Are you one of those suffering from the embarrassment and insecurity of bladder symptoms? Are you concerned about urinating much more frequently today than in the past? Do you constantly fear about humiliating bouts of leaking or dribbling in public? Do you rush to the bathroom more frequently but are unable to urinate?

You are not alone but millions of people in America, both men and women suffer from one or the other bladder concerns. Don’t feel ashamed of this condition and it’s time to do something, I had brought some great and exciting news for you. After an extensive research, an effective solution to these problems –“Bladder Relief Package” from UniScience Group is formulated for you. Bladder Relief Package contains 2 all-natural formulas called “U.T. Health” and “Complete Confidence” to support a healthy bladder and urinary tract. Here you will get to know about complete details on Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group.

Before going into product details, let’s understand what all bladder concerns and problems people suffer from.

Ultimate Bladder Support Relief Package

Bladder Relief Package is produced to help in several different types of bladder worries as mentioned beneath. It relieves urgency and control overflow naturally by entirely flushing out your bladder.

Bladder Concerns And Problems

Bladder symptoms and related concerns are extremely common in both men and women. These concerns lead to sleeping disturbances in some people while others may avoid air traveling or road trips due to the need for frequent urination. Some people nearly constantly suffer from urgency and pressure which affects routine work. Some people cannot completely control their bladders and sometimes leaks.

The common bladder problems in both men and women are

  • The frequent need to urinate often within an hour or two
  • A severe urgency to urinate without delay
  • Finding difficult to urinate in spite of a strong need to go
  • An irregular urine flow which may stop or start once you start urinating
  • Waking up several times in the night for peeing
  • A strong need to pee which cannot be suppressed before reaching to the bathroom, resulting in urine leakage
  • An increasingly uncomfortable feeling in the bladder is full at maximum capacity but you can’t urinate.
  • A burning sensation in the urinary tract while urinating

And don’t get surprised to know that these bladder problems are not only in people over age 65 but it can affect any person over 40 years and sometimes in late 30’s. As per one study finding, up to 25% of women (in their late 30s and 40s) entering menopause were required to wear urinary protection or change undergarments several times in a week due to urine.

One question which I thought would have risen in your mind – Why are bladder problems common to people over 40 years? The answer – In both men and women, the release of urine by the bladder is controlled by a pair of sphincter muscles at the base or can say ‘neck’ of the bladder — one controlled involuntarily by your body, one controlled voluntarily. Aging makes these muscles gradually lose their tone, resulting, difficulty controlling urination.

However, there is good news for all men and women over age 40 – put a full point to all these bladder worries and keep your bladder healthy and strong with a combination of 2 natural solutions called Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group. Here start the product details.

What Is Ultimate Bladder Relief Package?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group combines two remedies making it the most powerful and potent bladder formula available on the market today. This product package contains one botanical formula called Complete Confidence and one homeopathic remedy called U. T. Health. These formulations fight the causes of urination problems and relieve you from the suffering right away.

Why Is Bladder Relief Package Created?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group is created to help reduce your unnecessary bathroom visits, sleep all through the night and urinate only when you want while also ending your leaking and dribbling problems.

Urge To Urinate Frequently

This is a very common bladder problem wherein you feel a constant urge to go to the bathroom. You had just emptied your bladder and had sat on your office chair and then again you feel like going to the bathroom.

Unable to Pee

This is yet another common bladder concern which is the inability to urinate when you want. You feel the need to urinate, rush to the bathroom and try to urinate but unable to do so.

Partial Urination

Some people complain that when they urinate it feels like the bladder is not completely empty.

Sleep disturbances

It is another general bladder problem which disturbs your sleep two, three or more number of times to urinate. Sometimes you are able to go, sometimes not. But this need obstructs your sleep.

Stress Urination

This type of bladder problem is caused because of stress. Many people under stress experience the accidental release of urine as their bladders are put under pressure, usually while coughing, laughing or sneezing.


This is the most embarrassing bladder problem of all. It is not a sudden accidental release of urine like mentioned above, but it is more frequent, even constant and uncontrolled leaking of urine.

Pain or Burning

This is a painful, burning feeling in the area of the bladder or urethra during urination.

These types of Bladder problems are difficult to deal with as they are embarrassing. Many people cover these bladder problems by wearing adult diapers or plastic underwear and do nothing to help these concerns which gets worse over time. In long run, these bladder concerns could lead to serious health problems. According to faculty at the University of North Carolina, bladder problems are related to a 60 percent risk of heart concerns and feelings of depression.

Thus, if you have persistent bladder problem/s then you should do something to help relieve it and just don’t live with it. Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group is thus created to support you get rid of these problems.

How Bladder Relief Package Benefits You?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group contains two powerful formulas to help you with bladder concerns. This package is made to offer you several benefits. It helps you to get rid of bladder problems such as –

  • Constant need “to go”
  • Need to wake up 2 or 3 times from sleep to relieve you
  • Inability to urinate when you want to
  • Intermittent urination or starting and then stopping or “dribbling”
  • Worry about accidental urination in bed

Bladder Relief Package is beneficial to keep your bladder healthy and strong. This revolutionary discovery is helpful in following ways

  • It helps to strengthen and tone your bladder and urethra muscles for better control over your need to urinate.
  • Bladder Relief Package speedily helps washing out irritants from your urinary system.
  • It reduces that feeling of heaviness in your bladder and eliminates extreme or frequent urges to urinate.
  • It allows you to live freely without worrying about losing control of your bladder.

Thus, Bladder Relief Package totally benefits you in relieving bladder problems.

How Does Bladder Relief Package Work?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group works like nothing you must have seen before. It’s 2 great and potent solutions are clinically proven and are backed by scientific studies.

This two-part Bladder Relief Package works wonderfully because of the ingredients included in these formulas is scientifically supported. Its first part is a botanical supplement which includes ingredients that are backed by scientific studies, supporting overall bladder health. Its second formula is a potent homeopathic remedy in which ingredients are as per the principles and teachings of homeopathy that help relieve bladder concerns. Several clinical proofs and medical studies suggest that the ingredients contained in both formulas work to support bladder health and provide relief for urination problems.

The Bladder Relief Package is the only complete natural solution that works effectively to –

  • Help relieve your feelings of urgency, pressure, pain, and irritation
  • Support you in controlling frequent urination over and over again
  • Assists you to stay active, travel and enjoy life as you want
  • Start living a life free from all bladder problems

Thus, the Bladder Relief Package is the most recent scientific research into natural health to work for you to support your bladder health and eliminate urination problems.

What Does Bladder Relief Package Contain?

The 2 part Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group contains all natural ingredients that are more potent to offer faster results and more striking benefits. This unique 2-part remedy combines a botanical supplement with an exclusive homeopathic treatment to deliver complete support and relief from bladder worries. The two parts of Bladder Relief Package are:

Firstly, allow me to explain the ingredients in Complete Confidence which makes this formula the most potent bladder health products on the market, then I will let you know the content of U.T. Health.

Ingredients In Complete Confidence

Complete Confidence in Bladder Relief Package gives you many benefits and includes special bladder-strengthening nutrients, have a look at them all below:

Uvaursi Leaf Extract

The key ingredient in Complete Confidence is the leaf extract of a North American shrub called Uvaursi to help you completely empty your bladder. Uvaursi is a sprawling evergreen shrub that is also known as bear berry. This shrub has been used medicinally since the 2nd century to help relieve bladder concerns.

Uvaursi leaf extract is known as nature’s primary source of a compound called arbutin. It encourages a gentle and complete bladder flush, making your bladder empty and relieving you from the feeling of full. It also supports and cleanses your kidneys. The arbutin substance is also known to tone and strengthen your urinary passages.

Cranberry Extract

Cranberry Extract is included in Complete Confidence because Cranberries have an antiseptic effect that may help flush out germs from your urinary tract and relieve your feeling of ‘to go’ over and over again. There are several scientific studies suggesting that cranberries, cranberry juice or cranberry extract may support urinary tract health. Some studies of cranberry (juice or capsules) for preventing urinary problems in both men and women and amongst nursing home residents are –

  • In a study of 150 sexually active women between the age group of 21 to 74 found that cranberry tablets produced more than 50% reduction in symptoms related to certain types of bladder problems.
  • Another study of 137 adult women found that cranberry extract supported in preventing the return of some urinary problems.
  • In one study published in 2010 of 42 men with an average age of 63 years, having urinary problems found that those who used cranberry extract experienced improvement in the rate of both urine flow and average flow.

These studies or no other study realistically shows the ability of cranberries to prevent urinary problems but the summation of all favorable evidence in combination with laboratory research tends to support the use of cranberry juice and extract to support urinary health.

Butcher’s Broom Extract

Butcher’s broom extract is another ingredient in Complete Confidence to support the restoration of the overall urinary tract. It is used by doctors in the ancient Mediterranean to treat urinary problems. The butcher’s broom is used to fortify blood vessels against inflammation, improve circulation and also help rejuvenate the muscles and tissues of the urinary tract.

Buchu Leaf or Agathosmabetulina

Buchu Leaf or Agathosmabetulina is the last ingredient in Complete Confidence to support nighttime urination problem. This is one of South Africa’s best known medicinal plants that are considered as a urinary disinfectant. It has been used for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments, particularly bladder problems. It contains many potent bioflavanoids, such as diosmetin, quercetin, diosmin, quercetin-3, 7-diglucoside, and rutin to help you sleep all through the night without waking up to pee several times in the middle of the night.

All these potent botanical ingredients plus vitamin C with Complete Confidence cleanses your bladder of impurities and flushes it clean to help you sleep throughout the night without getting up at all. Well with Complete Confidence you are able to sleep well but you also want to reduce or eliminate the feeling of “urgency” and dribbling that accompanies bladder concerns. Here, Part 2 of the Bladder Relief Package, a unique homeopathic remedy called U.T.-Health will help you ease this problem.

Ingredients in U.T. Health

The included natural ingredients in U.T. Health comes from nearly 200-year-old healing system called homeopathy. Homeopathy is a revolutionary form of medicine that triggers countless symptoms and health conditions. This is a safe and effective treatment that carry nearly no side effects. Today, millions of people rely upon homeopathic medicine to maintain optimal health.

The content in Complete Confidence ensures total urinary tract and bladder health while the ingredients in U.T. Health works on specific bladder problems and alleviates them. The ingredients in U.T. Health is particularly effective for reducing and removing the common dribbling bladder problem. The natural homeopathic ingredients in U.T. Health are:

  • Belladonna — It helps to eliminate burning and dribbling during or after urination.
  • Arnica montana — This ingredient helps control involuntary urination.
  • Equisetum Hyemale — It relieves extreme frequent urges that are triggered by motion, or pressure around the bladder or stomach.
  • Cantharsis — This helps control frequent or continual urges to urinate when only a few drops of urine pass at one time.

If you are suffering from symptoms of bladder problems, then treat your condition in the privacy of your own home with these proven, safe and natural products in Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group. These products will provide you the ultimate bladder support you need to get back your daily and nighttime activities which have been compromised because of bladder problems.

What Are The Suggested Dosages Of Bladder Relief Package?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group contains 2 natural remedies which combine powerful nutrients to effectively help you relieve bladder concerns. Each Pack of Bladder Relief Package contains 1 bottle of U.T. Health and 1 bottle of Complete Confidence that together, lasts for 4 weeks.

The suggested dosage for Complete Confidence is 2 tablets daily. And simply put two or three U.T. Health tablets under your tongue and then swallow. It is suggested using at least 4 months of Bladder Relief Package. This is actually a much little time to get a hold and stimulate healing from within to help bladder problems.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Bladder Relief Package?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group contains all natural, potent and homeopathic ingredients which are not known to cause any side effects. With Bladder Relief Package you can rest assure to get guaranteed potency and purity as all-natural ingredients included in it are been tested for maximum potency.

Moreover, these products are safely manufactured in USA that meets the highest standards of purity and potency. They contain 100% pure all-natural ingredients which are tested in the independent laboratory and do not cause harm to you. Additionally, the products are U.S. Better Business Bureau approved. Its Homeopathy medicine is a safe and effective treatment which carries no side effects.

The simple truth is the Bladder Relief Package is one of the most potent combinations of bladder health supplements available in the world which is not known to cause any side effects.

Are There Any Discounts/ Coupon Codes For Bladder Relief Package?

Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group can be availed at heavy discounts and offers from its official website Usually, they offer reasonable discounts on each product including Bladder Relief Package when you buy them here. You can take the benefit of discounts by buying in bulk i.e. you buy more save more.

Additionally, upon subscribing to weekly newsletters, UniScience Group will send you emails for coupon codes when they are having a large sale or discounted rates. Thus, buy this all-natural formula from UniScience Group’s official web page and get the benefit of saving money.

What Are The Customer Reviews For Bladder Relief Package?

Most customer reviews of Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group are positive ones. In fact, thousands of people all over the world have tried this product and had felt a lot different with their bladder concerns. They say, because of this package it is the first time in so many years that they had slept all night without waking up. It had also decreased urgency and users had experienced no repeated leakage problem.

Many customer reviews suggest Bladder Relief Package as a very effective product in reducing the feeling of constant urination despite just leaving the bathroom. Some customer reviews say that they had tried several other medications and supplements but of all Bladder Relief Package was the best to actually work. Almost all users except few had given positive feedback and say a must try the product to sleep peacefully and live a worry-free life.

Some customer reviews were negative stating that the product didn’t work for them. But the users will have to understand that the product should be at least used for 4 months to feel a difference in your bladder problems. the long-term problems may not get heal overnight so give some time and take Bladder Relief Package tablets as suggested and feel a reduction in urination concerns.

On the basis of several positive customer reviews, the Bladder Relief Package is a recommended product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who all can Use Bladder Relief Package?

Bladder Relief Package can be used by everyone, both men and women over age 40 to get relief from the urination concerns.

How Many Capsules Does One Bottle Of Complete Confidence and U.T. Health Contain?

One bottle of Complete Confidence and U.T. Health contains 60 capsules/ tablets each.

What Are the Recommended Dosage Of Bladder Relief Package?

Two capsules of Complete Confidence and two- three tablets of U.T. Health must be taken daily.

What if I am not completely satisfied with Bladder Relief Package?

Bladder Relief Package comes with 90 days risk-free money back guarantee. If you’re not overwhelmed at the difference made by this product in your life, then just return the unused portion within 90 days and get all your money back, less shipping and handling – no questions asked.

Where To Return The Product?

If you are not entirely satisfied with Bladder Relief Package, you can return it on: UniScience Group, PO Box 9515, Lake Worth FL 33466 within 90 days of purchase for full refund.

How To Avail Customer Assistance?

You can get customer assistance by phone or mail. Phone Nos. – North America: 1-866-766-3600 and Outside North America: (772) 446-1083, available Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm EST. Mailing Address -UniScience Group, PO Box 9515, Lake Worth FL 33466.


Bid goodbye to all your bladder concerns with Bladder Relief Package from UniScience Group. Its beneficial and unique 2-part remedy provides complete support and relief from bladder problems. Now don’t just live with this problem and try these effective bladder formulas today. A word of advice for people suffering from a bladder concern is to avoid citrus and spicy foods and drink gallons of water to flush urinary system while using this extremely useful Bladder Relief Package.