A cup of tea could solve almost anything, it says. While you need to have a ‘talk’ over the cup of tea for most matters, the detox of the body can happen even without a talk. You just sip a cup daily and your body can eliminate its toxins out of the system. The Oola tea Detox is a wonderful way of change to the ‘drinking’ habits when it concerns tea. This detox tea is made to have essential oils added to them for the double effects.

The special formulation of Oola Tea Detox promotes detoxification because of the presence of a few herbs in it and can also have clove essential oil added to it. So what exactly is this Oola Tea Detox formula? Let’s find out.

Oola Tea Detox ingredients

  • Organic Green Tea is low in caffeine and can boost the metabolic process. The antioxidants in this tea can protect the cells from oxidative damage and from the harmful effects of the toxins. It helps with weight management, stimulates brain functions, increases fat metabolism, reduces the risks of infections and is good for the heart.
  • Organic Rooibos tea ensures proper functioning of the liver that promotes detoxification. It can also inhibit fatty liver formation that can reduce the normal functioning of this organ. It helps regulate the blood pressure by preventing the hardening of the arteries and by relieving spasms. It can help control blood sugar level and can even promote good sleep at night. Sleep is an essential part of detoxification process that can lower the stress levels and soothe the tensions. The same could also be done by rooibos tea. Finally, it has an anti-inflammatory property that reduces ulcer formation inside the body and ensures proper digestion as well.
  • Organic Apple fruit contains natural enzymes and vitamins that are beneficial to trigger and sustain natural detoxification process. It contains antioxidants that reduce the formation o toxins inside the body. It can boost metabolism to ensure their elimination.
  • Organic Orange peel tea is one of the surprising and powerful detox agents. It can reduce phlegm formation. It cleanses the respiratory system and expels the congestion. The vitamin C on the peels can boost the immunity and reduce infections.
  • Organic cinnamon has anti-inflammatory property and can also regulate the blood sugar level. It is a cleansing agent of the oral cavity. It can prevent gum diseases and the growth of bad bacteria. It helps fight allergies. It has fat burning property and prevents the absorption of sugar from the food.
  • Organic Nutmeg can prevent bad breath, is relaxing to the nerves, cures insomnia and reduce inflammations. It can cure digestive related problems and promote good digestion. Most importantly, it plays a major role in the liver and kidney detoxification process. It can prevent kidney stone formation and can cleanse these organs to have a more effective detox.
  • Organic peppercorns have antioxidants that prevent the harmful effects of toxins in the body. It increases sweating to eliminate toxins through it. It can also improve the liver function for more effective detox. It is diuretic to cleanse through urination and promote elimination of uric acid as well. Moreover, it prevents the growth of parasites inside the body. It increases the bioavailability of the nutrients in the diet. It boosts metabolism and maintains good digestion. It stabilizes blood sugar, fights bacterial infections, reduces inflammations etc.
  • Organic cloves can prevent the growth of parasites inside the body. It is good for digestion, can promote oral health by refreshing the breath and by preventing bacterial growth. It contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and can also improve liver health. It prevents fatty liver diseases as well as liver inflammations to ensure the liver stays healthy. It can regulate blood sugar by promoting the sugar intake by the cells for metabolism.
  • Organic Cornflower is a natural aid for digestive problems. It has the diuretic property that helps with the toxin elimination through urine. It can stimulate the liver, bladder, and kidneys to function properly and effectively. It also has calming effects on the nerves and can reduce stress as well as anxiety.

Oola Tea Detox

Oola Tea Detox Benefits

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  • Increases fat burning: The metabolic boost from the few ingredients can increase the pace of fat breakdown. This could help with weight management. It is also effective in regulating the cholesterol as well as blood pressure issues.
  • Improves digestion: The digestion promoting ingredients ensure the production of stomach acid prevents ulcers, reduce the gas formation and by promoting the liver functions.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory: The majority of the ingredients in the Oola Tea Detox have an anti-inflammatory property that reduces unnecessary inflammations inside the body.
  • The antioxidants ensure that the healthy cells are protected against the released toxins and from their harmful effects.
  • Can see a vast improvement in skin health

Oola Tea Detox dosage

Oola Tea Detox contains ready to use tea bags inside. The number of tea bags varies with the pack. Each pack contains all of these above-mentioned ingredients in them. You can see the tea leaves, whole spices, and the fruits through the mesh. Take out one tea bag and use it as usual, by dipping in boiled hot water. Let the bag be immersed to brew the tea.

As an additional step, you can add Peppermint essential oil, 2-3 drops into the brew for the added benefits. The essential oil is not included in the pack and you need to buy it separately.

The Oola Tea Detox is made especially to use with the peppermint oil only.

Oola Tea Detox packs

Oola Tea Detox is available in 2 different packs. A smaller pack has 14 tea bags in it. If you want a larger pack, you have it with the 50 tea bags pack. You can choose the individual packs from Oola Tea website or subscribe to get either of the pack for a lesser price.

Which essential oil to use with Oola Tea Detox

The Oola Tea Detox is made to use with peppermint essential oil. Peppermint oil can promote the cleansing of the lymphatic system. It also has calming effects on the nerves and can reduce inflammations. It makes the Oola Tea Detox a refreshing drink. it leaves the cooling effect in the mouth for a while. It reduces pain and can also be good to get relief from pain.

Oola Tea subscription

The Oola Tea mainly works on the subscription aspect. You can subscribe to the website and have the new formulations of tea at your doorstep every month. There would be 2 new flavors for each month and you get to use and taste them right from the beginning.

The subscribers can also avail 20% discount on the individual orders from thereafter. The subscriber will also get 2 DIY recipes as well. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

Each month the subscription bill will be $29.99 and the billing happens on 21st of every month. The subscription box will be shipped on 3rd of every month.

For every subscription happening, a child who is living in poverty will get 2 meals.

Purchase from Oola Tea can happen even without the subscription. You just may have to pay the full amount whereas, with a subscription, there will be a discount.

Other Oola Tea Flavors

Apart from the Oola Tea Detox, there are 11 other flavors of Oola tea.

  • Oola Tea Energy with peppermint
  • Oola Tea Earl Grey with lavender
  • Oola Tea Sleep for sleep promotion with chamomile as the most active ingredient
  • Oola Tea Glow is an Oolang tea with lemon peels that benefits the skin
  • Oola Tea Peace is made of black tea, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom for immune boost and digestion issues
  • Oola Tea Oxford is the pure black tea for an energy boost and mental stimulation
  • Oola Tea Fresh is green tea with orange and lemon peels mainly for the fat burning process, for antioxidants and to support the brain.
  • Oola Tea Boost is black tea with strawberry and blackberry that improves the cardiovascular health and endurance. It can help boost the concentration.
  • Oola Tea Marrakesh is made of gunpowder green tea, spearmint, peppermint and calendula petals that boost the respiratory system and digestion.
  • Oola Tea Burn contains black tea, lemon grass, spearmint and peppermint for an energy boost, weight loss and quickening the recovery period.
  • Oola Tea Lean uses sencha green tea, ginger pieces, pineapple and marigold flowers for a metabolic boost, suppress the appetite and regulate blood sugar level to facilitate weight loss and lean muscle formation.

Oola Tea Referral System

There is a referral system at Oola tea that provides a discount for you as well as to your referred friend. The system works when you refer a friend who when subscribers will get you $10. The referred friend would also get a discount of $10 on his/her first box. You will need to create a Paypal account to get the discount amount. The payout happens in every month on 18th.

Oola Tea Detox Price

A pack of 14 tea bags of Oola Tea Detox costs $16.88. The pack of 50 tea bags costs $55.63. The price is the same for all flavors of the same quantity.
There are Oola Tea coupon codes and promo codes available that can give discounts of 10-41% off on the price.

Oola Tea Detox reviews

  • Jennifer- “It totally helped me go through the craving phase during the afternoon. It gives me the boost I need to finish off the work.”
  • Richard- “Love this tea. It has a wonderful flavor. The bonus is that you can get healthier.”
  • Heather- “The tea smells heavenly and tastes delicious. The taste was such that it spoiled me for other teas.”
  • Diana- Though I liked the flavor, the product is too pricey for 14 tea bags. It would have been better to have loose tea option.”
  • Anonymous-“the eta was just ok. It was not what I expected. Adding essential oil did not enhance the flavor, very disappointing.”

Oola Tea customer service

For any assistance, the customer service is available through an email to send your queries and requests to oolatea@oolalife.com


The Oola Tea Detox and the other varieties have specific health benefits. The Oola Tea Detox mainly focuses on the natural detoxification. You can have the tea regularly to keep the system clean. The subscription option will give you discounts on every purchase and keep you updated with the new flavors and brews. The subscription amount seems fair but the individual pack is a bit expensive for just 14 tea bags. Yet, it would be a good try!