A good smile is magnetic and can charm anyone not to mention, it would make anyone appear visibly young and charming. Did you know those sparkling white teeth can say a lot about your health? Of course, there are many people who are afraid to smile and get conscious due to the yellow stains on their teeth.

Factors that can lead to discoloration of your teeth

Factors that can lead to discoloration of your teeth are often based on the foods you consume such as soft drinks, coffee, tea can stain your teeth big time. Other reasons include:

  • tobacco – smoking or chewing
  • poor dental hygiene
  • age factors, hereditary, medications and many more.

Treatment For Yellow Stains

Dental treatments are readily available by professional doctors but they can be expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. Simple home remedies on the other hand are absolutely cheap and you need only kitchen ingredients that can restore the reason behind your gorgeous smile.

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Top 5 Home remedies for white teeth


Don’t throw away those orange peels it can work wonders on your teeth. Simply scrubbing your teeth with fresh orange peel daily can help you get rid of those yellow stains on the teeth. The hidden ingredients of peels are vitamin C and calcium which will fight the microorganisms on the teeth all through the night. Try it for a few weeks and you will notice a positive change in your teeth. If you do not have orange peel, go with dried orange peel powder.


Second on the list of top 5 natural home remedies for white teeth is hydrogen peroxide. No one craves to put a chemical compound in their mouth but most household Hydrogen Peroxide comes with low strength and is basically harmless. Make a paste of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth gently. As hydrogen peroxide can cause gum irritation and lead to teeth sensitivity make sure you use it in little amount. After a few minutes use your regular paste to brush your teeth.


Chomping on few berries can do the magic of whitening your teeth without any dental procedures. Strawberries come with good amount of vitamin C so eat them or simply grind them into a paste and rub the paste on your teeth twice a week. Do it regularly and watch the yellow color disappear.

  • SALT

Salt is one of the default cleaning agents among the top 5 home remedies that have been used from ages. Using salt can compensate for lost mineral content and give them pearly white finish. You can opt between your toothpaste or salt for regular brushing OR simply mix equal amount of salt with baking soda and rub it gently on your teeth.


Rich red crunchy apples can really scrub off the stains from your teeth making your teeth and smile both glistening. Apples are of acidic nature and is rich in fibre. It is this fibre rich nature that will keep stains out of your teeth giving you a charming smile. Other foods such as carrots, cucumbers or even broccoli can keep discoloration at a bay. Try to eat at least couple of apples every day. You need to chew these foods thoroughly so as to give them time to scrub the stains off.

Lastly, apart from incorporating these home remedies it is also necessary to maintain a healthy diet, a good sleep to keep your body prim and proper.