AllergiClear For Healthy Immune System

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Native remedies offers AllergiClear For Healthy Immune System, a natural herbal cure to support healthy sinuses, to maintain clear eyes and keep histamine levels in a standard range.

What is AllergiClear?

AllergiClear is a 100% safe, natural and absolutely non-addictive remedy that by an expert team of Native remedies. It keeps healthy sinuses, maintain clear eyes and keep histamine levels in a standard range. AllergiClear contains ingredient well known that helps in boosting the healthy immune system, respiratory system and skin wellbeing. Native remedies recommends taking AllergiClear regularly to experience the entire difference and help you to again enjoy in the open.

AllergiClear – The Herbal Remedy for Sinus

The air we breathe consists of hundreds of thousands of microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, plant spores, and even chemical pollutants found in the air.

Our nose and respiratory system holds the ability to filter and remove many of these microscopic particles. However few enter the body. Now here the immune system plays a major role, the strong and healthy immune system will get rid of these pollutants and other harmful airborne material that enters the body.

Native Remedies AllergiClear – Respiratory Health

AllergiClear is a 100% safe, natural and absolutely non-addictive remedy that by an expert team of Native remedies. It support healthy sinuses, maintain clear eyes and keep histamine levels in a standard range. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to encourage a healthy immune system.

Usually the immune system can differentiate between the harmful and harmless airborne particles that enter the body. In some people, the immune system gets mistaken to these harmless particles such as pollen, house dust, animal dander, etc and classifies them as being unsafe to the system. This causes a discharge of a substance called histamine and other challenging compounds in the body.

Native remedies recommends using AllergiClear regularly to get optimum results. Everyone is having a different body structure so the response time also varies to this natural cure depending on individual lifestyle and diet. Some may experience wellness within days, while for others any improvement can be felt only after using for long time.

Usually all good tonics give a slow and gradual improvement which is experienced in long run. For effective results, it is advisable to use AllergiClear constantly combined with a healthy lifestyle.


It is designed by Native remedies is such a manner that it is useful in supporting respiratory health using this natural tonic along with many other ways as listed below:

  • It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to encourage a healthy immune system. This comprises of doing regular exercise, healthy and preferably organic diet and sufficient peaceful sleep.
  • Make a practice to eat ample of fresh raw fruit and vegetables which are rich in flavonoids and other nutrients.
  • Manage your stress and learn relaxation methods.
  • Keep yourself away from cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine and other recreational drugs.
  • Complement your daily food with Vitamin C and A.
  • Stay away from pollen affected areas

It is easy to swallow capsules. They are to be swallowed as a whole with a small quantity of water or juice.

AllergiClear Ingredients

It is a 100% safe herbal formula designed by Native remedies that contains the selective following ingredients in curative dosage:

1. Quercetin
2. Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)

1. Quercetin

It is a popular flavonoid, generally found in onions and apples and is considered to be a main element for other flavonoids. Flavonoids are significant and potent antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are able to decrease inflammation, boost immunity, support blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

Quercetin is recognized for its ability to obstruct the release of histamine, thereby avoiding allergy symptoms such as swollen nasal passages, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes and irritation in the eyes and nose.

2. Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)

Since centuries it is used to reduce eye irritations. It can be used on body surface but is more effective when taken internally to ease from watery, painful and itchy eyes. It is also beneficial for maintaining excellent vision and eye health.

Native remedies have formulated the product utilizing the full spectrum method of herbal extraction, ensuring the natural and correct amount of all active ingredients available in the remedy. This mechanized method also considerably reduces the possibility of side effects and make sure that all active ingredients are in just right balance.

All Native Remedies products are manufactured under the highest cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical standards and are FDA-registered. They are created under the supervision of a professional team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and in-charge pharmacists.

Direction to Use AllergiClear

Both Adults and Children can use Allergiclear. Not to be used for children below 6 years of age.

  • For Adults and Children 12 years or above, Take 2 capsules 2 times daily with a small quantity of water or juice.
  • For Children aged 6-12, Take 1 capsule 2 times daily with a small quantity of water or juice.

Regular use of AllergiClear will give more effective results. For example, one bottle  will last for about 3 weeks at the adult dose and for children it will last for longer time.

Caution to use AllergiClear

Before using any tonic Native remedies recommend you to consult a doctor or natural health care expert. Please read the below cautions before use:

  • Consult a health professional before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If symptoms continue or worsen, immediately discontinue use and seek medical help.
  • Keep this and all medicines away from the reach of children.

AllergiClear Reviews

All effective tonics will give outcome in long run and response time will be a gradual process which varies for every individual depending on their lifestyle, diet and many other factors. Some people may note a difference within the first month, while for some it may take a little longer.

It is effective product for children as well; a child aged 11 has used AllergiClear to cure from allergies like sweating and sneezing in the open air, parks, etc. Now he in into his teens and is taking them regularly since its start and experiences no allergic reactions and lives a healthy life.

Some people have used other product just too temporarily cure hay fever, as initially these products are effective and over time the effect reduces. The condition worsens as it was difficult to even go outside the house with swollen, watering eyes and red nose. However, he came in contact with AllergiClear which consists of homeopathic and natural herbs, of which he was fond of and fallen for. Now using this anti-histamines tonic to get relief even in those harsh times of year when suffering was severe is easy.

AllergiClear proved to cure the home allergy problem causing from house dust and animals. People have experienced complete relief from these allergies.

Many people are extremely grateful to Native remedies for this and all other products that are effective of all family members.