Christmas or any other happy occasion can be a tough time for the teeth. The mouth can be crowded with drinks, sweets, chocolates, pies and what not. The teeth work overtime for most of such season. With some care here and there, you can still maintain that lovely smile of yours. It does not take much; some simple and careful ways is all that you need. You may not even need to go for the extensive dental care regime. Here are a few hints and tips that your dentist would want you to know about the oral health during the festive season, especially the Christmas time.

A Regular Routine Is What You Need

Regular and routine are part of the healthy lifestyle. During Christmas or the holiday season, this routine can change. With late night parties or the weekends away can take its toll on the health. This also makes lesser time for the regular oral care routine as well.

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The dentists’ say, “As much as possible, stick to the routine!” Timely food and enough sleep have more benefits than anything else. This allows enough FREE time for the teeth and mouth to get back to normalcy. The sweets, constant food and drinks leave no space for the cleaning up process. A routine life allows this free time for the mouth and has some cleanup.

Less Wine, More Shine To The Teeth

Wine is alcoholic; it just has lesser percentage is all. One of the popular varieties these days is the Prosecco. Dentists find that this has a more damaging effect on the teeth than other types. This wine contains a higher amount of sugar than in other varieties. Having more of this can damage the teeth by overexposure to sugar. When this drink is followed by more sweets and pies, you can just imagine the destruction it can cause.

More sugar makes the drink more acidic. You might want to reduce that a bit to save the teeth from erosion.

Using Straw Can Save Your Teeth

Using a straw can prevent any drink from grazing the teeth too much. It gets the drink directly to the throat and gets relief from the teeth. It may not be easy to drink the hot drinks with a straw. That is where the cocktails come into the picture.

Instead of the acidic and alcoholic drinks, choose the cocktails that have lesser of these items. It is safer on the teeth and avoids the sudden peak in the blood alcohol content. Never take the carbonated drinks without straws as they are clearly acidic in nature.

The straw can also save you from the stained tooth. Wine and other drinks can stain the teeth. In some people it is instantaneous. Using a straw saves their pearly white teeth for longer.

Add More Ice To The Drinks

Adding ice to the hot drinks makes it cooler. It also dilutes the drink to lesser acidic and alcoholic range. It may not bring a drastic change but enough to save your teeth. The cool drinks cannot damage the teeth as it is at the room temperature.

Adding ice brings down the temperature of the drink quickly. It can reduce the burning of the alcohol. Many might have the opinion that it can kill the flavor of the drink. But it sure can save your teeth from getting killed.

Less Is Always Better

It is mouthwatering to see all the sweet items on the table. It is only natural to get tempted by them. Grazing them on can satisfy the taste buds but it can have the destructive effect on the teeth. Most definitely, this food and sweets would be right after the drinks. The drinks might have already done its damage on the teeth, when this is followed by the sweets, it is horrendous. Eat less and drink less.

Stop Tearing Into The Gift Wraps

In a hurry to see what’s inside, we all use the teeth as the tearing tools for opening the gift wraps or boxes. It can make the teeth loose on the gums. Stop doing that and have a pair of scissors handy near the Christmas tree for this purpose.

Drink Water And Chew On The Sugar-Free Gum

Keep drinking cold water in between and give some time gap between each serving of food or drink.

Chewing sugar-free gum can trigger more saliva production; saliva is the natural mouth cleanser. This can clean out the mouth thoroughly. Keep some gums with you that you can use when you are going back home.

Candy Cane Can Be A Bane

Candy canes are part of Christmas treats but it can cause damage to the sugar content and might break the tooth as well. You don’t need a dental emergency in the middle of the party right! So choose wisely and stay away from anything that can possibly cause this situation.

Cheese Is The Best Option

Dessert might be the best last course of the meal. But you can have that extra last course for yourself in the form of a cheese. Chewing on cheese can urge for more saliva. It provides minerals that can be used for the teeth. It can prevent tooth decay. Cheese is a fermented item that makes the oral cavity alkaline.
After the acidic foods and drinks, the mouth definitely needs some alkaline source to neutralize the effects. Cheese is the best option for this purpose. It can also make a protective film over the teeth.

Follow It Up With The Last Dental Checkup For The Year

Finally, make a dental appointment with the dentist at the end of the year. A final cleanup before the New Year’s party can prevent further damage. To look better on the party photographs, you need those white teeth and a healthy smile on the face.


Whatever you do, there is nothing that does better than the daily oral health program. Brush the teeth properly twice a day, using floss regularly; rinsing the mouth with a non-alcoholic mouthwash should be part of the daily routine. It can save your teeth and your time.