can cause the secretions from prostate gland to be stuck in the way, leading to prostate stones. This magnesium di-potassium helps in dissolving these stones. Not only does it dissolves the calcium stones in prostate but also redirects the calcium to where it belongs, to the teeth and bones.

Interestingly, this ingredient works better when used as a suppository and Endosterol is exactly that. The ingredients and nitrites directly reach the prostate area for better action.

  • Ellagic acid

Ellagic acid mainly is anti-cancerous. It can prevent the cancer cell growth; inhibit the mutagenesis by cancer cells by blocking the binding sites. It can promote the inhibition of cancer cell growth and also prevents the death of normal cells. This is particularly effective in prostate cancer and breast cancer. It is anti-inflammatory and can also regulate the glucose metabolism.

  • Ginko biloba

Ginkgo biloba extract promotes better blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and preventing the plaque formation. The antioxidant property protects the cells, brain cells and is effective in preventing memory loss and degenerative diseases. The improvement in blood circulation helps with thinning of hair which is often associated with prostate disorders.

Endosterol Prostate Suppository Dosage

Endosterol is not to be consumed but deposited in the rectum. Since the rectum is the nearest to prostate and has got many blood vessels connecting, it is better than oral treatment. Use only 1 suppository per day. The ideal preferred time is before going to bed where the product gets enough time to work on without getting out of its place.

Endosterol does not require any prescription. But doctor’s consultation should be taken if the person is taking any other medications. Many users recommend refrigerating the Endosterol so that it stays in its solid state and makes it easier for insertion.

The fact that the rectum is the closest you can reach the prostate gland is the reason why Endosterol suppositories work better than any other oral medication.

Endosterol Prostate Suppository Usage Instructions

  • Start with emptying the bowels and clean yourself, hands as well.
  • Pick the right supplement for the insertion (Endosterol contains 10 of them) and remove the wrapper without causing any deformation.
  • The suppositories can be dry and you are free to moisten it with ONLY warm water.
  • Next step is lying down for the easy insertion. Bend the other knee slightly to give you space.
  • Using the dominant hand place the suppository in the rectum and slowly push it inside an inch with a finger. Hold the finger there for a few seconds to settle it in place and to prevent sliding out.
  • Lie down in this position for a while, about 15-20 minutes so that the Endosterol stays in place.
  • Get up after this time and remember to wash your hands clean once again.

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Things To Note About Using Endosterol

  • Endosterol strictly is a rectal suppository.
  • Store it in a dry and cool place. It is also ok to refrigerate it.
  • Never use any other liquid to moisten the product, except warm water. The other fluids can damage the product and reduce its effectiveness.
  • You can lie down as instructed or squat down whichever is convenient to insert the Endosterol.
  • Double dose can be harmful so stick to as recommended.
  • Care should be taken that the suppositories do not stain the clothes
  • In case of gastro intestinal bleeding after using Endosterol, consult the doctor immediately.

Endosterol Side Effects

The main objective of using Endosterol as a suppository is to avoid the potential side effects of the individual ingredients. By using it as a suppository takes away much of the side effects possibilities and makes it safer.

Side effect like skin irritation in the anal area is the first case. The irritation can arise from the lack of enough lubrication in the rectum, fungal infections in this area, or toxic elimination through bowels. In case of lack of lubrication it is worth to lubricate the anal skin than the Endosterol itself. The safest lubricant suggested is petroleum jelly. Other lubricants can reduce the effects of Endosterol. The EDTA in Endosterol is a salt which can cause irritation on the skin.

The Endosterol can induce toxic elimination from the body. When the toxins are overloaded in the liver and kidneys, they will be eliminated through the bowels which can cause irritations. Heavy metals like mercury are one of the causes for this problem.

Endosterol Reviews

Jason who had the urge to urinate more than 10 times at night has now reduced to only 3 times with the help of Endosterol. With a risk of prostate cancer he is more than happy to try this product to see the improvements in his PSA score.

Fabian from Texas is quite happy with the positive effects of Endosterol with no side effects. He was able to get rid of the drug that caused him side effects and correct his urination frequency as well as his potency. The person was continuing on this product but when he stopped, he started having the problems once again. He is surprised with himself that he was using a suppository, that too so happily.

Bill had the low PSA level with the risk of getting prostate cancer, since his father was affected too. He tried Endosterol for a while and managed to increase the PSA score higher and get healthier in the prostate glands as well. He also got his urination frequency relieved with less often.

Sam had suffered 10 years of urination problem due to prostate. He even had to have a catheter a few times. He had the urge but not getting to urinate enough. Endosterol helped him revive the situation and he is now able to increase the flow and not having to get too often as well. Starting as a trial on Endosterol he ended up using it for more than 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an Endosterol used as a rectal suppository?

For starters, rectum has numerous blood vessels connecting to prostate glands. This is the main reason why the ingredients in the Endosterol are delivered in this area. This way, the ingredients can escape the digestive system and gets used up for other purposes and directly reach the prostate and start working.

How does Endosterol help as a mood enhancer?

The hormone balance is essential for good mental health. The testosterone helps the nervous system for optimism and emotional balance. In women the beta sitosterol balances the testosterone-estrogen balance.

Can I increase the dosage of Endosterol if I don’t find relief with the recommended dose?

It is not advisable to increase the dose of Endosterol. Moreover, the over dose could be a problem as you are at the risk of developing skin irritations.

What should I do if I have any side effects?

Side effects like too much of skin irritation or burning sensation would need immediate stoppage of the product and lubricate the rectal skin with petroleum jelly. Try it once again after applying the petroleum jelly and see if there is any change. If all goes well, you can continue the use with the help of this lubricant. If there is still no respite, consult your doctor.

Is the Endosterol dosage the same for women as recommended for men?

Yes, both men and women can have the same dosage of Endosterol suppositories for the rectal insertion.

How long does a single pack of Endosterol last?

A single pack contains 10 suppositories and will last for 10 days. It needs 3 such packs for a month.
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