Protein is the most in-demand nutrient for the body. Protein is part of every cell of the body and is a necessity for almost all the functions. Though our diet includes protein, it may not be sufficient for the body to sustain. People who are in need of extra protein supplementation should look at the natural vegan protein for a healthier addition and for the ease of digestion. The BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder is one such vegetarian dietary supplement that has high fiber content. The main source of protein here is pea powder. There also are other plant-based protein sources added for a complete package along with some plant digestive enzymes for the maximum absorption.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder ingredients, Benefits & Uses

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder Ingredients

  • Pea Protein

Pea protein is the major source of protein in the BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder. Pea protein is also the non-dairy muscle builder owing to its ability in helping build muscles. Plant-based proteins are not famous for the muscle building ability but a protein is an exception.

It has a lot of branched chain amino acids that reduce muscle breakdown during workouts. It helps with weight loss as it can lower the hunger hormone. It can also keep the stomach feel fuller. It helps with blood pressure regulation and is good for heart health. The same effects can benefit the kidneys in preventing chronic kidney diseases.

Pea protein has a very low glycemic index, which means it releases the digested sugar slowly into the blood that helps balance the blood sugar levels naturally. It is also beneficial that it is digestible faster than whey protein and does not cause allergic reactions like the dairy-based proteins and soy.

OMNI Protein Chocolate

  • Rice protein

Rice protein is easily digestible, has quick absorption rate and has a good amino acid profile for the benefit of the body. It can reduce the body fat and help with muscle mass development. Rice protein can check on insulin spike to regulate the blood sugar level. The protein content has more bioavailability than other types. It is beneficial for the liver functions as well.

  • Quinoa protein

Quinoa seeds are gluten-free and have high protein content. It is one of the rare plant-based food that has all of the 9 essential amino acids. These proteins can increase the metabolism that would reduce appetite quickly. The fiber content in it makes the stomach feel fuller. It also adds very fewer calories. The fiber is also helpful to control blood sugar and improve insulin secretion.

  • Chia protein

Chai can reduce the sugar absorption rate from carbohydrates and provides more energy from its protein source. As with the case of quinoa, chia is also an excellent source of all essential proteins for the body.

  • Extra branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are the 3 main amino acids- leucine, valine, and isoleucine. Leucine is useful for muscle development; isoleucine encourages the cells to absorb more sugar that reduces blood sugar level. Valine’s role is yet not pinpointed but it is also useful nonetheless. BCAAs are useful supplementation for muscles as it prevents the sudden reduction in their level in the body during workouts. They can promote protein synthesis and lower the breakdowns during strenuous activities. These BCAAs are in free form and is better for absorption than in whey protein where they have peptide bonds.

  • Extra L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that can maintain the digestive tract health. it reduces inflammations and helps with a leaky gut problem that could come with the protein intake. It has brain-boosting abilities. It can promote muscle growth and reduce the muscle breakdown during stress. L-glutamine is also good for the tendons to maintain its integrity. It helps the muscle recovery from injuries. It can also help by increasing endurance.

  • Inulin fiber

Inulin fiber is from chicory that is useful as a probiotic fiber that helps with the growth of good bacteria in the gut. The gut bacteria use this inulin to nourish the colon cells as well as the gut environment. It improves digestion, reduces constipation, helps with weight loss and controls diabetes. Inulin is beneficial with improvement in calcium absorption as well. It helps the body develop better immunity by strengthening the gut flora.

  • Seven Plant Digestive enzymes

The plant digestive enzymes boost the digestion and ensure that all of these plant-based protein sources undergoes complete digestion to make way for better absorption of the nutrients. Among them are proteases and cellulase to have the protein breakdown complete and efficient. It will also help prevent bloating and flatulence due to partial digestion of protein.

The BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder is available in 2 flavors, vanilla, and chocolate. Other than these, there are no artificial flavors or additives in this protein mix. It has stevia added as the natural sweetener in it.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder Benefits

  • Taking the BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder regularly will improve the amino acid availability in the body for the various activities and enzyme productions.
  • It helps boost energy and endurance for quality workout sessions
  • It is useful for muscle building, muscle recovery and would also protect the muscles from unnecessary breakdowns
  • Health Omni Protein Powder helps regulate blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood sugar levels etc
  • It can promote insulin production
  • It has better digestion and absorption rate than whey protein
  • Health Omni Protein Powder is hypoallergenic and will suit everyone with the allergy towards soy or dairy products
  • It keeps the stomach fuller, controls hunger and helps with weight loss as well

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BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder can be mixed with any beverage of your choice. Choose from milk, water, almond milk, smoothies, shakes etc. Add 1 heaping scoop full of the protein powder and mix it well in the 8 oz or 1 glass full of the selected medium.

Drink the mix right away. If you have left over to have later, immediately keep the mix in the refrigerator with the lid tightly closed. Use this mix on the same day.

There is no clarity on how often you may take the protein mix. You may go for once or twice a day dosage.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder does not have any drug interactions with any of the medications or supplements.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder is completely safe from any side effects or adverse effects. It does not have any allergens like soy, whey protein or any dairy-based ingredients to cause any side effects.

The only possibility is upset stomach with the high fiber and protein intake during the initial days. Though there are digestive enzymes added to prevent such situations, it may happen for those with sensitive gut. It would last only for a few days.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder reviews & Complaints

The BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder reviews show that the vanilla flavor has more demand than the chocolate flavor. Otherwise, the performance of both the flavors of BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder is the same and welcoming.

Some users felt that the powder is sweeter for their taste. People prefer this as a quick breakfast, pre/after workout drink etc.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder Testimonials

  • Robin- “It made me feel amazing within a few minutes. It mixes well in cold as well as hot drinks. I add a few spices into it for added taste. It is too sweet but would stick with it for its good results.”
  • Dawn- “This is the best protein drink that I have ever had. I take it as a breakfast or a meal replacement as convenient. My husband uses it as a snack replacement for more energy and focus. It is the good filling for the stomach. It has also got me healthier skin.”
  • Greg-“I mix it in raw milk with the banana for a smoothie. It is smooth, non-grainy and does not have the heavy feeling.”
  • Drew-“The powder is a bit chalky and does not taste as good as other proteins. Though it has good effects, does not like the chalky feel.”
  • Michael- “This is clean and works for muscle growth and recovery. We all love it in the family. We mix both vanilla and chocolate together. This suits me well.”
  • David- “I use it as protein powder; add it in non-dairy ice cream, low-calorie protein bars etc. It reduces the cravings and works well as a smoothie.”

Where to Buy BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder

One may buy BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder either directly from the manufacturer BrainMD Health or from Amazon. Both the stores offer a discount for the auto shipping where one bottle is delivered on monthly basis. This auto shipping will save money and will have free shipping for the product

  • BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder in Amazon is available in both the flavors- vanilla and chocolate.
  • BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder in Costco: It is not available in Costco.
  • Omni Protein Powder in WalMart is not available.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder – Chocolate and Vanilla price

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder comes in a container of 1 kg. Each container lasts for 30 servings with 1 serving equally a heaped scoop. The scoop is provided with the product.

One bottle costs $59.95 for the single purchase.

The BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder price would only be $50.96 when opting for the auto delivery service. This will deliver one bottle every month. You may cancel this facility at any time before the billing time for the month. This will also give free shipping each month.

BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder FAQs

Is BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder safe for those with gluten allergy?

Absolutely. It contains no gluten to cause any kind of allergic reactions.

Is BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder FDA Approved

This is a non-prescription dietary supplement that does not come under the FDA approval.

Does BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder work as an energy booster?

Yes it does. It provides more energy with the protein breakdown and gives out for a long while as it has the low glycemic index. The energy release happens much slower but in a steady flow. It enhances the workout performance and can also help with muscle protection, recovery and muscle building.

How long before I can see the BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder results?

The energy boost, appétit suppression, and endurance are visible almost immediately. For the muscle development, weight loss and other benefits, it may take a month or 2 depending on the health condition of the individual.


BrainMD Health Omni Protein Powder can be a great replacement for the whey protein, dairy-based products, and soy protein. Though plant-based proteins are not much popular as energy builder, this unique mix has made its mark as one of the most effective protein powders to bring the best results.