The gastrointestinal disorders could be rectified with the right kind of antibiotics! Did you know that? If you didn’t, know it now. The Allicillin soft gels carry the natural antibiotic in the form of garlic extract and oil that can help you deal with many of the GI tract problems. It is much more than a simple antibiotic.

In fact, it can be an antibiotic yet not cause damage to the good bacteria in the gut that maintains the immune system. Allicillin made by Designs For Health. It carries the bioactive compounds in garlic, without emitting any odor of garlic.

Allicillin Benefits

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  • Antibacterial: Garlic is a natural antibiotic that can kill the harmful bacteria and other microbes inside the body. The key ingredients here can boost the immune system and make a better defense against any pathogenic organism. With regular use of Allicillin, the stomach bugs could easily be thrown out for longer.
  • Antifungal: The candida attack could be irritating and Allicillin can prevent and kill that fungus that causes the infection. Antibiotics generally are not capable of dealing with fungus but this natural antibiotic can work even against the fungus.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Gastrointestinal disorders often are inflammatory. The serious inflammations like Crohn’s are easily dealt by Allicillin. The inflammation, if it is mild or chronic are no match for the garlic oil.
  • Anti-parasitic property of Allicillin can be used to ward off the intestinal parasites.
  • Cholesterol reduction is another benefit of Allicillin. It can gradually reduce the bad cholesterol level to balance the total cholesterol in the blood.
  • Prevents cancer: The anti-inflammatory property is effective in preventing cancer by arresting the cell growth in the beginning itself.
  • Finally, it can simply be used to boost the immunity of the body.

Allicillin Dietary Supplement – Natural Antibiotic Formula

Allicillin made by Designs For Health. It carries the bioactive compounds in garlic, without emitting any odor of garlic

Allicillin Antibiotic ingredients

The main ingredients in Allicillin soft gels are garlic oil and parsley oil. They give the active compounds like garlic sulfides like ajoene. The blend is called garlicillin that has the garlic macerate as well as the garlic oil. It carries about 1 mg of ajoene and dithins.

  • Ajoene is the antioxidant in garlic. It can prevent the oxidative damage of the cells by inhibiting the oxide formation. It can also prevent the blood clotting and reduce heart diseases or stroke.
  • Dithins are the cousins of ajoene that have the similar benefits as of the latter. All the goodness of Allicillin is all because of the combination of ajoene and dithins.
  • Parsley oil is also known to be a natural antimicrobial. The microbes cannot survive in its presence and it reinforces the effects of allicin. The anti-inflammatory property of it can benefit in reliving the pain associated with arthritis. It can lower the blood pressure and also eliminate toxins from the body.

Allicillin Designs For Health dosage

You need to take only 1 Allicillin soft gel per day. The soft gels has the enteric coating that prevents the garlic smell. You can simply have it and hide it from anyone that you are taking it. At the most, the dosage could be 2 per day.

Allicillin reviews

Lisa used Allicillin for her bronchial infection. Instead of the usual antibiotics, she tried this and got relief within 10 days. It didn’t cause any bad breath. She also avoided sugar and included plenty of fruits and vegetable in her diet.

Dana also supports the same view with no garlic smell or burps that are usual with garlic supplements. She vouches that it works great against fungal infections.

The lack of any side effects and the ease to use it for longer has been the highlight of Allicillin. Though the majority of users say that there is no garlic smell after taking, there still are people who were not comfortable with the smell. They say the smell comes within 2 hours of taking the capsules. In short, Allicillin is effective for as long as you can stand the smell of garlic, if it smells.


Taking antibiotics every time you have an infection is not good for a long term. You can have the same effects and more benefits with the natural antibiotics like garlic. The Allicillin offers the same benefits without any side effects and is a lot safer than the chemical antibiotics in the market.