There are numerous dietary supplements to boost the brain functions and cognitive health. But they all have a drawback in that it works rather slower or at least not quick enough for an instant recharge. The BrainMD Health Brain Boost is one such wonder drink that can recharge the brain instantly and on the go. It is a powdered dietary supplement in individual packets for each dosage that you can mix and drink for instant refreshment.

Brain Boost on the go think drink contains certain vitamins and nutrients that promote attention, concentration, brain energy, clarity and cognitive function without caffeine.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost ingredients, Benefits & Uses

BrainMD Health Brain Boost On The Go Benefits

  • It beats the afternoon sluggish feel with instant energy
  • It is caffeine free
  • Uses natural sweetener without causing any sugar spike
  • Contains brain nutrients
  • Can improve focus and concentration

Brain Boost On The Go


  • L-Theanine works on to block anxiety and keeps the mind calm. It prompts the production of the calming neurotransmitter GABA for the natural calming effects. L-Theanine can control the blood pressure level, reduce stress and is also protective of brain cells. It can improve concentration without any jitters. It is taken naturally from decaffeinated green tea.
  • Vitamin B6 is important for the production of serotonin, the happy hormone. It helps the body cope with stress and reduce its impact. It helps improve brain energy production and takes part in nerve functions as well.
  • Vitamin B12 helps with energy production and is also protective of brain cells from damage. It can slow down the age-related memory loss in elderly. Vitamin B12 can remove the toxic homocysteine from the brain. It is another of the vitamin that is required for the producing of serotonin and dopamine.
  • Folate is an important vitamin for the proper brain functioning. The deficiency of this vitamin could cause degeneration of the cells and that could lead to memory loss, dementia etc. It is also useful for the regulation of homocysteine level.
  • Calcium helps with the instant energy production. It is required for the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Phosphorous balances the hormone levels and act as a detox agent as well. It can boost the energy by being part of ATP.
  • Potassium is critical for the cell communications. It helps the cell communicate with each other and is also beneficial for the nerve functions. Potassium deficiency could cause brain fog and be adding it would clear the mind.
  • Organic Fruit blend contains extracts from Blueberry, gogi, mangosteen and noni fruits. They add the antioxidants and other phytonutrients for the health benefit. They can protect the brain and nerve cells against free radical attacks. It improves the overall cognitive functions like memory, concentration, learning abilities etc.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

BrainMD Health Brain Boost is a dry powder in the individual pack for each dosage. Whenever you need some energy, open up one elongated packet and mix the contents in a glass of water and drink.

The BrainMD Health Brain Boost pack contains 10 individual packets of this on-the-go-think drink. The smaller packets are easy to carry with and would into the purse easily.

It is suitable for children, adults and elderly people equally. It has natural sweetener from Stevia that makes it a sweet drink.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There are no side effects or adverse reactions of using BrainMD Health Brain Boost. It is more of energy, sports drink than a supplement. It is caffeine free that eliminates any jittery after feel or the chances of sugar spike and headaches later as there is no sugar added.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost reviews & Complaints

BrainMD Health Brain Boost is a popular afternoon drink to maintain the energy level to finish the day’s work. It is convenient to use whenever people won’t to like. The decaffeinated nature and use of natural sweetener have made it a safe product for both children and elders.

There are no complaints about this product. The majority of users have liked this very much.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost Testimonials

  • Kim- “This is berry-berry good. It makes simply flavored water without any scary ingredients. I use only half of the contents in each packet per serving. It is pleasantly good even at half the amount.
  • Connie-“I have gone without a headache for a straight week after having this BrainMD Health Brain Boost. It works pretty well and I am caffeine free. It does boost the afternoon slump as I say goodbye to the sleepiness.”
  • Melissa-“My husband uses it with one liter of water for longer effects. It still works well. It makes him sit longer and get all the work done as well. Thank you very much.”

Where to Buy BrainMD Health Brain Boost

BrainMD Health Brain Boost is easily available from the manufacturer. The BrainMD Health Brain Boost in Amazon is also a good option. The product is cheaper and does not cost much. The only issue is that there are only 10 packets in it.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost in Costco is not available.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost price

The BrainMD Health Brain Boost price is $14.95 for the one time purchase. If you choose the auto delivery from the manufacturer you will get it at just $12.71 for the individual packets. You may get the product at your doorstep every month. You can cancel the subscription or the order at any time.

At Amazon, you will get the product only at the onetime purchase price range. There is no subscription offer at Amazon.

BrainMD Health Brain Boost FAQs

Is BrainMD Health Brain Boost safe?

Yes, the BrainMD Health Brain Boost is safer than any energy drink or sports drink as this does not have caffeine. It supplies no calories from natural sweeteners. It contains vitamins, minerals and brain-friendly nutrient that are safe for one and all.

Is BrainMD Health Brain Boost FDA Approved

BrainMD Health Brain Boost is just a dietary supplement and energy drink that does not require the FDA approval.

Does BrainMD Health Brain Boost work in boosting energy?

Yes, it contains the key ingredients that can break the blood-brain barrier to trigger more energy production in the brain that lifts the brain fog towards the afternoon. The multiple benefits ingredients make this an anytime drink and that you may carry anywhere. Just mix it with water and be done with it. This convenient drink is just like having a glass of water, only with some added advantages.

How soon can I experience the BrainMD Health Brain Boost results?

The energy boost would be instantaneous. The mental clarity and focus would come within a few minutes. Major improvement is visible within a few servings.

Can I find BrainMD Health Brain Boost in WalMart?

No, BrainMD Health Brain Boost is not available in WalMart.

Are there any BrainMD Health Brain Boost Discount, coupon codes, and Promos?

There are BrainHD Health coupons and promo codes that you may utilize to get discounts on the purchase of BrainMD Health Brain Boost. These coupons are available at popular coupon sites.


BrainMD Health Brain Boost brain energizer would boost the mental sharpness and focus to end the day on a happy note. It might as well be a think drink that makes you ‘think’ with clarity. It boosts the nerves, brain and the overall energy of the body. Brain boost supplies the nutrients and also makes someone to drink water. Thus it is also a good way of hydrating the body with some added incentives.