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Do you often feel bored, lazy or just out of this world feeling? Are you often dealing with digestive issues, skin problems such as acnes, boils or frequent body pain? Are you unable to lose weight? Then it is the perfect time for detoxifying your body.

Nature is one of the most fascinating yet mysterious gift from the Almighty. Ever wondered why tribal people who stay in the hilly areas never undergo any problem with their health? Why are they ever so simple and happy? How do they deal with stress, blood levels, obesity and many more? Three reasons – (1) they really don’t care and (2) they really work themselves off…push themselves to the limits and (3) they utilize all the methods that are naturally available.

Unlike us, they don’t use anti-aging creams or lotions to keep themselves young and frankly they even stay in a much more challenging location than us. Our forefathers did not use botox but lived a good life and looked back without any regrets.

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Yes, I do understand that situations have changed and we are forced to adapt to the “new lifestyle”, but have you ever felt that things would be much easier if you didnt have to pop the pills, eat as much as you want without worrying about weight/diabetes or wake up in the morning with a pain in the back?

Now, you can’t help it but you can certainly mend your body to make it completely pure and absolute. Without a doubt, you need to detoxify yourself. If you are planning to become a complete new you, you need to follow three things:

  • a positive attitude
  • quit bad habits
  • detoxification

You, reading this article is a clear sign that you want to let go of the old habits and start afresh. Now all you need is to get rid of bad habits such as smoking or drinking and lastly get into detoxification.

Now I know it can be quite overwhelming, but trust me, it will be for the good. The initial days are always the worst but those are the testing times and once you stay focused on the positive attitude, things will work in your favor.

Without taking much of your time, here’s all about DETOXIFICATION in which you will know everything about detoxification. For your easy reference, I have biforcated them into different sections.

  • Listen to your body
  • Why should you detoxify?
  • Things for being toxic free
  • Starting a detoxification
  • Three approved detox recipes
  • Five detox diet programs
  • Seven tips to detox daily
  • Five superfoods that helps in detoxification
  • Five herbs that detox your body naturally
  • Bottomline


Your body is your strength and weakness. You can either make it or break it. When your body delivers certain symptoms, listen to it carefully and respect it rightfully.

Practiced in India in their Ayurvedic treatment, detoxification means complete rest for your body by cleaning them and taking proper nourishment internally. When you eliminate all the toxic chemicals and residues from your body, you will realise that your body is getting stronger everyday thereby not only rejuvenating your body entirely but also fiercely protecting your body against many diseases.

It is best recommended to detoxify yourself once in a year although women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or people with any ailments should always consult their medical practitioner before detoxifying themselves.

Pollutants are everywhere. Just look around yourself. The air you breathe – be it indoors or outdoors are filled with pollution such as fertilizers, air freshners, perfumes or sprays etc. Bottomline, you just need to have an open eye and scrutinize yourself. If you are dealing with some of the symptoms below, then it is crystal clear that your body needs a complete detoxification.

  • bloating or frequent indigestion
  • irritative skin
  • frequent allergic reactions
  • feeling fatigue without any reason
  • irregular menstruation
  • altogether a confused state of mind
  • easy prey of infections
  • droopy eyes

These symptoms occur not only for adults but children too. When these toxins accumulate in the body, they trigger variety of diseases in the body which can lead to many ailments. So what exactly are the reasons behind these symptoms that you face?

A theory by NYU Langone Medical Center showed up many sources that can trigger diseases in the body and the need for prompt detoxification.

  • Processed foods that contain various chemicals such as preservatives, flavoring agents etc.
  • fertilizers and other pesticides that are used for growing plants, animnal foods etc.
  • toxic chemicals due to poor digestive system or improper digestion that are induced in your intestines
  • stress levels can trigger toxins in the bloodstream
  • environmental factors such as smoking, deodarants or vehicle exhaust, air freshners
  • medical procedures often use mercury fillings that can provoke toxins

Even the new moisturizing lotion that you just bought contains formaldehyde which can be hazardous to your body.


  • Just like you shower every day to remove the filth and dirt from your body externally.
  • Similarly, it is essential to antivirus yourself internally to keep you fresh.
  • Detoxifying is one of the best methods as it purifies your body by removing toxins and other chemicals that are deposited in various parts of your body such as lymph, kidneys, skin, intestines, lungs etc.

As said by Dr. Linda Page, the author of the book – Detoxification, it is advisable to detox yourself regularly to keep yourself healthy.


The first step is to look out for yourself coz let’s face it…no one else will do it for you. This means thinking twice before jumping and buying a product. It is not overwhelming as you think. For instance, if you are buying a food, make sure you keep away from processed food and buy natural vegetables that are healthy for your body. No other food can beat natural foods and the benefits that come with it.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is taking a day off food, i.e. fasting…not dieting. Don’t swallow air….close your mouth. And yes, I mean every word I said about fasting. In a week, take a day off of your choice and opt to stay without any food. It may seem impossible or too difficult as going a day without food can be really trying, but believe me you can do it and the results are quite amazing. The reasons that unfold are many:

  • 365 days a year, your stomach is working and churning itself to give you the required energy. Just like you want the weekend off, your body and its system needs it too.
  • A more self confidence that uplifts the mind giving you the feel that “not gobbling food is everything in the world”. There are much more better things such as confidence, persistance, self control etc.
  • Fasting also gives you in a good spiritual inclination which promotes physical and mental rejuvenation and increases the healing/cleansing arena.
  • you can always have the water fasting day which benefits the actual reason for detoxification. There are many who have tried out water fasting that can righten certain little things you were dealing with. Of course, you need to prepare yourself or else it can heighten big things especially if you are under any medication. Consult your medical practitioner before detoxifying yourself. For instance, if your work requires a good amount of traveling, clearly water fasting may not work as your body will undergo stress in a number of levels and you will feel truly fatigued.
  • It also helps in balancing your weight, blood pressure levels, strengthens the immunity system, lowers bad cholesterol levels and reverses the aging process. You know what that means, no more anti-aging cream is necessary for you.

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Even Hippocrates, the wise Greek or better known as the “Father of Medicine” claims that abstaining from food for a day (even during disease) can really help in curing the ailment.

When you detox your body, the waste from the body is clearly excreted by proper filtering and each and every cell is regenerated. Some of the cleansing process includes:

  • giving rest to your organs (as said above by observing fasting)
  • provoking the liver to erase toxins
  • motivating proper excretion from the kidneys, skin & intestines
  • improving the blood circulation
  • charging the body by following a healthy nutrient diet


If you have the tendency to puff, drink or consume sugary foods, salt foods or saturated foods, then eliminate it completely. They all are not beneficial for your health and can hinder the detoxification process. Minimal use of household cleaners, cosmetics that contain chemicals etc. are recommended.

Need to work on deadlines? Will have a cup of coffee and everything will be ok….!!! A big NO. Things are not that simple. If you are planning to detoxify your body, then stress is a big factor that needs to be avoided. Although coffee (caffeine) will give you the adreline rush in the body that can help on your deadlines, they can create toxins and slow down the procedure of detoxification. Avoid mental and physical stress by meditating, practising yoga that can trim down the stress levels.


Maximize within detox Teas are proven and is an excellent concoction of organic herbs. Great to increase vigor and health. Packed with antioxidants.

These recipes are for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These brilliant ingredients will help you in cleaning the entire body internally without any side effects.

Fruits, veggies are some of the best ways to eradicate harmful toxins from your body. They really give a helping hand in removing all the excess bane from your body and replacing them with excellent vitamins and minerals. From lemon to strawberries, these recipes can really work wonders.

  • Breakfast – Detox Smoothie: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it also keeps toxins away…!!! With toxic terminator foods such as strawberries, avocado, coconut oil and apple, a fresh new body with acne-free skin is on the way. This fabulous combo will help you get your body right back on the track once lost. While the lemon help in alkalizing and detoxification, avocado helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. The chef includes celery stalks and coconut water to blend it with the fruits that gives you the soft detox smoothie that lingers on your mouth for quite some time.

  • Lunch – Alkalizing Spinach Salad: Salad is not a side dish anymore. A raw dish in all senses, spinach salad comes with various health masters such as garlic, avocado, carrots, spinach leaves, virgin olive oil etc. Spinach is one of the best antioxidant you will see. It also contains good amount of vitamins and minerals and since it is not an animal product of processed food, it can really help in detoxifying your body. With a whole range of culinary skills by chopping, mincing and shredding, simply toss all the veggies and you have got yourself a perfectly proportioned salad.

  • Dinner – Cleansing veggie soup: A comforting soup with chopped vegetables that crunches around when you slurp your soup is a totally different picture. But who would have known that the soup also has the power to eliminate toxins from your body? Probably some of you would. For those who don’t know here it is. Cabbage soup is acutally quite famous for detoxifying your body and keep your body hydrated. Ingredients such as ACV, garlic, cilantro help in alkalizing the body’s ph levels thereby stabilizing the body. A tinge of lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper would seriously the burden of your day making you feel light and energetic.


It was hush-hush before a while ago but now everyone knows it. Ever wondered what celebrities eat, drink or detox to get the perfect body and youthful look? Well, here is the secret. Take a peep at the TOP FIVE detox diet programs that Hollywood celebrities use to get that perfect energy and best body that keeps them in demand.

  • The Master cleanse – which involves drinking water/lemon juice/maple syrup not to forget consuming laxatives, this detox diet program helps not only in cleaning the body but also helps in shedding some extra pounds. – Used by Demi Moore, Beyonce
  • David Kirsch’s 48 hour supercharged cleanse – mix acai berry, vitamin b-12s, cranberry extract etc. and consume it several times a day. That helps not only to boost your metabolism but cleansing the system. – Used by Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler
  • Juju cleanse – a single day or 3 day program, you can choose the juice levels as you can’t prepare them yourself. It includes ginger, honey, carrots, pineapple and many more.
  • Dr Oz’s 48 hour cleanse – wanting to focus primarily on colon, liver and kidneys? Then this is best recommended for you. In this program, you need not gulp down juices. The wise doctor helps you choose from good veggies that you can crunch on during the program.
  • Colon Cleanse – one of the strongest woman known Oprah Winfrey frequently undergoes colon cleanse that consists of two choice – supplements, laxatives and teas OR undergoing colon irrigation with the help of pumping water with the help of an expert and removing toxins.


Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman who is the author of “The Fast Track Detox Diet” says that doing proper detox will help you to feel lighter and cleaner.

For those who are finding detox programs quite overwhelming, here are SEVEN SMALL TIPS that can help you to detox yourself on a daily basis. Make them a part of your daily routine and within a few weeks, you will feel absolutely energetic and positively zestful.

  • Consume more water. One of the most tested ways to flush out toxins from the body.
  • You know the old saying “chew your food 32 times”…that still works. It really eases down your digestion process.
  • Do not overload your stomach more than it can take. Overeating is a complete no-no when it comes to detoxifying the system.
  • Avoid foods that you know wont go well with your body such as fried foods, junk foods etc. that cause acidic reaction and can trigger inflammation at times.
  • Look for a good probiotic that can keep the digestive system proper and fit.
  • Processed foods would do no good to your body.
  • Meditation is one of the best ways that you can incorporate in your daily life. It will not only help you to cleanse your body system but also helps you reach towards better spiritual inclination.


Once you have adapted a healthy food process, superfoods can help you increase the level of purification of body. Without wasting your time, here are some of the best natural remedies for detoxification from god that will make you respect the body in an altogetherly different manner.

  • Almonds – a rich food that contains whole variety of components such as protein, magnesium, fiber and many more, it helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels.
  • Avocados – contains glutathione and around 30 types of carcinogens that can help in liver detoxification. In fact, a research conducted at Michigan University found that the glutathione can reduce arthritis in many aged people.
  • Cabbage – the best soldier that possesses super powers such as antioxidant and anti-cancer components, it blesses the digestive tract and neutralizes the chemicals found in cigarettes.
  • Garlic – one of the most potent foods found in Mother Earth, garlic has invincible powers. A study found that it has the power to prevent cancer. When you consume garlic, it not only cleanses the system but also helps in eradicating mucus in the lungs, lowers blood pressure, removes block of arteries and many more.
  • Lemons – one of the most used product for detoxification, they contain many vitamins that can help in keeping your liver detoxed and free from any airborne chemicals. A fresh glass of lemon juice contains around 20 anti cancer elements that can help in stabilizing the body’s ph levels.


Things would be much easier if you just simplify your life. Its never too late to start afresh.

Adapting natural products are a part of healthy lifestly which will deliver you not only with good energy but also a toxic free body with the help of absolute detoxification. So here are some of nature’s powerful herbs that detox your body by cleansing the whole system.

  • Milk Thistle – used for more than 2,000 years, organic milk thistle has the capability to produce bile which can help with your digestion. Organic milk thistle has the power to carefully clean the liver and the gallbladder area.
  • Black walnut – no regrets when you choose black walnut, it was used initially by the Europeans during the 1600s. It contains active ingredients such as iodine, tannins, juglone that help in defending your body from viruses that try to attack the body.
  • Cilantro – considered one of the best garnishing item in Asian countries, cilantro not only enhances the taste of a dish but also clears your body by eliminating all the pernicious metals from the body tissues.
  • Peppermint – Why chew on a gum when you can relish on some peppermint leaves themselves? Besides chewing a peppermint flavored gum wont detox your body like the natural peppermint leaves. Not only does it help in curbing the cold or sinus, it also dashes itself against the villanious virus and cleans up the lungs and other areas of your body.
  • Eucalyptus – Often used in aroma oil, eucalyptus can also work as an expectorant while it combats bacteria as well as give you a soothing feeling when applied externally.


Bottomline is quite crystal clear. Its your life and you have every right to decide how to go ahead with it. A healthy lifestyle is essential for your body as it works all in the right sense. So if you are planning to set out with the right foot by detoxifying your body, then start now and its a promise you will never regret it. Don’t think and plan it out as too much planning gives space to unwanted lazyness.