Proper sleep is the key to a healthy and freshened day when you wake up. Sleep not only provides relaxation to the body but it is also very much essential for health. Inability to sleep will disturb your mental health and you will be irritated and depressed the whole day. The right combination of natural ingredients supports a proper state of mind and this is provided by the Benesom Dietary Supplement. It is a product by Metagenics and has proven effective in treating sleep disorders.

Benesom Sleep Aid Supplement

Benesom Dietary Supplement is basically a dietary health product that helps in achieving good nervous system health and is also used for occasional sleeplessness. It is known to provide a state of peaceful and restlful sleep by working with the metabolism of melatonin and gamma –amino butyric acid (GABA). Its main ingredient is melatonin which is a hormone present in the brain responsible for factors like body’s circadian rhythm.

The product is manufactured and distributed by Metagenics. The products are formulated in high standard facilities with highly qualified professionals. Each and every formula is tested and goes through different stages of development. Metagenics has an experience of 30 years in this field.

Benesom Dietary Supplement is a product by Metagenics and has proven effective in treating sleep disorders. It is known to provide a state of peaceful and restlful sleep by working with the metabolism of melatonin and gamma –amino butyric acid (GABA). The herbal ingredients included are known for ages to treat sleep disorders and for mentally boosting the health.B

A bottle of Benesom Dietary Supplement contains 30 tablets. It also comes in 60 tablets bottle. It gives a two month supply. You can have one to two tablets 30 to 60 minutes before you go to sleep. Benesom Dietary Supplement claims itself to be an effective remedy for treating sleeping disorders and for treating anxiety issues. It also promotes the health of the nervous system and has well sorted out ingredients to form the apt formula for sleeping imbalances. It also helps to relieve all mental imbalances like anxiety and depression. The ingredients included in the Benesom Dietary Supplement like melatonin and passion flower is effective for boosting the mental health.

Who manufactures Benesom Dietary Supplement?

The Benesom Dietary Supplement is manufactured by a US based company called the Metagenics. Metagenics develops and manufactures a number of herbal supplements and natural products. It was established in 1983 and has its base of operations in California. This company is well known for the time and dedication it provides to bring out the best quality products. It has expanded its business all over the world. On an international level, it has offices in Canada, New Zealand, Belgium and the Netherlands. Metagenics has more than 30 years of experience .Each formula is sent to several tests for testing.

What are the ingredients of Benesom Dietary Supplement?

All natural ingredients constitute the Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula. The herbal ingredients included are known for ages to treat sleep disorders and for mentally boosting the health. 2 tablets of the Benesom Dietary Supplement contains extracts of Passionflower, calcium lactate, microcrystalline cellulose, casein tryptichydrolysate (milk), cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable), croscarmellose sodium, silica, magnesium stearate (vegetable) and melatonin. The coating of the Benesom Dietary Supplement is made up of water, hypromellose, medium chain triglycerides and hydroxypropylcellulose.

We will now see how these ingredients affect the sleep in a person

  • Calcium: The Benesom Dietary Supplement formula contains 70 mg of calcium also known as Calcium Lactate. Calcium is one of the most important minerals for the human body especially for bones and teeth. It contributes to the nervous system by sending and receiving signals. It also helps in keeping a normal heartbeat and helps in squeezing and relaxing muscles. There is a direct relationship between calcium and sleep. High levels of calcium promote deep and sound sleep. People who have sleep disorders are often calcium deficient. Calcium works by utilizing the amino acid to produce melatonin that is the sleep inducing substance. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended to have foods rich in calcium.
  • Magnesium: The Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula has 140 mg of Magnesium or Magnesium citrate. Magnesium in an important requirement for the muscular system of the body. People deficient in magnesium suffers from chronic insomnia. Just like calcium, magnesium is also important for having a proper sleep. There must be a proper balance of the calcium and magnesium ratio for overall health. The Benesom Dietary Supplement includes more of magnesium in it than calcium. Intake of magnesium has proven to increase bone mineral density throughout the life span ranging from adolescents to elderly man and women. Research has found out that low intake of magnesium in our diet can lead to fatigue issues.

Additional Ingredients

  • Chinese Skullcap: This ingredient is from Chinese Skullcap herb also known as Scutellaria baicalensis. This herb usually grows in sunny, grassy slopes in higher elevated lands. The root of Chinese Skullcap is used for medicinal purposes. The Benesom Dietary Supplement formula includes 400 mg of this root extract that also constitutes 30 % of the flavones. Skullcap can not only treat insomnia but also nervous tension. It soothes the nerves and relives mental fogginess. It also has antihistamine properties making it a useful herb for treating asthma and allergies such as hay fever.
  • Passion flower: This ingredient largely contributes to the peaceful, stress-relieved factor of the medicine. It proves to be soothing to the mind and body. It is used in treating many ailments such insomnia, anxiety and stomach upsets. This is why you will find passion flower as a common ingredient in anti-anxiety and anti-depressants. It helps in boosting the levels of GABA present in your brain, thereby lowering the brain activity. Experiments have shown a great reduction in stress and anxiety in patients after taking passionflower. The Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula contains 200 mg of passion flower extract or passiflora incarnate in it.
  • Melissa Lemon Balm: Another ingredient of the Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula is the Melissa Lemon Balm or Melissa officinalis. 150 mg of this leaf extract is included in the formula. Lemon balm is an herb belonging to the mint family. Many products find the use of Lemon Balm either used alone or in a combination. It is also known to have sedative effects and is thereby used to treat anxiety, sleep disorder, and restlessness. It also helps in the reduction of many viruses. Hence all the problems of nervous sleep disorders can be treated well with the addition of this ingredient.

More on ingredients

  • Valerian: There is 100 mg of valerian root extracts in the Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula. Researchers have found that intake of valerian, a flowering grassland plant, can reduce the amount of time one takes to fall asleep thereby enabling better sleep. Valerian can be used for other purposes like anxiety, depression, stress, stomach upset. This is why the Benesom Dietary Supplement is a perfect combination of all natural ingredients that are effective for treating sleep disorders and for improving the quality of sleep. So now you can avoid the sleeping pills.
  • Hops: The Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula includes 50 mg of Hops or Humulus Lupulus L. Hops have an age long practice for curing sleeping disorders. It has also proven effective for treating anxiety, restlessness and other mental imbalances. It is also used as flavor components and adds taste to the Benesom Dietary Supplement. The best sleeping effects of the hops will be shown when it is combined with valerian extracts. Most of the sleep supplements have a combination of both. Regular usage of these sleep herbs will treat the sleep disorders permanently.
  • Melatonin: The Benesom Dietary Supplement contains 3 mg of Melatonin. This ingredient also helps to control your sleep and wake-up cycles. The body’s melatonin levels are high during the night and drops low during the day time. Not only for sleep problems like insomnia, has Melatonin also helped to treat jet lags and other discomforts and disturbances you face during your sleep. Even though the Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula includes only 3 mg of Melatonin, its performance along with the other ingredients is high. It improves the effectiveness of the supplement.

What are the dosage levels of Benesom Dietary Supplement?

The dosage level of the Benesom Dietary Supplement is 1-2 tablets around 30 minutes before sleeping under the prescription of a practitioner. Always adhere to the dosage levels and directions of use prescribed by your health practitioner. Each container contains 30 tablets.

The product is meant only for adults and adolescents should not have it. These tablets are gluten free and vegetarian. The Benesom Dietary Supplement should be stored in a cool and dry place for lasting long with the same effectiveness.

Does the Benesom Dietary Supplement have any side effects?

Before starting to follow this medication, doctor’s consultation is highly recommended. From customer reviews it is said that this medicine is not to be taken along with other medication. It is not supposed to be taken for more than two months. There are also rare cases of allergic reactions or mild gastrointestinal symptoms noted which may have caused due to drug reactions. So make sure you do not have your Benesom Dietary Supplement along with other medications. It should be had hours before or hours after having other medications. If ever you face any side effects or reactions, discontinue the usage of the supplement immediately and seek medical health.

So to conclude there are no direct side effects reported against the Benesom Dietary Supplement. But make sure you for the dosage levels and the directions of use as mentioned on the label like that itself.

What are the other benefits of Benesom Dietary Supplement?

Apart from treating sleeping disorders, the Benesom Dietary Supplement is also helpful in relaxing the mind and body and for treating nervous disorders. It provides a total neurological support to the person using it.


The ingredients included in the Benesom Dietary Supplement formula gives the users a relaxed feeling too. It relaxes your body by promoting better sleep but it also relaxing your body during the other times when you are not sleeping. Passion flower extract is the best ingredient included in the formula for promoting relaxation in the mind and body. It has sedative effects that cools your mind and gives your body rest. Relaxation and sleep has direct relation. Apart from having supplements you can do relaxation exercise for promoting better sleep. You can do these exercises before you go to sleep.

Neurological support

The Benesom Dietary Supplement also provides neurological support. It improves the health of the brain, mood and sleep. People suffering from oxidative stress and other mental health problems can find relief form this supplement. It also boosts the neurotransmitters present in the brain by influencing the mental focus, memory, attention, perception and so on. The sleep cycles are made into an order. It provides nutritional support to the sleep and mental health. Metagenics is a brand that deals with a huge variety of natural, science-based nutraceuticals that aids in better lifestyle. It promotes a healthy functioning of the mind and body. GABA is an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter and the Benesom Dietary Supplement is a GABA product.

Mental support

A total mental support is provided by the Benesom Dietary Supplement. The ingredients of this supplement are calcium, magnesium, Chinese skullcap, passionflower, Melissa lemon balm, valerian, hops and melatonin. All these natural herbs works together in providing a better and effective support to the mental health apart from supporting sleep. Passionflower and lemon balm are one of the most effective herbs for mental support. It has been used since ages for this purpose. The Benesom Dietary Supplement formula contains 200 mg of passionflower and 150 mg of Melissa lemon balm.

Are there any preservative or artificial flavours added to the Benesom Dietary Supplement?

The Benesom Dietary Supplement is promoted as a natural supplement and so there are no illegal substances added in the formula. It is made up of all natural and herbal ingredients which are discussed above.

The Benesom Dietary Supplement Formula does not include wheat, gluten, nuts, tree nuts, artificial flavours, artificial colourings or preservatives added to it. It is a patented formula that has an excellent blend of the best ingredients.

What are the warnings and cautions of Benesom Dietary Supplement?

Even though the Benesom Dietary Supplement is said to be an all natural supplement, there are certain warnings and cautions you must be aware of.

  • Women who are either pregnant or in the nursing stage should not consume the Benesom Dietary Supplement. You can do so after asking permission from your doctor.
  • The Benesom Dietary Supplement is only for Adult Use.
  • Those people who have a history of seizures or suffering from depression is suggested to not have the Benesom Dietary Supplement.
  • You are not supposed to have the Benesom Dietary Supplement if you are taking any benzodiazepine medication or sedating medication.
  • Also if you are taking medications like anticoagulants, take permission from your doctor first before having it.
  • Do not consume alcohol during the course of Benesom Dietary Supplement.
  • The Benesom Dietary Supplement should be kept out of the reach of children.
  • Take care not to use during times when you need a focused state of mind like when you are driving. Do not involve in driving or operating any machinery when you are under the dose of the Benesom Dietary Supplement.
  • The Benesom Dietary Supplement should not be had for more than 2 consecutive months. If you are directed by your doctor then it is alright.
  • The Benesom Dietary Supplement is not evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and has not approved this supplement to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Customer Reviews of the Benesom Dietary Supplement

Review No.1

Ms. Sarah Langzettel said that the Benesom Dietary Supplement is not only effective for treating sleeping disorders but it can also train your sleep cycle even after the course of the supplement. That is, she says even when you are not taking the tablets your bodies clock will be set to sleep early. This is the same feedback for all her friends too.

Review No.2

The feedback by odesigns is that the person has been suffering from insomnia for a long time. This person is also suffering from GAD that prevents his or her brain to shut down and fall asleep. It takes lot of time for this person to fall asleep and most of the days he or she has lies wide awake even for hours till sleep hits. He has used the Xanax medication for some time and has found it to be very addictive and hence stopped taking this.

The Benesom Dietary Supplement was suggested to odesgins by his nutritionist a few years ago. Since he didn’t have any effect for one week he stopped using it. But then later on thinking that he paid a lot for the Benesom Dietary Supplement he thought he will use it. This made a change to his life. He started sleeping faster than the usual and gradually the time period between lying down to sleep and actually sleeping reduced. He was surprised by the effect this has done on sleeping patterns.

Review No.3

Mr. Doug is very happy with the product and claims it to be the best sleeping aid supplement he has ever had. He says there are no anti-cough or cold medications ingredients Nyquil is in it and it is solely a natural formula for aiding better sleep. He uses to have 2 Benesom Dietary Supplement tablets around 10 pm and this will help him to sleep better for continuous 8 hours.

What to do if you get your Benesom Dietary Supplement without the Perma Seal?

Do not open the Benesom Dietary Supplement you get delivered without the perma seal. You can return it back through the return policy and purchase another supplement that has a seal in it.

Is there a higher quantity of the Benesom Dietary Supplement available?

The Benesom Dietary Supplement is also available in a bottle of 60 tablets. It is a support for melatonin Function that promotes better sleep and a relaxed state of being. The supplement also modulates the metabolism of the melatonin and GABA. Apart from that, it helps in regulating the melatonin that functions the brain to improve sleep and relax the body. Benesom has a combination of Lactium Pure and trade, passion flower and other relaxing herbs that support the mental health and improving sleeping patterns.

Why people experience sleeping disorders?

The main reason why people experience sleep disorders is when body’s cycle of slumber gets disrupted. It can happen due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is when the mind accumulates too much stress and when people sacrifice their sleep thinking about these tensions. There are many other reasons like psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety; consumption of alcohol; medical issues like asthma; physical disturbances like pain from ulcer or other issues affecting the organs. Other factors that can influence sleep disorders are night shift work, aging, genetics, taking medications like drugs.

From where can you purchase the Benesom Dietary Supplement?

If you want to purchase from the manufacturers website there are purchase codes available. The codes are provided only by healthcare practitioners. They partner with the company and provide the product for service. The product is available for purchase from a number of healthcare practitioners. Also there are a number of online shopping sites that provide this product for sale. Few are listed below: