BPI Nite Burn is a holistic weight loss supplement by Campus Protein that will help you to lose pounds while rebuilding the muscles. It also works as a sleep restoring pill that promotes better sleep pattern and burns more fat while asleep. This article is all about BPI Nite Burn Reviews, ingredients, side effects and much more.

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What is BPI Nite Burn and how does it work?

Losing weight during sleep? That’s impossible. I am sure this is what is going through your mind. It is a known fact that people lose weight with exercise. However, burning fat while sleeping seems like a fiction.

Nevertheless, it is true. BPI Nite Burn by Campus Protein comes with herbal and natural ingredients that have been proved effective as fat burners. While few ingredients are excellent in burning fat, others prevent the body from absorbing the calories. Technically, you will be shedding pounds while you sleep.

BPI sports nite burn nighttime weight management formula is a sleep aid pill that also encourages effective weight loss during sleep. It also works in repairing the damaged muscle cell and restoring its endurance. As a result, you will lose abnormal fat in the body without losing the muscle mass. Here is a look at the ingredients and their features list.

BPI Nite Burn Weight Loss Supplement

BPI Nite Burn is a holistic weight loss supplement. It comes with herbal and natural ingredients that have been proved effective as fat burners. BPI Nite Burn has multiple benefits on the body such as improving blood circulation, curbing appetite, balancing the blood sugar levels, lowering high blood pressure, boosting cognitive behavior and so on. These herbs have been individually tested to determine their efficiency.

BPI Nite Burn Ingredients and Features

Here are the prominent ingredients of BPI Sports Nite-Burn 30 capsules.

  • Raspberry ketones – breaks down the fats within cells thus assisting the body to burn fat much more faster. It also increases adiponectin, a type of hormone that can help with the metabolism level.
  • White kidney beans – blocks the starch-digesting enzyme called amylase that can convert the starch food that you eat to absorbable sugar.
  • Green coffee bean – coffee seeds that are not yet roasted. Green coffee beans contains high concentration of chlorogenic acid as to roasted coffee beans. This chlorogenic acid can boost the metabolic level of your liver thus promoting fat burn.
  • Dandelion flower – is an excellent weight loss ingredient that has no known side effects and minimal to nontoxicity. For those who tend to gain water weight, this is the best product to lose weight.
  • Saffron flower – is a great remedy to treat sleep problems such as insomnia. It relaxes the tensed muscles and increases melatonin that promotes healthy sleep.
  • Melatonin – this sleep-promoting hormone, melatonin can help in burning specific types of fat. Experts say that melatonin increases presence of another fat called beige fat. Beige fat often accumulates near the collarbone, spine area etc. Stimulating this beige fat can help the body to lose weight naturally.
  • Lemon balm – a perennial herb, it has calming effects on the CNS (central nervous system). Hence, it is widely used for anxiety, restless feeling, sleep disorders etc. It has a sedative effect on the body that soothes the mind encouraging the body to relax.

Combined together, BPI Nite Burn has multiple benefits on the body such as improving blood circulation, curbing appetite, balancing the blood sugar levels, lowering high blood pressure, boosting cognitive behavior and so on. These herbs have been individually tested to determine their efficiency.

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BPI Nite Burn Dosage

For relaxed sleep and healthy weight loss, it is recommended to take BPI Nite Burn before bedtime. Take one capsule prior to bedtime or as advised by your medical practitioner. One bottle of BPI Nite Burn contains 30 capsules. If you are serious about losing weight, it is always suggested to exercise and follow a healthy diet along with BPI Nite Burn for best results.

Warnings and Instructions

  • If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication for any health condition, consult your medical practitioner before trying on this product.
  • Do not take it during daytime as it may lead to drowsiness.
  • If you are driving or operating a heavy equipment, it can be dangerous. Since the product is meant only for nighttime, follow the instructions religiously.

BPI Nite Burn Side Effects

Almost all the ingredients of Nite Burn by BPI are safe to use. That being sad, green coffee does contain some caffeine that may trigger anxiety or insomnia to those who are sensitive to it. Even white kidney bean can cause diarrhea. However, they are just minor side effects of BPI Nite Burn and most users probably don’t have to deal with it. So far, there have been no BPI Nite Burn Reviews that claim such reactions.

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BPI Nite Burn Reviews

BPI Sports Nite Burn Nighttime weight management formula has received mixed reviews from users. It has received 3.7 out of 5-star ratings from Amazon consumers.

While a majority of the users support BPI Night Burn Supplement, there are few critics as well. On positive notes, people have found this product absolutely best for promoting sleep. They feel lighter and relaxed every night while they wake up feeling refreshed and sound.

People have mostly used it to correct their circadian rhythm and fall asleep than fixing their obesity. However, it does work for weight loss as well. A general consensus of customers claims that BPI Nite Burn efficiently works in preventing weight gain. It also controls appetite and ensures that weight loss occurs in the most natural way possible.

Now for the con side. Critical reviews on BPI Nite Burn claim that while it helps you to fall asleep easily, you will wake up very much early and find trouble falling asleep again. One user says while it did not help him burn fat, it did help him go to sleep trouble-free. Another user says he has been exercising regularly and taking these pills but didn’t notice any effect. Price too has been deemed quite expensive by many people.

Here are few of the BPI Nite Burn Reviews seen on Amazon and other websites. This will save the hunt for opinions.

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  • Red_Hood –“I didn’t notice any change in my body but does knock you out good.”
  • Anthony_Bac – “I have been using this product for a month now. I did exercise as well but sadly didn’t notice any positive difference.”
  • AnthonyM78 – “Fantastic product. It not only helps you sleep but sheds fat while you are asleep.”
  • Olivia G – “Good when used as an added supplement to your diet. Combine it with exercise as well. I don’t like taking pills so it was difficult for me to use it nightly. But with people of more diligence than me, it would do good.”
  • Gregory L. Rains – “I have been taking this for only a week now but I am sleeping so much better. Plus I wake up feeling energetic and fresh.”

Discount Coupon Codes

Sign up for the newsletters of Campus Protein and you can stay updated on promo deals/offers whenever available. There are many websites that offer discount coupon codes that will help you to buy BPI Nite Burn at an affordable rate.

Shipping and Returns

Campus Protein charges minimal amount of shipping charges anywhere in the continental US. If you are purchasing from any other country, you also need to bear customs charges along with shipping charges.

The company offers 30-day return policy from the date of purchase. If you want to return, make sure to send it back in unused condition. Opened and partially used products need to be sent back within 7 days. You will receive only store credit for used/opened products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order BPI Sports Nite Burn from countries like Australia, UK, India, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore etc?

Yes, no matter where you are, Campus Protein will ship you BPI Sports Nite Burn and any other products on the site.

Is BPI Nite Burn available in online sites such as vitamin shoppe, amazon etc.?

BPI Nite Burn is available on Amazon, GNC but you can find other sleep supplements at amazon.

Can I use BPI Nite Burn 30-count for bodybuilding?

Yes, you can use Nite Burn (30 caps) BPI for bodybuilding. It gets rid of the bad fat without losing muscle mass. As a result, you may notice muscular strength and endurance without any abnormal fat hanging around.

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BPI Nite Burn Reviews delivers in its clear voice that this sleep-cum-weight loss supplement is excellent in delivering its results. However, note that the product alone will not help. You need to follow a healthy regime to make things work on your side or else it is a moot point. For those who are serious about weight loss, look no further.