Are you new to the benefits of Activated Barley? If no then you must… Actually, it’s an ancient superfood that Roman foot soldiers used to boost the performance as it is highly concentrated and energizing in nature. Besides, this totally unique low glycemic superfood is grown by a pre-sprouting method and is rich in naturally occurring fibers, protein, and enzymes. So why wait? Check on Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium! It’s a perfect choice for the bodybuilders, athletes and other health enthusiasts wishing for a constant source of energy. Further, read on Activated Barley by Purium benefits, reviews, dosage, side effects and much more.

What is Activated Barley?

This is a germinated barley grain (a re-creation of the 2000-year-old recipe created by Roman and Greeks physicians) which is basically considered a slow-burning, complex carbohydrate food. It offers a good energy level and immune response to the user.

This Activated Barley 900g is a unique, complex, carbohydrate food designed from pre-sprouted grain. Besides, it is easily digested, equally best at providing the needed energy and endurance for hours. Altogether, it’s a great source of immune enhancing beta-glucan that can be taken without any worries.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium benefits

  • Firstly, it offers 400% more energy potential than the non-germinated barley.
  • The product contains high beta-glucan content for greater effectiveness and in maintaining the healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Supports healthy immune function.
  • Good at maintaining a healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Addition of slow-burning carbohydrates creates appetite control.
  • Regulates the blood sugar levels.
  • Helps increase endurance and stamina.

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Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium ingredients

Includes Organically grown Activated (pre-sprouted) Barley powder.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium dosage – How to use?

It is recommended you mix 1 rounded tablespoon (10gm) with 6 to 8 oz of your favorite juice, smoothie, green drink or creamy beverage. Then shake it and mix well.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium – How does it work?

This Purium Activated Barley is a slow-burning carbohydrate that helps at supporting the healthy blood glucose levels and offers long-term energy goals to the user. Similarly, its beta-glucan content helps with maintaining the healthy blood lipid levels. While its antioxidant enzymes beautify your skin and support them in the aging process. Overall, it’s effective in controlling appetite and athletes find it excellent for the marathons and endurance type events.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium side effects

So far, there are no side effects reported for this formula. Altogether, it is thoroughly tested and can be used in everything from smoothies to homemade, raw energy bars.


  • Store the bottle in a cool, dry place.
  • Highly suitable for the vegetarian diets.
  • Keep them out of reach of children.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium reviews

This unique, complex carbohydrate mixture is thoroughly tested and is best at offering prominent results to the users. But, there are very few reviews stated for this product online.

One of the honest reviews states “Love it! For me, this is a high-quality slow burning carbohydrate and a legendary food of legendary men. Thus, I recommend you buy them to know the difference between yourselves…”

Where to buy Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium? – Purium Activated Barley – 900 g for sale online

Getting this product is quite easy! You can easily buy them from the seller’s website at One can purchase them for a cheaper price with many discounts, coupon deals. Besides, you may also log in with your email address for receiving all the newsletters on upcoming deals and offers.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium Amazon

Currently, this product is not available with the Amazon dealers. Better you look into the manufacturer’s website or check for other products sharing similar features at Amazon.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium Discount, Coupon, Promo deals

You can avail $50 off on their first order of $75, 15% off on all the orders, $50 off on the first order of $75 + personal on the go juice bar, $50 off on 10-day transformation products and much more.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium shipping

Purium sends their products via FedEx or USPS shipping system to deliver their products to the customers. Generally, the delivery timeframe is 1 to 7 business days from ship date and are made available from Monday through Friday. Shipping is free for customers within the United States and Canada. But, it could vary for the international orders. Visit the site for more basic details.

Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium returns

Yes, the company offers a 60 days return policy on all their products. So, you can return them at the earliest in case you are unsatisfied with its usage. For that, you need to obtain a return authorization number from the Returns Department (within 60 days) of the receipt of the package. Then, carefully print the return authorization number on the outside label of the box (Make sure you specify the RA number clearly if you are sending more than 1 box).

Frequently asked questions

Can I get the contact address of Purium?

Sure, their contact address is:
Purium Health Products
1392 Sarah Palace Unit B
Ontario, CA 91761.

What is their contact phone number? I have some doubts that need to be clarified at the earliest.

Ya sure! Their contact phone number is (888) 747-6733. You may contact them for all your doubts and worries.

Where to find Purium blogs?

You can find Purium blogs at Just refer to the link, here you will find many interesting blogs on nutrition benefits and healthier lifestyles.

Is Purium’s Activated Barley available for sale at the eBay, Walmart, Walgreens, Costco stores?

No, this product is not available in the above-mentioned stores. Better, you check them on their official website where every single info on this product is available.


In conclusion, Activated Barley – 900 g – Purium loaded with beta-glucan has great immune boosting properties and offers a steady supply of energy to your body. Buy them to know the real difference for yourselves.