Sneezing a natural way to expel any foreign body entering the breathing system. IT is most common when we are attacked by cold. But sneezing not necessarily restricted to cold but it can happen as a reaction to any airborne or seasonal allergens.

Allergy is a method of defense system of the body against some substances that are usually not harmful. The body will react against these as invaders and will produce antibodies. These antibodies trigger some chemical reactions and forces sneezing and mucus. Allergies are of two kinds, airborne and seasonal.

Airborne Allergies

Airborne allergies are common to all the time and the allergens that reach the respiratory system will trigger the defense system and a chain of reactions occur. The antibodies will produce mucus and histamines. These histamines can cause rashes on the skin, continuous sneezing followed by itchy eyes and nose and throat, watery eyes etc. The common airborne allergens are dust, pollen, mold, animal fur, some chemicals etc. Some people are allergic to certain perfumes, cleaning solutions etc because these have chemicals that emit fumes or volatile oils into the air that causing the allergy.

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Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergy happens only during a particular season like summer, winter, or spring. Cold and cough, fever, runny nose etc that happen only during some particular season can be categorized as seasonal allergies. The reasons can be the climate or due to the flowers or plants that produce allergic substances during that particular season.

How to overcome these allergies?

There are some natural remedies for the allergies. Rubbing on some salt and basil leaves over the rashes can reduce the inflammation. Applying some baby oil on it also reduces the inflammation. When the real reason or allergen behind the reaction is known prevention is easier. The simple way is to stay away from them. If the allergic reactions happen even after the precautions immediately take the necessary medicines if they are handy or consult the concerned doctor for better advice. Taking anti-histamines will be the first step. This will help reduce the histamines that make the reactions. The precautionary methods that can be adopted are,

  • If the allergens happen to be dust, mold or pollen stay away from anywhere these contents would be present.
  • Keeping the home or office premises clean and free of these must be done regularly. credits:
  • Clean the air filters regularly.
  • Take a bath after coming from outside; don’t forget to wash the hair also.
  • Cover the bedding when not in use will help have a peaceful sleep without allergens.
  • Stay inside if the season has more pollen that you are allergic to.
  • If it is the pet fur that is causing the allergy then better not to have any or make sure that they stay away from the bedroom at least.
  • If it is the mold, then do a professional cleaning for the home every three months or as often as possible.

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