Cliradex cleanser and wipes for dry eye, Demodex, and blepharitis

Cliradex products are natural and preservative-free facial cleanser in the form of foaming wash or towelette. The product manufacturer is Bio-Tissue. The products help reduce inflammation in the eyes and promote the ocular healing process. These products are a therapeutic treatment for the eye. There are mainly 2 products and a starter kit from Cliradex. Let’s get to know more about them.

Cliradex ingredients and benefits

The main ingredient used herein Cliradex is the 4-Terpineol formula which is extracted from tea tree oil. This is a highly effective ingredient for eye cleansing, without causing side effects. In fact, it is the major component of tea tree oil that gives the various benefits for this essential oil.

  • It is effective for killing the Demodex mites that attack the eyes.
  • It can soothe dry, itchy and inflamed eyes. Useful for blepharitis symptoms.
  • It can penetrate deeper into the skin tissues for better action. It is beneficial for swollen eyes, heavy crustiness, excessive tearing etc as well.

Cliradex Products

Cliradex Light is an advanced foaming cleanser for the eyelids, eyelash, and face. This foam is safe for everyday use and stays for a month. The product is safe with no preservatives and is also gluten-free. This comes in a small bottle that you can carry anywhere.

Cliradex Towelettes are small sized wipes that you can use to clean the affected eyes and its area. It helps keep the eye region clean and hygienic, without the use of any harsh chemicals. These wipes or towelette contains the high concentration of the T4O that is suitable for moderate to severe ocular irritation.

Cliradex Starter Kit is a combo pack that contains 1 pack of Cliradex Towelettes and 2 bottles of Cliradex Light facial foaming cleanser. The starter kit introduces you to the wonder of this product that is easy to use with no toxins or sensitizing ingredients. It is safe and non-irritating that kill the eyelid bacteria quick and effectively.

Cliradex usage instructions

Though the basic action of the Cliradex products is the same, the usage method differs from one another. Yet, it is easy and simple to use.

Cliradex Light is a foam which comes in a bottle with a small pump cap. Take up a dime-sized foam on to fingertips. Apply them over the eyes, eyelids, and lashes to massage gently. You are done! You can leave this formula on the eyes with no irritations. Just remember to use it on the clean skin for best results.

  • Cliradex Towelette comes in a small box that has individually packed wipes. Tear open the wrap cover and use the wet towel to wipe the affected eyes, eyelids and lashes with a gentle pressure to clean out the area.
  • Dispose of the wipes after use, DO NOT REUSE.
  • The frequency of use of Cliradex depends on the severity of the eye irritation.
  • For mild to moderate cases, use Cliradex once a day for a duration of 6-8 weeks.
  • For moderate to severe cases, make the usage twice a day for 6-8 weeks or as often as the doctor recommends.
  • Store the Cliradex products at room temperature, not more than 120 F. the products have a shelf life of one year.
  • Cliradex risks, side effects, and adverse reactions

Cliradex products are completely safe for all. The products contain only the natural component from Tea tree oil which is safe on the skin. It causes no side effects or adverse reactions and poses no risk to anyone.

Cliradex reviews and complaints

Cliradex is a popular product recommended by many optometrists and used by many patients. The products get mixed reviews with more positive reviews. The negative remarks are about the price of the product and the slight burning sensation when using for the first few times. There also are the users who did not get any positive outcome.

  • Garret- “As an optometrist, I recommend this for Demodex. The best way to make better use is to have the towelette cut into 2 for double the days. You need to cut the cover before you break the seal so that the unused part stays covered inside.”
  • Raven- “This needs to be more affordable. My eye doctor recommended this to prevent further problems. You can cut the wipes into halves or quarters as needed and keep the unused pieces inside a zip lock bag for future use.”
  • Karen- “IT helped me rid of rubbing the eyes and irritation. I use this with my eye drops. I use it before bed. I cut my pad into 4 that is sufficiently sized for my use.”
  • Anonymous- “You have to use Cliradex for a straight 30 days to break the cycle of the mites. My eyes are clear for 2 months now.”

Where to buy Cliradex?

Cliradex is a non-prescription product which is easily available online from Cliradex official website and from other online stores as well. You can buy them from the local doctors if you want.

  • Cliradex in Amazon: Cliradex is easily available in Amazon.
  • Cliradex in Costco: Cliradex is NOT available in Costco as of now.
  • Cliradex in Walmart: Walmart is not a dealer of Cliradex.

Cliradex is available in USA as well as in Canada. Visit to buy it in Canada.

Cliradex Products price

  • Cliradex Starter Kit is available at a price of $122.97 which has a discount rate of $99.99.
  • Cliradex Light costs $39.99
  • Cliradex towelette costs $42.99

Cliradex discount, coupon codes, and promos

Cliradex coupons and promo codes are widely available online that can help you get a discount of 20% or more. The discount coupons are also applicable for getting 2 Cliradex products and has the discount. You can find these coupons at, etc.

Cliradex FAQs

Is Cliradex safe for all?

Yes, Cliradex is safe for one and all, regardless of their skin type or severity of the demodex condition, or even the age of the person. It is safe enough for daily use without drying the eyes.

Is Cliradex FDA approved?

NO, Cliradex is not approved as a treatment for any eye condition. It is a non-prescription remedy for eye irritations.

How does Cliradex work better than Tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil application on the eyelids can be irritating. The 4-Terpineol is safer and less irritating them tea tree oil. It is also the finer ingredient that basically acts against the Demodex mites.

How long will it take to get the Cliradex results?

It can very well take a few weeks to get actual results. Prolonged usage ensures that the eggs of the mites are destroyed and that the infections would not happen sooner. The recommended usage duration is 6-8 weeks, minimum.

Can I get any sample of Cliradex?

You can get the Cliradex samples from your local eye doctor. If he/she does not have the sample, call to the customer service number (888-296-8858) to send samples to this doctor.


Cliradex has flexibility with 2 products. The Cliradex Lights is an everyday cleanser for all to get relief from Demodex symptoms, the towelettes serve a more responsible task of keeping the hygiene of the eyes. You can choose any of these products as per the severity of your case. Please DO note that the Cliradex products have no insurance coverage.