Fish Pedicure is getting popular for its uniqueness and the fun part. The tingling feels to the feet when the fishes bite off tiny parts of the dead skin is relaxing. It says that these fishes help in healing wounds as well. How effective do you think it is? These fishes are kept in a tiny fish tank or container where you can put on your feet. As much as the fish pedicure is fun and effective, it stays healthy only when the water in this procedure is sterilized after each use or each person.

The Fact About Fish Pedicure Hygiene

The fact is, the water is not able to sterilize after each use since there are 100s of tiny fishes in it and changing the water in between is not that easy. The result is that you are getting the unclean, unhygienic and unsterilized water that already has many impurities. This alone should be reason enough to stop going for this kind of pedicure.

These unhygienic conditions can cause several kinds of infections and diseases later on. It should be noted that the fish pedicure is already banned in several parts of many countries. The reason for the ban is that it poses health threats and citing that it is cruelty towards animals. Listing below is a few reasons why you should stay away from the fish pedicure.

8 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Fish Pedicure

Cleanliness is the primary issue

The water used in the fish tank is not changed in a timely manner to keep up the cleanliness. It also adds to the bad conditions that there could be other people sharing the same tank with you at the same time. This easily makes way for infections, especially if you have an open wound or cut.

Dirty water says it all

The tank or container may have a larger amount of the dead skin cells and dirt settled on the bottom, making it disgustingly unclean. The water in this fish tank can get highly dirty with the fish poop and the dirt from the people dipping their feet inside.

Can lead to bleeding

People with tiny wounds or cuts may end up having larger ones and severe bleeding in no time. The procedure uses fishes to bite on to the skin for skin rejuvenation. Little do these fishes know about where to bite and where not to. Biting on the wrong part of the skin can lead to bleeding and other kinds of problems.

Can spread deadly diseases

The Health Protection Agency says that people having a lower immune system or those having diabetes, psoriasis etc is prone to the infections from the fish tank water. The major risk here is that it can spread diseases like Hepatitis C. The fishes used for the pedicure is Gerra rufain fish. These fish can be a carrier for the pathogenic bacteria from one person to another. They can easily pass the infection causing the spread.

Possible HIV infection

The risk is still open when sharing the tank at the same time. If an HIV virus infected person bleeds the risk is higher for passing on the virus to the other person with a cut or wound. It may not happen all the time but one cannot rule out the chances.

Cruelty towards the fishes

Fishes are free animals that usually have their own life before they were captured. Even when they were bred they were independent. In the pedicure fish tank, they are confined and are forced to eat from the unhygienic conditions. It is sure cruelty towards them. You cannot ignore that because of the popularity of this procedure, more of Garra rufain fish has been cultured and exploited.

There are better options

The main intent of this pedicure is to get clean and smooth legs. You might get the latter but it is doubtful about the former aim. A pumice stone can get you a smooth skin far better and healthier than this fish pedicure. You don’t have to go through tingling and pain to achieve this.

These fishes are carriers

Gerra rufa fishes are usual carriers of several infectious bacteria. These fishes may have the bacteria that cause pneumonia and other diseases. The main problem here is that the strains of bacteria they carry are resistant to the antibiotics so it is hard to get them out of the system, once infected.


The trend of fish pedicure was on a high until recently. It has now become a threat to the health of people who are using it and to the fishes. The health hazards of this procedure and circumstances have been assessed closely. It is banned in several parts of the world. In other countries, there are strict regulations regarding the hygiene. Rules say that the tank is sterilized after every use fresh water each time. But one cannot be sure that the spas that you visit stick to these rules and strictly follow them. The best way is to opt out of fish pedicure than facing the possible threat to your health.