As in humans, dog too at times suffers from diabetes. Diabetes in dog results when the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin in the body. This will create the way for sugar built up in the blood stream rather than entering to the body tissues where they would create a scene for providing energy. This is why most of the diabetic effected dogs are in a state of lethargic.

Excess sugar in the blood stream of your pets will lead to several other conditions like in humans. This can even cause disorders in their heart, liver, and kidney. This can lead to increased level of infections, slow healing, cataract, and blindness as in the case of humans.


As like in humans, this disease has many risk factors for dog too where some of them are same as in humans too. The following are the risk factors for dog diabetes

  • Obesity
  • Poor diet
  • Steroid treatment
  • Diestrus- many cycles in one breeding season
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetic predisposition
Pet Wellbeing Blood Sugar Gold
Blood sugar gold unique formula will help in supporting the blood sugar levels in your dogs. This product also contains herbs that support their liver and eye health.

Diabetes in dog is more often common in

  • Female dogs
  • The dogs that fall under overweigh group
  • Dogs that are often fed with a dry kibble diet
  • Middle aged dogs
  • Older dogs


There are some common symptoms when the sugar level in blood increases. The common ones include

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Cataracts
  • Signs of pain in the abdomen
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle wasting
  • Tiredness
  • Fatigue


If you feel that your dog is a diabetic effected person, you should take him to your vet as soon as possible. A veterinarian will undergo certain examinations and test to confirm diabetes mellitus in blood. Blood test and urine examination are the two routine examinations.

The veterinarian will recommend a change in the diet. If your dog is obese, you should help it to reduce weight. Regular exercise is necessary keeping in mind not to make it over do. Other treatment methods can also include regular injections of insulin.


Blood sugar gold unique formula will help in supporting the blood sugar levels in your dogs. This product utilizes the best known herbs for the maintenance of blood sugar levels in the dog. This product also contains herbs that support their liver and eye health. Using in the right dose for the right time this product will surely help your dog to have a healthier sugar level in the body.

Blood sugar Gold can be used alone or in combination with other protocols for maintaining the levels of blood sugar in the body. It is important to monitor the levels of sugar in your dog. When you opt for natural products, the effect can be effective such that it will surprise you. Too much blood sugar can also cause other secondary problems like weight gain, thirst and hunger and too much time for healing.


You have to provide your dog orally twice daily. Give one drop for every 2lb (1kg) of body weight up to 50 lb. if your dog weighs more than 50 lb add on one drop for every 2 kg.

Blood sugar Gold is manufactured considering the finicky nature of your pet. Hence it is enhanced with natural bacon flavor that will sound delicious to your pets. Being a pet owner you are free to choose any ways for administrating in a way the dog will like the best.

Kindly avoid the usage if your pet is pregnant.


Blood sugar Gold also can increase the effectiveness of other blood sugar supplement. hence if it is taken with other sugar lowering supplements, you as a pet owner should constantly monitor the sugar levels of your dog as too much of drop of the in its level can also be harmful. Consultation with a veterinarian is recommended by the manufacturer prior to taking this product.


The formula that is used in Blood Sugar gold is entirely prepared from the organically grown and wild harvested herbs which will prove only good for your dog. All the herbs that are used adhere to good manufacturing practices. All the raw materials that are used are tested for identification and for purity. Every single batch is tested to ensure the potency and highest purity.

Blood sugar gold For Dog with Diabetes

Blood Sugar Gold  natural remedy for the dog with diabetes

Diabetes from the surface seems to be a pancreatic problem, created by insufficient insulin release to the body. This may be the simplest form of explanation but things could be very complicated with diabetes. Diabetes is primary cause for Heart disease in dogs. They affect liver function, kidney function and general health including skin and coat. Though just a pancreatic condition, A dog with diabetes need care at all time. From the food they eat, the exercise you take, everything will affect your dog with Diabetes.

Treating a dog with diabetes does not require a lot of studies. It requires more common sense and individual attention. When a dog is diagnosed with Diabetes it should be understood that the cause for the disease / condition is due to lack of exercise and poor quality of food. When we say Lack of exercise, its not that the dog doesn’t do anything at all the whole day but watch TV  It means it is not sufficient. The walk may last an hour and you may be tired, but the dog hasn’t even got started. The Quality of the food you provide is also a great concern. Most dogs with a natural diet, Raw food do not have problems with diabetes and such diseases. Raw Diet has been recommended by vets now for better health and life of dogs. A dog with diabetes should restrain from high carb food and anything which has sugar. A great dog food for the dog with diabetes would include no grains, higher protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Plenty of Vegetables and meat (usually turkey and lamb) are good for the dog. If feeding packed food (which is not recommended by most vets) avoid semi moist food and anything which has sugar in it.

Apart from the diet keep a watch for exercises and a Natural remedy is always called for as compared to insulin injections.