Thyroid glands are the hormone production and regulatory part of the body. The normal functioning of these glands ensure balanced hormones and the subsequent activities inside the body. Iodine is the nutrient that regulates the smooth functioning of thyroid glands. Iodine deficiency leads to thyroid malfunctions, leading to other metabolic problems. Iodomere from Standard Process is a dietary supplement that delivers iodine from the natural source along with other needed nutrients for the body.

Iodomere Benefits

It helps restore the thyroid gland functions. Iodomere also helps in the cellular functions, metabolism, and immunity. It is made using natural ingredients and offers holistic nutrition to the body.

Standard Process Iodomere Ingredients

Ingredients are iodine in the form of prolamine iodine and a proprietary blend of Conch, carrot root, bovine liver, and echinacea root extracts.

  • Prolamine iodine is specially made by Standard Process from zein, a protein in organic corn. This protein is then added with iodine to form the prolamine iodine. Iodomere contains 200mcg of iodine from this source. This iodine is used by the thyroid glands to make the hormones. This protein bound iodine is non-toxic to the cells and they can easily absorb and utilize it.
  • Conch- Stombus gigas, the shellfish extract used here is 160 mcg in each of the tablet. Conch supplies the needed protein that can combine with the iodine to form an iodine-protein complex that is safe for the body and easy for the thyroid to use the iodine. Since Iodomere is an oral supplement, it should be mixed with the protein prior to administration. Otherwise, the iodine that gets mixed with the protein inside the mouth can cause a burning sensation. It has done this job for you so you don’t feel discomfort while taking the pills.
  • Carrot root extract contains loads of beta carotene. Thus beta carotene can strengthen the body immunity and maintains the elasticity of the skin. The antioxidant property maintains the cell health by eliminating excess fluid from the cells.
  • Bovine liver provides various nutrients for the body that helps with so many functions. It is this ingredient that makes the Iodomere a holistic remedy.
  • Echinacea root extract can help fight infections and a great help for the immune system. For the autoimmune thyroid disease like Grave’s disease, this root extract regulates the immune system to bring down the severity.

Iodomere dosage

It is in tablet form. The regular dosage is 1 tablet per day. Each tablet contains a good amount of iodine that is sufficient for the day. Iodine is something the body does not store. It uses only as much is needed and discards the remaining so there is no point in taking excess.

Since it doesn’t store the nutrient, the excess dosage can cause symptoms like joint pain, fever, bruising or swollen lips.

Iodomere side effects

So far, there are no complaints or allergic reactions registered against this homeopathic remedy. Overall, it’s good and does wonders for improving the function of the thyroid.

Where to buy Iodomere?

It is available from many online stores. It is popular in Amazon and the other similar herbal remedy stores. These supplements are available as a pack of 90 tablets. A single bottle is enough for 3 months and that itself is the biggest advantage of this product, whatever the price is, you are paying it for the 3 months supply.

Iodomere reviews

Many people have used Iodomere for their autoimmune thyroid diseases. It has worked well for them and has managed to bring down the symptoms with regular use. The biggest advantage is that there are no reports of side effects or discomfort after using it. Even those who are sensitive to taking pills have shown positive effect with these tablets. The biggest change in many is the increase in energy level.

The only drawback is the not-so-pleasant smell of the tablets. That smell is due to the presence of the animal-based ingredients.

Overall, the product Iodomere Standard Process is an effective product for thyroid problems, available at a
reasonable price.


When you have found improvement with the use of Iodomere, you may want to continue using it as the body does not store this nutrient. It needs regular dosage for the hormone production. It can benefit in so many diseases like that of the central nervous system, menopausal women, thyroid related autoimmune diseases etc.

Standard Process Iodomere For Thyroid Support

Iodomere from Standard Process is a dietary supplement that delivers iodine from the natural source along with other needed nutrients for the body.