Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense is a natural remedy for the common prostate-related problems. The natural ingredients in this formula improve the prostate function and also rectify any problems associated with it. A healthy prostate is necessary for men as it can affect their urinary health and their sexual life. A healthy prostate without any problems makes the lives of men to be higher in quality.[ads “ad4” post_id=26702]

The Benefits Of Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense

  • Can reduce the benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate enlargement
  • Can work as prostatitis cure or the prostate inflammation caused by bacterial infection
  • Cure frequent urination and provide better bladder control
  • Provide better sleep at night
  • Provide better sex life

Prostate Defense Ingredients

  • Fish oil provides the essential omega-3 fatty acids for the general wellness. It can reduce inflammations and prevent cancer cell growth.
  • Saw Palmetto extract relieves the pain and inflammations. It improves the urinary function and alleviates discomfort associated with prostatitis and prostate enlargement. It can reduce the testosterone amount in the body that causes the inflammatory actions.
  • Pygeum extract can reduce the growth of the inflammatory cells in the prostate. It can address the sexual dysfunction related to the prostate inflammation.
  • Beta sitosterol decreases the dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the male body that triggers the inflammations. This nutrient can improve the urinary and sexual health as well.
  • Pumpkin seed oil is anti-inflammatory, protects against prostate cancer, and reduces the enlarged prostate.
  • Lycopene can ease the symptoms of prostate enlargement and prevent further growth.
  • Urinary tract complex that contains Juniper berry powder, Uva-Ursi powder, Buchu powder, Cranberry juice powder: These ingredients fight the bacterial infection in the urinary tract and can shrink the enlarged prostate. It provides better urine flow and control over the bladder at night.
  • Zinc is an essential nutrient for the prostate cells. It can fight prostatitis, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer.
  • Selenium is required more in the diet as the person ages. The availability diminishes with age. It provides antioxidant powers and prevents the oxidative damage of the prostate cells.

How Does Prostate Defense Work?

Prostatitis Treatment and Prostate Defense

The importance of Prostate Defense with regard to the prostatitis treatment is that it helps the body reduce the inflammations caused by the bacteria. The antioxidant property lessens the cell damage and blocks the further inflammations.

It can supply the overall protection against the prostate inflammation and reduce the symptoms. Continued use of this formula can prevent the future occurrences of prostate problems.

Prostate Defense and prostate cancer

Prostate Defense is a prostate health improvising remedy. It can heal prostatitis, deal with benign prostatic hyperplasia and deal with urinary tract infections. The UTI has been a known risk factor for prostate cancer. Consuming Prostate Defense can boost the immunity and prevent the cancerous growth of the cells in the prostate.

Prostate Defense mostly nullifies the prostate cancer causes. It is not clear how effective it can deal with the prostate cancer symptoms; it sure can be a healthy preventive measure against this problem.

Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense 50 Count – Dosage

Prostate Defense is available in the liquid soft gel form. It comes in a bottle containing 50 capsules. The bottle is for 25 days and the recommended dosage is 2 soft gels per day.

There is no clarity on how you take or at what time you take these capsules. The dosage is for adults only.

Prostate Defense Side Effects

Prostate Defense triggers no side effects; at least none have been reported so far. But it has the fish oil taken from anchovy and sardine that can cause allergic reactions in some. It might also have traces of soy.

Take Prostate Defense with caution if you are on any medication for blood pressure, heart diseases, hormonal issues or undergoing hormone therapy.

Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense Reviews

The Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense shows mixed reviews. There are satisfied as well as unhappy customers. Prostate Defense is a natural product that has different responses from different people. The effects might also differ from person to person. It has worked well for many as an alternative for the side effects causing drugs and medications for prostate health. On the whole, the majority of the reviews show satisfaction with the product.

The product is useful for the long-term use. There are many customers who have opted for the auto shipment option. The single bottle lasts for just under a month. This is one common concern for many. The bottle should have had been a month’s supply.

Where To Buy Prostate Defense

Prostate Defense is easily available online. You can get the authentic product from Applied Nutrition and from Amazon. You have the option to auto-ship the product every month so that you never go short of the capsules. It is also available in from other online stores that are affiliated.

Who Can Use Prostate Defense?

Any man above the age of 40 can use Prostate Defense. It helps alleviate the discomforts associated with the prostate problems. It can improve the urinary health to heal and prevent the recurrence of infections and inflammations. Prostate Defense also works as a preventive measure to maintain the healthy prostate. It has proven positive effects. It causes side bad effects at all. Maintaining prostate health is important and it needs a long-term solution. The best way is the natural remedy that is safe for the body.


Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense is a natural defense for the prostate that not only fights the problem but can also be a barrier against future attacks. It can smoothen out the prostate functions and strengthens the muscles for normal and controlled urine flow. The natural ingredients offer the direct prostate health as well as improve the immune system that can weaken with age.

Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense – Prostate Health

The Applied Nutrition Prostate Defense contains ingredients that promote the good health of the prostate. It is safe to use and sure to show results as well.

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