Welcome to Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash! Yes, it’s true that people with acidic saliva often experience dental issues… A few months back, I had serious issues with my gum and teeth. I never considered it serious. But later the pain started making me uncomfortable. I visited the dentist for a deep cleaning, avoided sweets completely, tried everything starting with natural toothpaste. But my situation began to worsen day by day. Nothing seemed to help me. Besides, the news my dentist gave me was shocking – that I am going to lose my teeth soon.

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OMG! But I didn’t believe him as I knew God had definitely planned a healing for me. So I began searching the Internet and reached a conclusion, my teeth issue is solely related to the water issue. My tap water is acidic with loads of chlorine content added in it. I began searching for effective ways to get alkaline water in my home and finally my search ended at Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash. It’s a 100% effective solution for mouth acidity. Further, read on the reviews of this Alka-White Mouthwash solution. Check on the list of ingredients added, dosage, side effects and other related info.

What about the manufacturer’s of Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash – Is the product genuine?

Yes, the product is genuine! It is made by Dr. Lewis Gross, who is serving as director of holistic dentists in Tribeca. He has an impressive educational background and is working in the field of oral care with more than 35 years of experience. In addition, he served as an assistant professor of Oral Pathology at his alma mater, Columbia University. Now he’s purely committed at making beneficial dental care products to the users. Sideways offers patients expertise and guidance on all matters related to oral care. One of his miraculous creation – Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash helps individuals tackle acidic saliva, resulting in tooth decay and erosion.

There are more than hundreds of customer reviews stated for this product mentioning the ” Formula is effective as it alkalizes the oral saliva, freshens breath and whitens the teeth naturally.

Alka-White Alkalizing Mouthwash and Toothpaste in One

What is the importance of a good pH balance?

A healthy pH balance in the mouth allows a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria. Equally, it aids proper digestion of foods and protects your teeth and gums by maintaining an optimal environment in your mouth.

This Alka-White tooth whitening mouthwash is a healthy mix of natural components that helps at maintaining the pH of the oral saliva, remineralizes teeth, provides freshness and whitening effects to your teeth. It is available in two forms namely – Alka-White Mint and Alka-White Turmeric.

Benefits of this Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash

  • This Alka-White Natural Alkalizing Mouthwash alkalizes the oral cavity.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Whitens the teeth.

Alka-White Alkalizing Mouthwash and Toothpaste in One – Alka White Mint flavor

This Alka White Mouthwash is a natural tooth whitening system that naturally brightens your smile without the addition of any super abrasives components. It is specially designed to remineralize your teeth and best at creating an alkaline salivary environment. It is a mix of baking soda, coconut oil, natural essential oils, spices available in a convenient portable tablet form.

Ingredients added include –

  • Sodium Bicarbonate,
  • Citric Acid,
  • Potassium Bicarbonate,
  • Magnesium Carbonate,
  • Cellulose,
  • Xylitol,
  • Sodium Carbonate,
  • Natural Peppermint Flavor,
  • Coconut Oil Powder,
  • Tea Tree Oil,
  • Rice Concentrate,
  • Natural Peppermint Oil.

Alka-White Alkalizing Mouthwash and Toothpaste in One – Alka White Turmeric flavor

This Alka-White formula is made with the goodness of turmeric that naturally whitens your teeth. Equally, it’s a good wellness compliment alkaline diet made with a bio-compatible combination of turmeric and coconut oil. It is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory in nature. Also helps at buffering the erosive effect of food acids.

Ingredients added include –

  • Sodium Bicarbonate,
  • Citric Acid,
  • Potassium Bicarbonate,
  • Magnesium Carbonate,
  • Cellulose,
  • Xylitol,
  • Sodium Carbonate,
  • Natural Peppermint Flavor,
  • Coconut Oil Powder,
  • Tea Tree Oil,
  • Rice Concentrate,
  • Turmeric Extract (Curcumin),
  • Sucralose,
  • Ginger Root Extract,
  • Natural Peppermint Oil.


  • Sodium bicarbonate – Also well known as baking soda. It helps at removing the surface stains without causing any damage to your enamel. Besides, it works hard to fight against bad breath and gum disorders. This sodium bicarbonate rebalances acid and helps inhibit the growth of plaque build up.
  • Sodium carbonate – This sodium carbonate is found naturally or from sodium chloride solution. It has anticaries which prevents the formation of malignant bacteria in an individuals mouth.
  • Xylitol – This is a natural sweetener obtained from the fibrous parts of plants. It helps at maintaining a neutral pH level within the mouth, fights against acid-causing bacteria and heals the damaged enamel.
  • Coconut oil – This edible oil from the coconut meat offers amazing benefits for the human body and oral health. It prevents plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disorders.
  • Tea tree oil – This tea tree oil contains chemicals called as terpenoids that are known to offer interesting medicinal properties to the users. It works as an antiseptic solution and helps relieve a toothache associated with gum infections.
  • Peppermint oil – Peppermint oil helps relieve bad breath and helps in relieving minor toothaches.

Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash specifications

  • These portable effervescent tablets are great for traveling.
  • It comes with a free salivary pH testing kit.
  • Equally, these tablets are vegan and in America by a holistic dentist.
  • Well formulated with natural, never processed oils and spices.

How to use this Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash?  Dosage & directions

It is suggested you break one tablet in 2 to 4 ounces of water and allow it to dissolve for 20 seconds. Then gargle with this mouthwash for 2 minutes and rinse your mouth.

You can also brush your teeth powerfully with the remaining oral care solution.

Equally, it’s suggested the pH levels before and after using this Alka-White Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Mouthwash to see the first-hand results.

Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash side effects

So far, there are no side effects or any bad reviews stated for this mouthwash. Still you may refer their official website for more info on this subject.

Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash reviews

Overall, this Alka-White natural mouthwash solutions has been rated with 5/5 stars from most of the users who have used this oral care solution.

Alka-White Alkalizing Mouthwash and Toothpaste in One – Mint, 30 tablets reviews

  • Mohsin Sarwar says “This is an amazing mouthwash solution recommended by my doctor. It helped at whitening my teeth and is considered best for my bleeding gums.”
  • Joran Felipe says “I tried a lot of mouthwash but they couldn’t heal my gums. It is free of harmful ingredients raising a health concern. Now I feel better as it has whitened my teeth a lot.”
  • Amanda Atrash says “This natural ingredient mix is highly beneficial for you and your gums.”
  • Anamaria Pontes says “The product works as described, it comes with a refreshing taste and prevents decay. I just love the essential oils added to them.
  • Holly Sauer says “My mouth never felt so fresh before. This is a must-have for your dental health.”
  • Hillary Hughes says “This is really a great product that works as expected.”
  • Madalyn Perry says “It has been recommended to me by my dentist. Fresh and natural. Just love it…”
  • Roosiel Agramonte says “Great taste. The flavor is something that makes your teeth feel super smooth.”
  • Francesca says “This product is great and quite effective to use. I suggest you have this if you are looking for best results.”
  • Alka-White Alkalizing Mouthwash and Toothpaste in One – Turmeric, 30 tablets reviews
  • Zack Zweig says “Alka white tablet is great. It’s less expensive and best at offering promising results to the users.”
  • Taraus says “I have seen a major change in the whiteness.”
  • Allie says “Great product! I have noticed my teeth has become whiter and has checked my acidity level before and after usage. Must say I have received a huge improvement. However, I am looking forward for continued results.
  • Paula says “Leaves my mouth clean and refreshed. For me, it’s a great holistic formula that keeps my mouth clean always.”
  • Elizabeth Ben says “Interesting mouthwash! Made without any harsh chemicals. It whitened my teeth in just 7 days. Highly recommended always.”
  • Emma Perry says “Was given this mouthwash and I loved it a lot. Definitely, recommend for people who wish to have natural ingredients.”

Where to buy this Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash – Online Sale

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Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash Amazon

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get their email address? I have some doubts and queries that need to be answered at the earliest.

Sure, their contact email address is info@alkawhite.com. You can contact them for all your doubts and worries on this subject.

What about their shipping details?

Generally, it takes around 3 to 4 days to deliver your product at your doorstep. They make use of USPS shipping system of $3.99 on all their orders. While international orders require advanced payment methods and approval.

What about their privacy policy?

All your information is protected using the Secure Socket Layer Technology. Thus, you can be sure that none of your personal information will be shared with the third party dealers.

What are the different modes of payment available with Alka-White?

Different modes of payment available with Alka-White include Visa, Paypal, Stripe, and MasterCard.


In conclusion, try this Alka-White Natural Tooth Whitening Mouthwash as choosing a good mouth rinse can help you loosen debris and plaque build up around your teeth. So why wait? Buy them soon as possible.