Magnus 11 amazing benefits of Garlic

11 amazing benefits of Garlic

People have a tendency to underestimate ingredients which are easily available and one among them would be the humble garlic which is often overlooked. Studies have proven that garlic has a big bundle of features which can make you go wow! Garlic is an ingredient which can be consumed individually or can be easily mixed


When matters come to a grinding halt in the digestive system, you feel pathetic and will do anything to get it running properly and move again normally as before. Digestive disorders are very common in today’s life, irrespective of the age. Constipation troubles all of us, in many instances in our life. It has now become


It’s not possible to have all the vegetables and fruits, and especially in this era it is not that safe to have vegetables and fruits as most of them are contaminated with harmful insecticides and pesticides. But as it is one of the requirements of the body, it cannot be avoided. This can be supplied

L-Glutamine Powder

L-Glutamine Powder will help in replenishing the decreased level of glutamine in the body and also helps in intense workouts. What Is L-Glutamine? L-Glutamine is one of the most common amino acids in the blood stream. It is mainly found in very high concentrations in skeletal muscles, liver, lungs, brains and the gastrointestinal tissues. It is

Junior Nutrients

Most of the parents are worried about the children’s growth as they say “No” to the most nutrient rich food and prefer eating only fast food. Here is a solution for it- Junior Nutrients Intro On The Product – Junior Nutrients Junior Nutrients is manufactured for children and for teenage group to provide them with


Intesol is manufactured especially for those who are troubled with stomach related upsets. This is manufactured with a comforting support to the intestinal track. This is mainly achieved by the powerful ingredients that are present in it. The manufactures including a group of expert doctors, pharmacists, and naturopaths have helped in the making of such

Iron Chelate

Health is wealth. If you are looking for an overall well being surely Prothera’s Iron Chelate Is your choice. Introduction On Iron Chelate This is a perfect Iron supplement which helps to maintain a healthy body. For every need of Iron supplement one can trust on prothera’s Iron Chelate. Along with the Iron Chelate one