Human body is complex with so many organ systems working together in harmony. An imbalance in one system could affect all the other systems as well. If you were to pick the most important system of them all, it would be the brain. The brain is the controlling center of the body and it needs more nutrients than for any other system. The brain should be super active to have energy and good memory, focus and agility.

The BrainHD Health Brain and Memory Power Boost is a dietary supplement that can boost the performance of the brain activities. It supplies nutrients and ensures improved circulation throughout the brain and nervous system for good mental health. It is made of some key nutrients and a few herbal components to get these results.

Brain and Memory Power Boost ingredients, Benefits & Uses

  • PhosphatidylSerine is well-known as a superhero for the brain. This compound maintains the communications between the nerve cells that maintain good memory stored in the proper places. It is also necessary for the optimal brain functioning as it improves the brain’s ability with focus, learning process, storing memories etc. It is also protective of the damage caused by stress on the brain cells. This will definitely boost the overall performance of the brain. It is also beneficial in speeding up the reflexes that are useful for athletes in strengthening the reflexes and skeletal muscles.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps in the production of acetylcholine- one of the powerful neurotransmitters. The antioxidant property of these 2 compounds maintains the brain cells from damage.
  • N-AcetylCysteine is a precursor for the antioxidant glutathione. It helps in the detoxification of the brain by removing the free radicals and heavy metals. N-AcetylCysteine can protect the brain from the ill effects of alcohol and acetaminophen. It also helps with the recovery from brain injuries.
  • Alpha-LIpoic Acid is an antioxidant that can kill the free radicals in the brain. This helps to reduce inflammations and protects brain cells from strokes, multiple sclerosis, degenerative diseases etc. It can regulate the blood sugar level as well as help the mitochondria with the energy production. It acts as vitamin like for cellular energy production.

BrainMD Health Brain and Memory Power Boost

Othe Major Ingredients

  • Ginkgo biloba extract can improve the blood flow through the blood vessels. The improved blood flow benefits the brain to revive its activities. Ginkgo can work its magic even while the person is at rest so that the brain can continue with its functions and activities with a better vigor. It can promote the health of blood vessels, supplies ample amount of blood to the brain and also shows antioxidant properties.
  • Vinpocetine is another compound that can increase the blood flow to the brain cells. It works well with Ginkgo for the enhanced actions of both. It supports healthy blood flow to the brain, tones the blood vessels, improves the brain performance and data processing and most importantly can be protective of the brain tissues and the nerve cells.
  • Huperzine A is beneficial by improving the acetylcholine actions. Acetylcholine is highly important for the memory power and behavioral pattern. By boosting its actions, this ingredient in Brain and Memory Power Boost supplement ensures improvement in what it is meant to be. Other than this, it supports energy generation in mitochondria, has antioxidant powers to protect the brain cells and makes way for nerve growth factor and nerve cell renewal process.

BrainHD Health Brain and Memory Power Boost Benefits

  • Brain and Memory Power Boost ensures that there are enough blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain
  • The ingredients take care of the enzyme systems, neurotransmitters and the general connectivity between the cells and nerves to have good communication
  • The phosphatidylserine ensures the integrity of the cell membranes through which the cell communication happens and that assures of mitochondrial energy production
  • Improves overall performance of the cognitive system that naturally boosts the memory and energy
  • It protects the brain and nerve cells to prevent degenerative diseases

Brain and Memory Power Boost Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

Brain and Memory Power Boost dosage is 4 capsules per day. You can split the dosage into 2 capsules twice a day for convenience. You may take the capsules with the meals of between the meals. Make sure that you drink plenty of water with the capsules.

DO NOT go for higher dose than 4 capsules, without a doctor’s consent. For some people, higher doses may be required but they have to get the doctor’s approval for doing so.

There are no known drug interactions of Brain and Memory Power Boost with any medications. Consult a doctor first if you are on any prescription medication.

Brain and Memory Power Boost Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There have a few reports of headaches and fatigue after taking Brain and Memory Power Boost supplements. Though the individual ingredients do have their side effects at risk, they are not present in enough amounts to invoking such reactions. Stop the dosage immediately if there are any unusual changes in the body. If the symptoms are not receding within 24 hours or are of serious nature, seek medical attention immediately. The possible side effects are stomach pain, nausea, upset stomach etc.

Brain and Memory Power Boost reviews & Complaints

The Brain and Memory Power Boost reviews are mixed. There are many who feel that the product does not bring a major change while others have felt improvement with these capsules. A few opinions hints that the ingredients are not that are commonly seen for nootropics but rather that for the bodybuilding.

Even if the ingredients are effective there is not much of a power-boosting effect in the body. A positive change is common among the users but that is not satisfactory enough for many.

Brain and Memory Power Boost Testimonials

  • Laura- “I noticed changes quickly. I improved my focus and thinking abilities. It did bother my stomach which is a bummer.”
  • Mary-“I have been using it for a year. My cognition, memory, and focus have all improved. In fact, it has worked better than my prescription drugs.”
  • Leo-“The supplement has helped improve my memory and attention span. The improvement is not vast but enough to satisfy me.”
  • Anonymous-“I can see the improvement when I take the recommended dosage. You can take Brain and Memory Power Boost without RX.”
  • Robert-“This supplement has clipped my anxiety where many other drugs failed. I didn’t get an immediate result. It took some 2-3 months to show improvement. The trick you have to continue using it. Stopping it would cause the effects to slow down.”

Where to Buy Brain and Memory Power Boost

You can buy Brain and Memory Power Boost directly from BrainHD Health official online store. You will get discounts and auto ship facility from the makers.

Brain and Memory Power Boost in Amazon is another option for the purchase. Currently, the price is much lower in Amazon than from the manufacturer for the one time purchase.

Brain and Memory Power Boost in Costco: It is not available in Costco.

Brain and Memory Power Boost price

One bottle of Brain and Memory Power Boost costs $59.95 for a one time purchase. One bottle contains 120 capsules lasting for one month at the recommended dosage.

The Brain and Memory Power Boost price will be less for the auto delivery option as it allows 15% discount and free shipping each month. The auto-ship price would be $50.96 per bottle.

The prices are more or less the same for different stores. The rice may vary with the discount that is applied from time to time.

Brain and Memory Power Boost Discount, coupon codes and Promos

The BrainHD Health coupons and promo codes would help you get discounts on the one time purchase. They may get you anywhere between $10 off to 25% off on the product. Find the coupon codes from the popular coupon code websites online.


Is Brain and Memory Power Boost safe for children?

Brain and Memory Power Boost is safe only for the young adults and not exactly for children. It may be safe for senior teenagers but not recommended for children under the age of 14.

Does Brain and Memory Power Boost work in preventing Alzheimer’s disease?

It seems like working for Alzheimer’s diseases. There are a few cases where the Brain and Memory Power Boost supplement helped improve the state of the affected people and has shown its positive effects with this disease. It has antioxidants that could delay the onset of the disease in people who are prone to it.

How long would Brain and Memory Power Boost take to show results?

The Brain and Memory Power Boost results are not immediate. It may take a minimal period of 3-4 weeks and as many as 2-3 months to have improved. This supplement needs much patience to see till the end to decide whether or not it is effective.

Can I buy Brain and Memory Power Boost in WalMart?

No, the Brain and Memory Power Boost is NOT available in WalMart. You either buy it from the manufacturer or from Amazon for the best price.


Brain and Memory Power Boost is a long-term brain supplement that can take its time. If you are looking for an immediate result, this is not a good product to choose from. If you are patient enough to wait for a while, then you can try this brain supplement and experience the changes.