CP-30 Factor is calming supplements to keep control over the mental and physical health. This is a homeopathic formulation that uses both herbal extracts and homeopathic ingredients. The ingredients used here have calming effects on the nerves to keep the mind cool and calmer. It relaxes the nerves, without causing any other after effects, sooner or later.

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CP-30 Factor is best when used in combination with other supplements that can promote mental and emotional stability. At Biogetica, you can find the mind-calming product kit that contains CP-30 Factor, HoloRam Equilibrium, and Manomitram tablets. The Manomotram is a mind soother and Equilibrium is a bio regulator for the various systems inside the body. What work mainly for the calming effects are the CP-30 Factor supplements.

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CP-30 Factor Ingredients, Benefits Or Uses

The ingredients used in CP-30 Factor supplements are,

  • Avena Sat 30 is the diluted form of Avina sativa. It contains certain regulating hormones that can control anxiety and nervousness. It has soothing effects on the nerves.
  • Coffea 30 is perfect for overexcited minds. It can bring down the excited state and bring it under control.
  • Humulus (Lupulus) 30 has mild sedative effects. It can calm the nerves and can cure insomnia.
    Ignatia 30 is a popular homeopathic remedy for anxiety and nervousness.
  • Kali phos 30. This ingredient is a salt that helps the nerve relax and recover from the excited state.
  • Passiflora 30: Passion flower is another popular herbal extract that can calm the mind and nerves. It can calm the mind without any side effects.
  • Sabal 30 is the extract of Saw palmetto. It is useful for containing nervous communications between the cells.
  • Valerina officinalis 30 is a wonderful anxiety reliever. It reduces tension on the nerves. It can cure insomnia as well.

Biogetica Freedom CNS support kit with CP-30 – Factor

The CP30-Factor supplements contain ingredients that can promote sleep. Since this is a cognitive medication, a doctor’s advice would be best before you start.

CP-30 Factor Dosage & Drug Interactions

CP-30 Factor supplements are in minute homeopathic tablet form.

  • The recommended dosage is 3 pills per day to start with.
  • An increase is the dosage of 6 pills per day is permissible when you are feeling highly nervous. You can take the 6 pills in divided quantity, equally throughout the day for the relaxed and calm mind.
  • Once you have relaxed the mind, reduce the dosage to just 1 pill a day for maintenance.

There are no drug interactions for CP-30 Factor. But caution is required if you are already on an anti-anxiety medication. In that case, there are chances you might feel drowsy.

CP-30 Factor Risks, Side Effects & Adverse Effects

  • There are no risks or side effects of using CP-30 Factor.
  • It is completely safe to use within the recommended dosage.
  • Overdose for a long time and having it with other anti-anxiety pills is the only threat to it.

Does CP30 Factor work?

CP-30 Factor definitely works to>reduce the anxiety level and calm the mind. The passion flower extract and Valerian extracts are well-known mind soothers. The only question would be that ho long before you can see the changes, CP-30 Factor works slowly and could take 2-3 days to show improvements.

CP30- Factor results

The result you can see with using CP-30 Factor supplements is a better control over the emotions. You feel calm, content and relaxed. These effects are present without any side effects. The active ingredients in the components used to affect the chemistry of the brain to do the positive changes.

Is CP30-Factor safe?

Yes, CP-30 Factor is safe for all adults to use without any problems. The fact that there is only the milder concentration of the ingredients makes it suitable anyone. Moreover, the effects of CP30-Factor are proven with a few participants who volunteered for the studies. It has proven effective and caused no side effects.

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CP30 Factor reviews, complaints

There are not many reviews available for the CP30-Factor supplements. The few available reviews show that the product does work to bring down anxiety and stress levels. The users say not to expect a miracle with this and that it may take a few days for some to get the results.

Where to buy CP30-Factor

CP30-Factor is available only online. You can get it directly from the makers, Biogetica. You can get it as a single product or in a combo kit pack. It is better to use with the combo products to get best out of the ingredients.

CP30-Factor Price

The price of CP30-Factor supplement is $19 for the individual pack. The combo kit comes at $199 and you can get it for $99 from Biogetica. It can last you for a long time, at least 2 months.

CP 30-Factor Discount, coupon codes & promos

There are discounts, coupon codes and promo codes available that are applicable to Biogetica products. Look for them to get discounts on CP30-Factor supplements. You can get $12 off on promo codes for Biogetica. The coupon codes can make you eligible for discounts up to 30%.


CP 30-Factor is an ideal option for stress and anxiety. It goes as natural as you can. It works well for mild anxiety of any kind. It would also help to reduce situations that can increase stress levels. Relaxation methods, getting rid of alcohol or smoking would also be great to keep a check on stress and anxiety on a long term. Regular sleeping time is also essential.

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