Vibrant health is an online provider of health supplements that are made using high quality whole foods and natural ingredients. They offer excellent shipping offers and returns maintaining customer satisfaction as the utmost priority. This article is devoted to top 7 selling vibrant health products, customer reviews, FAQs etc.
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What Is Vibrant Health?

An online nutraceutical company, vibrant health targets not only humans but animals too providing holistic remedies that are absolutely green derived. Be it elderly people or kids or adults stressing out their lives, vibrant health has health supplements that will support them from the inside.

The company manufactures all its products in state-of-the-art facility and maintains optimum hygiene so as to maintain the potency of the ingredients till it is ingested in the body.

How Does Products Of Vibrant Health Work?

Optimal health is the motive of vibrant health. The company makes sure that all the products, be it capsules, powders etc., are easily broken down by the body. This enables easy absorption by the body thus benefiting the health overall.

The ingredients are formulated in such a manner to maintain the nutrient density at all times. Each and every product of vibrant health addresses the health conditions. They also come with low calories so you need not bother about gaining pounds.

For instance, people who are dealing with joint pains, inflammation in the joint muscle, difficulty in moving around, bone degeneration etc. might find Joint Vibrance quite beneficial. Using the blend of herbal and natural foods, Joint Vibrance efficiently handles the problem by soothing any inflammation and repairing the deteriorating muscle.

Vibrant Health Vibrant cleanse

Vibrant health is diligent about providing all the information in the website. They give you proper details of what you can expect with each and every product without having you look up references.

A blend of superfoods, as it is, consume vibrant health foods as part of your daily routine and feel the results.

Top 7 Products Of Vibrant Health (including Amazon Bestsellers)

Here we present top 7 best selling products of vibrant health. Note that these products are also listed as bestsellers among amazon website. Read on to know what you can expect from the products along with its dosage, side effects, reviews etc.

U.t. Vibrance From Vibrant Health

Vibrant health U.T. Vibrance is a product that mainly targets urinary health. For those who are dealing with urinary health conditions, this is a product you can rely on for better UT health.

Itching or burning sensation in the urinary area can be embarrassing at times especially when you have to deal with it in public place. U.T. Vibrance is a natural product that targets the body’s toxins, fungi and flushes them out of the body efficiently.

Apart from many botanical extracts, the key ingredient is D-mannose. It is a sugar that passses through the body unmetabolized. Once it gets absorbed, it swiftly finds ways to the kidneys and is passed via urine. They are available in both tablet and powder types. So choose what works for you.

Apart from D-mannose, U.T. Vibrance includes bearberry, golden seal, dandelion etc. that are natural herbs to eliminate any urinary infection. With a healthy diet and U.T. Vibrance, you will notice

U.T. Vibrance Dosage

Available in powder and tablet formula choose the one that works best for you.

Powder – 1/4 scoop for infants, 1/2 scoop for children upto age 6 and 1 full scoop for children above age 6 and adults

Tablets can be crushed or chewed – 1-2 tablets for children upto age 2, 2-3 tablets till age 6 and 4-5 tablets for kids above age 6 and adults.

U.T. Vibrance Side Effects

Till now there have been no reports of any side effects for U.T. Vibrance from users. The key ingredient called Goldenseal in U.T. Vibrance is a herb that is not considered safe to consume for pregnant or lactating women. The component of goldenseal called berberine has the ability to harm the foetus. This is one of the main reasons why U.T. Vibrance should be used only with proper consultation from the doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

U.T. Vibrance Reviews

U.T. Vibrance has received mixed reviews from consumers. A general consensus claims that the product is excellent in delivering impactful results. Majority of the users claim that U.T. Vibrance is quite efficient in getting rid of fever, excruciating pain etc. D-mannose, the key ingredient has a great role to play in alleviating any weird symptoms from the body. Many people have noticed alleviated results within 5 days of use.

Now for the con side. Few users claim that U.T. Vibrance not only deliver any so called effects but also gave some bad side effects (though temporary).

One user says that the product though helped him with the UTI gave stomach cramping, gas, swelling of feet, frequent bowel movements etc. Another user says that the product is not supposed to be consumed for prolonged period due to side effects that include difficulty in controlling diabetes, kidney dysfunction etc.

No effect – home school mom

“I ordered this product after reading the reviews. Followed the directions as well but still ended up using an antibiotic. I think it is probably an everyday supplement and not a cure for UTI.”

Other reviews says that…

Great product – Susan Ball

“I don’t write much reviews, but this product is just worth it. I have a 4 year old who has dealt with UTIs for over a year now. She was potty trained. It sent her backwards day and night. After taking x-rays it was noted that her urinary tract is fine and it is just an infection. I got tired of putting my child through many antibiotics. I finally went to health store and ordered the U.T. Vibrance. It worked within two days. She hasn’t had a recurrence and I haven’t put my child on antibiotics since. She was able to control her bladder within days after the treatment. I urge you to give it a try.”

That being said, Vibrant health U.T. biotic is another product that helps women to fight UTIs. The genital area being sensitive is easily susceptible to any infection. Any infection, odor in the vagina can severely affect your health. Vibrant health includes the key ingredient called probiotics that will help the body to get rid of any fungi or infection that clouded the urinary tract. A crisis intervention formula for UTI, U.T. biotic is available in tablets and powders. There are many vibrant health U.T. biotic reviews that speak a lot about the product.

Green Vibrance

Vibrant health green vibrance formula comes with a blend of different ingredients such as –

  • barley grass,
  • wheat grass,
  • oat grass,
  • amla,
  • apricot,
  • tomato and many more.

While earlier versions such as vibrant health green vibrance formula 9.0 or 14.0 used soy, they have been promptly eliminated and the the current 16.0 version has been deemed safe for use.

The product green vibrance from vibrant health is designed to benefit the body overall. They are abundant with micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, bioactive and many more that will aid in proper digestion of foods. It also plays a major role in nutrient absorption so that only a minor portion is getting eliminated from the body.

The daily stressed lives has taken a toll on your lives robbing you of many vital nutrients. The body is clogged up with preservatives, additives and what not that have been stocked up from quite few years. Vibrant health green vibrance helps in detoxifying the body and repairing any damaged cells that have been plagued by calorie induced foods. All the products have been certified organic which means you are getting pure grade ingredients that actually show results on your body.

Benefits after using vibrant health green vibrance are

  • improving cognitive health
  • less stress on the body with improved mood behavior
  • fights free radicals
  • resists oxidation that occurs in the body which can trigger premature aging
  • balances healthy neurological health
  • dilates the blood vessels thus enhancing blood flow to the arteries of heart, brain, joints etc.
  • supports digestion delivering a healthy GI
  • less fatigue body and more energy
  • cleansing the body thus getting rid of any toxic waste from body

Green Vibrance Dosage

Vibrant health green vibrance is available in two types – powders and vegicaps. You can choose the one deemed fit for you. Vibrant health green vibrance is available in different packages – 15 day supply, 30 day, 60 days and 240 vegicaps.

  • For infants – 1/4 scoop
  • Children upto age 6 – 1/2 scoop
  • Children above 6 and adults – 1 full scoop

For capsules

  • Children upto age 6 – 4-8 capsules
  • Children above age 6 and adults – 16 vegicaps

Green Vibrance Side Effects

Vibrant health ensures their customers that certain herbs included in Green vibrance are safe to use. They claim that its the dosage that matters. The ingredient in question is ginkgo biloba that is also a key ingredient of vibrant health. Ginko biloba is a herb that has not yet been declared safe in pregnant and lactating women. Vibrant health says that there are many pregnant women who have actually used the product and benefited a lot since it boosts the nutrient intake by improving digestion.

For your own peace of mind consult your medical practitioner before trying out any new product especially such controversial herbs.

Green Vibrance Consumer Reviews

The product, Green vibrance from vibrant health has been well received by users. People claim that the product works efficiently just as claimed by the company. The blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, nutrients, herbs etc. deliver optimum results in the body.

Many users noticed improved mental clarity, good appetite, excellent energy etc. Even the flavor is quite yummy for a product that is rich in herbs.

On the downside, few users claim that the product contains arsenic that has been ingested more than the necessary dosage recommended by the EPA. Another user says the price of vibrant health green vibrance has shot up over the years making it difficult for people on budget unable to use on regular basis.

The product has received 4.6 out of 5 star ratings from amazon users. The majority of consumers also lean on the positive side and claim that it works amazingly on their body without any side effects.

Some of the best reviews for your reference

“Best green mix” – Pretty in Pink

I previously purchased this product from my local health store. My friend had recommended it. I had tried many veggie drinks in the past but graciously failed. This brand really agreed with me. I was able to finish the 30 days supply. The taste was good and there was no odor. It is also quite water soluble. You need not have to worry about running through blender as there was no lumps.

“Huge difference” – Jennifer P

I am not a review person. Be it a good product or a bad one, I dont take the time to write a review. I figured I would write about it because the difference I have noticed is very much. And frankly my review can really help someone. I love unhealthy foods. But I keep an even mix. After lot of research I tried this product. Green vibrance is amazing and I am quite impressed with the good reviews. After 2 weeks of green vibrance I noticed a drastic improvement in my body. The energy level is good. Though I feel sluggish at times once i take a nap I am back on track.

Joint Vibrance

Ever heard of chondrocytes? They are the cells that are already on their work when you were just a foetus. That’s right. Right when you were a baby, they star building protection for the developing skeletons. As you age performance of chondrocytes is impacted. By the time you are 35, almost everyone suffers from a degree of cartilage breakdown.

In recent times studies show that you can sustain the strength of the cartilage by having wholesome foods that are rich in nutrition. Stating the obvious it is difficult to meet the requirements everyday. Hence, joint vibrance from vibrant health.

The product is blended with excellent ingredients such as minerals (iron, mag, zinc, sodium), vitamins, boron, silica, bovine hydrolyzed collagens etc. and more. These collagen builders cut down the oxidative damage to the cell that can cause in the inflammation in the joints, redness, swelling etc. Joint vibrance also comes with heavy antioxidants that will help in fighting free radicals. The result is a better immune system and improved cartilage.

Choose vibrant health joint vibrance powder or tablets, you will benefit

Joint Vibrance Dosage

Take one scoop and mix it with 4-8 oz of water. You can even blend it with your favorite juice or beverage. Take them between meals to maximize the nutrient absorption.

Vibrant health also offers joint vibrance in tablet form – One bottle comes with 252 capsules.

Joint Vibrance Side Effects

Till now there have been no reports of any side effects. The product seems to work amazingly without triggering any adverse effects on the body.

Vibrant Health Joint Vibrance Powder/Tablets Reviews

Vibrant health joint vibrance has received decent reviews from users. People have loved the result what joint vibrance has given. Be it tablets or powder form, the results are impeccable. The taste is good and so is the result. One user who is in her 50’s said that she had profound relief from joint vibrance and is currently using both tablets and the powder.

For the con side, few users say that the powder forms a lump making it difficult to drink them. You need to run through the blender real hard to get a good mix of the powder with your favorite drink.

Price is one of the most crucial factor when it comes to buying a product – any product. The price of joint vibrance is too high that can be difficult for budget limited users.

One users says that he was using this product for more than 7 years now. Though initially it worked, over the years addition of flavoring agents such as orange-pineapple flavor had triggered some side effects. For instance, after using he noticed frequent burping of “orange”. He also noticed that the company adds stevia, citric acid, sunflower lecithin powder etc. that acts as preservative that doesn’t help the body in any way.

Let’s have a look at these reviews

“Very complete formula” – Reviewer2207097

I am here to review about Vibrant health joint vibrance with arthred version 3.0. I tried the powder form and actually seems like you are having a curry powder or something. Few said that the taste is quite horrible but I am prepared. Though it’s not easy to drink, it really works. Though tablets perform the same action, powder somehow works best for me.

“Holy Gas” – Reviewer1610546

Joint vibrance is a big stinky house. Both me and my husband suffered from extreme GI issues. I am not exaggerating I am talking cabbage and 10 bean soup gas that is rank. Worst I did not have BM for two days after using this supplement and I am a one schedule twice a day kind of person. I am very much disappointed with the product.

Field Of Greens Raw Food

Vibrant health presents you with Field of greens that is a raw food supplement. A true vegan product, it has been certified kosher. Field of greens from vibrant health is for everyone who are looking to bring back some energy and vitality in their life. Best of green foods, field of greens fights poor dietary lifestyle, low immune system, lack of quality sleep, tired and sluggish body and so on.

Try field of greens if you are dealing with any of the above symptoms. Field of greens are for everyone. You might be an aspiring actor, a working parent, a determined athlete, a graceful elder but field of greens can help your body work in sync with the nutrients.

Some of the prominent ingredients include kosher certified wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts, spinach powder, collard, barley, oat grass and many more. The ingredients are processed at temperatures under 118 degree Fahrenheit’s to maintain its potency at high level. It is also freeze dried at a temperature of 40-49 degree Fahrenheit’s to maintain optimum potency.

Since it is impossible to get daily dose of nutrients field of greens provides you with high quality ingredients that really work in the body and show evident results. However, a proper dietary regime and a good exercise is equally important to keep yourself in proper shape.

Some of the benefits noticed are

  • cleansing the body by flushing out unwanted toxins
  • raising the level of immunity system
  • repairing any damaged cells and rejuvenates them completely
  • promotes excellent energy levels that will keep you running for the day
  • balance in your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels

Vibrant Health Field Of Greens Dosage

A gluten free product, you can take this product with water or your favorite beverage. Juice is preferred for healthy benefits. Take a scoop and blend it with your favorite juice or smoothie.

  • Infants – 1/4 scoop
  • For children upto age 6 – 1/2 scoop
  • For children above 6 years and adults – 1 full scoop

Vibrant Health Field Of Greens Side Effects

A 100% certified organic raw greens, field of greens is safe to use. There have been no reports of side effects. In fact the product has been deemed safe for pregnant and lactating women as well.

However for your own peace of mind, you can consult your medical practitioner before trying out this product.

Vibrant Health Field Of Greens Review

The product has received 5 out of 5 star ratings in amazon. Surprisingly there are all positive reviews about field of greens here. Users claim that the product works evidently without any side effects.

If you want a fit body with proper weight and improved health, then field of greens is best recommended. Users claim that using it with smoothie or vegetable juice can give a good kick to the supplement delivering optimum results. The taste is quite bland and you can’t really say whether its good or bad.

Gerri – “love field of greens”

I love the product because they do not use unnecessary ingredients. This will actually benefit the health. I would recommend this to all.

R. Kay – “You have to try”

Fantastic product. You have to try it for yourself for a good experience. I was amazed by the increase in energy level.

Pro Matcha Plant Based Protein

While matcha is a specially designed green tea, protein includes sacha inchi, yellow pea, spirulina, algal etc. They are mixed using accurate proportions to deliver healthy benefits on your body. Matcha contains natural caffeine that provides alkaline affect on the body than acidic. This means no jittery sensation that you feel when you have coffee.

A single cup of matcha gives you benefits of 10 cups of green tea. Imagine the potency of the product. Pro Matcha also includes amino acids that are the building blocks of the body. The result is clear mind with great energy in your body. Some of the prominent benefits of pro matcha include

  • improves your concentration level and cognitive health
  • contains 6x more amino acids and chlorophyll compared to black/green teas which works as excellent detoxifier
  • low in calories and carbs that meshes well with your calorie diet
  • improves concentration level and overall neurological health
  • soothes aggressive behavior and puts you in a better mood
  • completely rejuvenates the body and repairs any damaged cells
  • infuses your body with unbeatable energy level
  • increases the serotonin levels that are both stress and fatigue busters
  • promotes weight loss without losing the muscle mass

Pro matcha is available in three flavors – vanilla, chocolate and natural.

Pro Matcha Dosage

Since this is a dietary supplement, Vibrant health recommends having it one scoop daily. Of course they recommend two scoops as well at your discretion. But if you want to know how the product works well in your body, start with minimal dosage.

Mix with almond beverage, juice, rice or plain water and consume them.

Vibrant Health Pro Matcha Side Effects

  • A gluten and complete vegan product, till now there have been no reports of any side effects on the body using pro matcha.
  • However, Vibrant health does advice to consult the medical practitioner if you are pregnant or nursing for safety reasons.

Vibrant Health Pro Matcha Reviews

Vibrant health pro matcha has received good reviews from users. For natural product lovers, you need to seem to have a look at Vibrant health. The company delivers products that give you factual results. Of course, the way you live your life also plays a crucial role in providing satisfactory results. With pro matcha it is essential that you start taking care of your body seriously to get good results.

Tastes like matcha – Clarice

“I tried a sample and fell in love with it. Pro matcha is amazing and a perfect blend of protein. I just mix it with my almond milk and go. No need to put any sweeteners to cover the taste.”

Really fantastic product – John M. Hayes

I was looking for a vegan protein and the pro match has added bonus. The taste is fantastic. I have lost weight and have since began adding to the morning protein shake.

Maximum Vibrance

Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance is a health supplement that has been designed for just about everyone. A gluten free product, maximum vibrance includes all the rich herbs to probiotics to antioxidants that help you to restore the nutritional balance in the body.

With the rise in pesticides and fertilizers not to mention fast life makes it difficult to meet the daily requirements of nutrition. A complete nutritional supplement for your family, maximum vibrance from vibrant health brings you top quality brands that will not only cut down nutritional deficiency but will also benefit the body overall.

A complete dietary supplement, vibrant health maximum vibrance ingredients comes with omega 3 fatty acids that is completely plant derived. Almost all the products of maximum vibrance are certified organic, kosher certified. Few of the ingredients include Guava leaf, bamboo extract, mustard seed, oat grass, plum fruit, barley grass, chlorella, red raspberry fruit and many more. They are manufactured in such a way to maintain optimum potency till it is ingested in the body.

The powerful blend of ingredient delivers

  • features amino acids that will fine tune the body to repair any tissue and rejuvenate damaged cells
  • slows down the spiking cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • supports the body’s digestive enzymes and boosts the production of hormones
  • improves the cognitive function
  • increases the resistancy against free radicals thus strengthening the immune system
  • supports strong bones thus preventing bone degeneration, cartilage damage
  • speeds up the healing process from any recent surgery, health condition

Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance Dosage

Maximum vibrance is available in two different flavors – plain and chocolate. It is available only in powder formula. The product is NOT designed for children. However it can be consumed in lower doses.

  • Children between 3-5 – 10g
  • For children aging 6-12 – 15g
  • Kids aged 10 and above, adults – 1 scoop

Maximum Vibrance Side Effects

Maximum vibrance has been deemed safe for all. There has been no side effects noted till now. However, the ingredient Ginko bilioba has not yet been researched upon for women who are trying to conceive, pregnant and nursing. Hence women who are pregnant make sure to consult their medical practitioner before trying out the product.

Vibrant Health Maximum Vibrance Reviews

Maximum vibrance has received both good and bad reviews from users. Majority of consumers say that the product shows actual results. Even consumers who are not a fan of reviews have shared their experience quoting that this is a stand out product that delivers actual results.

The taste of maximum vibrance is neutral. Few prefer vibrant health maximum vibrance chocolate flavor. This takes the craving of chocolate keeping them a check on their weight. If you are a chocolate lover, maximum vibrance is one nutrient supplement you would love that will not only keep your weight in proportion while supporting you good to control the cocoa craving.

From the critics viewpoint the product version 3 is quite different from version 2. Apart from the fluctuation of ingredients, the price too has shot up. This can be challenging for users who are on a budget but still want to maintain their health. Couple of users claim that the taste of the product too is quite bland and tastes artificial.

Maximum vibrance has got 4.5 out of 5 star ratings from amazon.

Good health boost – Diane K

“Our family is working in improving the health. We are consuming only plant based foods and enjoying whole food smoothies. Maximum vibrance is one addition that we love and add in the smoothies to get that extra nutrient boost. The product does come with earthy green flavor but it is not too strong when mixed with smoothie.”

Good stuff – R. Waldon

“I am the opposite of what people think because I feel that the product tastes great. I put some Odwalla in the blender, threw in some fruits, veggies, roots, seeds etc. and put a scoop of this mix. Usually I never notice a difference when I take a product like this but I know this has to be beneficial.”

Rainbow Vibrance

A colorful combo of red, green, blue, yellow fruits and veggies, rainbow vibrance is a rare blend of natural health boosters that will give you the power to either make your body or just break it and let it be.

For those who tend to feel stressed, tired, sluggish, get irritated at even the slightest of things, suffer from restlessness, have trouble maintaining their weight, deal with poor body functions, and many more, rainbow vibrance is one of the best products from vibrant health. It contains whole load of minerals, vitamins, natural herbs, plant sterols, foods, vegetables and many more that will help you to lose weight while assisting in a proportionate shape. The foods in rainbow vibrance takes up the existing fat from the body and converts them to metabolism. You will not only find more energy levels but will also feel much in shape.

Rainbow vibrance has the power to provide

  • regulates the immune response
  • supports production of hormones such as growth hormones that can fight anti-aging
  • protects the cellular DNA
  • safeguards the cell membranes from damage and rejuvenates them completely
  • boosts the immunity power of the body
  • helps in cognitive behavior, clear vision and overall improved health
  • fibers in the body helps in good poo-poo while curbing your uncalled hunger pangs

Rainbow Vibrance Dosage

Rainbow vibrances from vibrant health suits all. The dosage however needs to be checked as per the age.

  • 1/4 scoop – for infants
  • 1/2 scoop – for children upto 6 years of age
  • 1 full scoop – children above age 6, adults

Rainbow Vibrance Side Effects

Till now there have been no reports of side effects. The product seems to work efficiently without triggering any adverse effects. Nevertheless, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, make sure to consult your medical practitioner for your own peace of mind.

Rainbow Vibrance Reviews

With any product you will see two side – the good and bad. No food is perfect. It all comes down to the body, dietary lifestyle etc. that also plays a prominent role in delivering results. While for some results are quick, body that are clogged with toxins, overweight etc. take more time for the results to show.

Amazon users have used the product and have given it 4.4 out of 5 star ratings. That’s not bad. In fact, its pretty good that says that the company really does deliver.

Let’s start with the good side. Rainbow vibrance does deliver positive results. There are many users who have experienced improvement before and after using rainbow vibrance. For instance, one user reports that his joint and muscle functions have improved. Another user reports a positive feel in the body and no more fatigue. She feels amazing energy at all times.

The fact that the product does not come with additives, artificial flavoring agents, preservatives etc. says a lot about the genuinety of the company in providing the consumers with the natural products that do not deliver any toxic and harsh chemicals.

That being said, lets take a look at the bad side. The price is without a doubt one of the most crucial points since not many can afford to shell out. But then some of the best things in life do not come cheap.

Couple of users reported that they run out of stock within 23-24 days even though the company says it is a 30 day supply. Few people do not like the taste even if they claim the product is quite a hit.

“Great tasting drink” – Elvance

A great product that comes with many pure extracts, it is a great tasting powder. You can’t go wrong with taking so many vits and minerals.

“Decent one but the taste” – Truthseeker

A healthy product but then the curcumin gives a taste that needs to be sweetened with additional fruit.

Vibrant Health Consumer Reviews

The company has been in the health supplement field since 1992 and frankly have been successful in building a strong bond with their customers. Vibrant health delivers you excellent products that have been made using organic kosher certified herbs and foods. The ingredients are freeze dried to maintain the potency at all times. Customer testimonials have been decent with many claiming that the products do work.

That being said, note that none of the testimonials are available on the official website. You need to check other affiliate websites such as amazon, iherb etc. to get some straight reviews from the customer’s heart.

Another thing to note is that vibrant health has in recent times changed the ingredients blend. While it is at their discretion, few customers don’t feel comfy with the latest version since they have already been accustomed with the previous ones. In fact they have gone to the extent saying that older ones are much more benefiting than the upgraded versions. You will also note that there is no scientific evidence to back up that the products will actually work for you. Certain ingredients contain fish oil that wont go well with vegetarians.

To sum it up, vibrant health does have some good advantages such as 90 day money back guarantee that is rare see from health supplement companies. The company has a long standing experience of more than two decades dealing with customers which says a lot about the company and its honesty in providing quality products that actually deliver good results.

Shipping And Returns

Vibrant health ships both national and international. If you are ordering from US, you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING above orders of $100.

International buyers need to call the customer care to place an order.

For those who are buying products of vibrant health online, the company offers 90 day money back guarantee. If you feel the product is not upto the mark, simply return them within 90 days from the date of purchase. You will be refunded with the whole amount (minus shipping and handling charges) for the unopened containers. For the opened ones, you will be provided with store credit.

The same 90 day return policy is available for customers who have purchased from a local retail store. You can avail of refund or go for the store credit.

Vibrant Health Discount Codes And Coupon Codes

Vibrant health comes with various discount and promo codes. The official website has a page dedicated to discount programs.

  • Military discount – for those on duty, retired from military or a member of the National guard, you can avail of 30% discount on full size products
  • Senior discount – Elders above age 65 or older may apply for 30% discount on full size vibrant health products
  • College student – enrolled in an accredited college or university may apply for 30% discount
  • Medical dispensation – consumers who are dealing with any medical condition and can benefit from vibrant health products may apply for a discount that will be determined by the Pricing Administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the vibrant health organic lemonade cleanse diet reviews?

Vibrant health organic lemonade diet reviews are mixed. Major reviews seem to be leaning on the positive side. People have seen weight loss after using the lemonade diet. For those who want unbeatable energy, slim waistline and an invincible immune system can rely on organic lemonade diet. The only downside seems to be the price.

Does vibrant health contain arsenic?

Vibrant health always tests the products for its presence of arsenic and other heavy metals. There are two types of arsenic – organic and non-organic. Organic arsenic is seen in plants, seafoods, water, soil and can be beneficial in delivering healthy hair, skin, nails etc. Non-organic, on the other hand, is naturally formed in environment from a cocktail of chlorine, sulfur, oxygen etc. that can also contain hydrogen and carbon toxic for humans and pets.

What is vibrant health boron?

Vibrant health boron is a dietary supplement that comes in capsule form to boost the bone’s agility and prevent degeneration.

How does vibrant health metabolic vibrance work?

Vibrant health metabolic vibrance is a holistic approach to treat blood sugar levels. The organic ingredients works in supporting the body to stabilize the blood sugar level. If you are feeling shaky, hungry or simply too low, metabolic vibrance can give you optimum support in infusing the body with energy.

How are the vibrant health immune defense reviews?

The product vibrant health immune defense reviews has received 4.7 out of 5 star ratings from users. People claim that the product does not work abruptly. You need to fix the lifestyle in sync with the product for it to work efficiently.

How is the taste of vibrant health pure green protein vanilla flavor?

When it comes to vanilla flavor of vibrant health pure green protein, users have felt the taste “not bad”. It is best recommended to mix it with smoothie or juice if you are not a fan of plain taste.

How does probiotics in vibrant health work?

Probiotics in vibrant health deliver many functions in the body. From easy break down of foods from your digestion to flushing out unfriendly bacteria from your body, probiotics is a main ingredient in almost all supplements of vibrant health.

Where can I find vibrant health recipes?

Choose a product and you will find the respective recipes right above the info page. You can alternatively check the link.

Does vibrant health come with red marine algae?

Yes, there is a product called Gigartina that includes the red marine algae. Several studies have shown that this algae contains high amount of polysaccharides that delivers optimum nutrition similar to the benefits of eating spinach.

What is trilogy in vibrant health?

Vibrant health probiotics is a dietary supplement that includes three prominent ingredients – multivitamin, fish oil and probiotics. They are available for men and women. Trilogy contains high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that plays a crucial role for both mental and physical performance.

What are benefits of vibrant health maximized turmeric?

Stating the obvious, turmeric has many properties ranging from anti-bacterial to anti-inflammatory to anti-fungal. When used regularly, it gets rid of any body aches, pain. It is absorbed by the body easily and is currently available in the most strongest dose in the market. Vibrant health curcuminoids 1000 is also a product that has many antioxidant properties.

What are ingredients of vibrant health hydrilla verticillata?

Super natural calcium is one of the products of vibrant health. It is one of the most essential factors that every human being needs. The ingredient hydrilla verticillata comes with minerals, nutrients and the wholesome calcium without which the body is incomplete in every which way.

How does vibrant health junior work?

A smooth blend of veggies and fruits, vibrant health junior is well advised not only boost the physical growth of children but also help them develop neurologically.

What are the features of vibrant health krebs zinc?

From maintaining the body senses such as taste, smell etc. to boosting the immune function of the body to developing a healthy bone density, vibrant health krebs zinc is a mineral that assists your body to produce energy all through the day,

Is vibrant health a kosher?

Yes, the products of vibrant health are certified kosher.

Does vibrant health life preserver really work?

Yes, life preserver is an anti-oxidant formula that has been designed to fight free radicals and degenerative diseases. With a blend of herbs such as garlic, milk thistle, green tea, ginko biloba and many more, life preserver is one of the best to value your immune system.

Which is better – vibrant health vibrant cleanse or master cleanse?

Vibrant cleanse is clearly the winner since it gives you the edge of having a product that is not only cost effective but also benefits the body wholly by completely detoxifying the body with the wholesome ingredients. This can be difficult when you are preparing it manually because of obvious reasons.

What is the prominent feature of vibrant health pure green protein?

Stating the obvious, vibrant health pure green protein comes with the ingredient whey protein. But the key ingredient is egg white, amino acids etc. that has been deemed gluten and soy free. It helps in building human muscle while metabolizing the fat and converting them to energy.

Can I order vibrant health products from Amazon?

Yes, all the products of vibrant health products are available at Amazon and retail stores as well.

Are there any vibrant health books available?

No the official website vibrant health has not launched any books.

Is there any product from vibrant health for blood sugar levels?

Yes, Glycemic H capsules is a product from vibrant health that helps people in alleviating the symptoms of blood sugar levels such as jittery feel, shivering, sober mood etc. They also correct the balance of nutrients in the body that is related to glucose metabolism.

Does vibrant health has a blog?

Yes, check out the blog articles of vibrant health at

Where is the office of vibrant health?

Vibrant health office is located at Canaan, CT.

Are there any vibrant health coupon codes?

There are many websites such as, etc. that offer discount coupon codes of vibrant health.

What are the contents of vibrant health detox drink?

Vibrant health detox diet kit comes with laxative tea sachets, Himalayan salt shaker, field of greens packet.

How are the vibrant health D-mannose reviews?

D-mannose is an ingredient of U.T. Vibrance from vibrant health that is used to treat urinary conditions. The reviews of D-mannose U.T. Vibrance has been mixed. While one group claim that the product works, other group says that the product is best considered as a daily supplement.

What is the benefit of using vibrant health vitamin d3 tablets?

A true organic product, vitamin D3 supports your body by preventing bone degeneration issues. It also helps in promoting a healthy skin and improving the cognitive behavior. It also increases the immunity power in the body thus increasing the resistancy against free radicals.

Are there any side effects of vibrant health flora lean body support?

Till now there have been no side reports for vibrant health flora lean body support. However the company does tell you NOT to use the product if you are using anti-depressant medications.

Can vibrant health vitamin c be used by vegetarians?

Yes, the product has been deemed safe for vegetarians since the ingredients are not genetically modified and do not contain any dairy ingredients.

Are there any negative vibrant health vibrant cleanse reviews?

Yes, though only a handful. Majority of the reviews lean on the positive side. Users say that the product though works good does not contain the real enzymes available in real lemons which is a crucial factor missing. The taste too has not been preferred by many users.

What is the official vibrant health website?

The official website of vibrant health is

Are vibrant health available at a wholesale price?

If you become a reseller, you can avail of vibrant health products at a wholesale price.

How does vibrant health A man’s zinc work?

Vibrant health A man’s zinc supports your body by maintaining a healthy prostate, better libido, treats infertility while repairing any damaged tissues and cells.

Which Is Better – Vibrant Health Vs Amazing Grass?

Vibrant Health

Vibrant health is an online health supplement website that also offers their line of products in retail stores too. The company has been delivering rocking performance since 1992 and is still going strong.

The products are highly kosher, suitable for vegans, and have been certified organic. Almost all the dietary supplements are available in both tablet and powder form. You can choose the one that suits you best.

The company ships worldwide and comes with 90 day money back guarantee (international users not included). If you are not happy with the product simply return the product and get your money. They also offer free shipping anywhere in US above $100.

The website has many information, blogs etc. that will give you a clear perspective of what you can expect from the product in question. They also list some side effects when it comes to consumption of pregnant or lactating women or person who is under medication.

Amazing Grass

Amazing grass is relatively a new company when compared to vibrant health. It was started around in 2002. while vibrant health focuses only on powders and tablets, amazing grass offers bars, protein powders, chocolates etc. and more. The company also provides you exciting goodies such as shaker cups, tote bag, veggie bag, gift card etc.

Amazing grass also has offices all around US. All you have to do is punch in your zip code and you will find nearest location.

Amazing grass offers FREE SHIPPING on orders above $75. They also come with 30 day money back guarantee on products purchased.

When you compare both the companies, vibrant health has an upper hand when it comes to customer experience. The reviews of both the companies are excellent. Here however tables turn as amazing grass has received good reviews from vibrant health.

While vibrant health has been delivering great quality products, the recent amendments in the ingredients and increase in price had many customers move towards their competitors. Nevertheless quality of amazing grass have been excellent as many consumers report optimum satisfaction.

Vibrant health has many amazon customer reviews as a back up who claim that the products are excellent. Bear in mind that the lifestyle also plays an important role in improving your health. Another thing to note is that no two bodies are alike. While it may work faster for you, it may work slow or just not work at all for me.

The final verdict, both the companies are good at their own place. The extended money back guarantee of 90 days from vibrant health compared to 30 days guarantee by amazing grass is another advantage. You have the increased time period to try out the product and get your money back.


Vibrant health is a great company with whom you can deal with. For those who are serious about their health, this is as good as it gets. Of course, price is one of the most crucial factors and in recent times vibrant health have increased their product price. But the quality is not compromised in any way. If you are dealing with any health condition or simply looking for a product that will assist in weight loss and cleansing the body, vibrant health has it for you.

Of course, I completely understand that one’s own self experience matters the most but if you take a look at the reviews they speak for themselves. The company are quite serious about delivering good products to customers and are certainly not in the mood for any games.